12 ways to have an affordable and sustainable Christmas

You can search for items to make homemade wreaths.

UK’s Lincolnshire Home Garden Centers have come up with 12 great ways to enjoy a more affordable and greener Christmas this year.

The 1st day of Christmas: LED lights

The Christmas tree is often the focal point during the holidays, so why not replace your old incandescent lights with brand new twinkling LED lights? LED lights use 80-90% less energy and can potentially last up to 100,000 hours. .

Real trees are the perfect choice because they are recyclable. Those grown in pots can be replanted.

A simple ‘Santa Stop Here’ LED sign can cost as little as 0.03p for 8 hours a day for 30 days, meaning your children can experience the joy of Christmas. A minimalist 100 warm white LEDs on a 10m string display costs as little as 10p a day for 30 days, while if you want a burst of color this Christmas a 16m display of Christmas colored lights rainbow will cost a measly 20p per day for 30 days. days.

The 2nd Day of Christmas: Solar Lights

Solar lighting is also an economical way to host your Christmas party outdoors after the sun goes down. Hang from garden structures or string them into trees to add height and dimension to your outdoor space.

To save even more energy and money, connect to a timer to control how long your lights stay on.

British garden centers are careful to choose recyclable cards.

The 3rd Day of Christmas: Ethically Made Toys

As families start looking for Christmas gifts to spoil the children in their lives this festive season, British Garden Centers has sourced only the most durable toys for stockings and gifts under the tree. All stuffing used in the stuffed animals we purchase is 100% recycled polyester made from plastic waste.

The 4th day of Christmas: FSC puzzles

Puzzles are a Christmas favourite, so look for ones made from FSC paper and board and use vegetable-based inks on the boxes and pieces. Also look for ones that aren’t shrink plastic and use biodegradable stickers instead, which will save over half a million yards of plastic a year.

Puzzles and toys are recyclable.

The 5th Day of Christmas: Recycled Christmas Cards

Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and thinking about friends and family you may not get to see. Since the pandemic, research has shown that people want to connect more and there’s no better way to do that than through Christmas cards.

British garden centers carefully select a range made from 100% recycled paper and printed with natural inks.

The 6th Day of Christmas: Sustainable Wrapping Paper

With around 227,000 miles of wrapping paper ending up in UK bins, UK garden centers are selling a range in-store without foil or glitter, giving shoppers the best recyclable wrapping paper to buy, in the best festive prints for under the tree.

The 7th day of Christmas: Pick your decorations from the wild

Did you know that you can pick your Christmas decorations from your garden or green space around you? When people think of Christmas, holly and ivy are the obvious festive choices to add to doors and window frames to give your home a traditional look.

The 8th day of Christmas: Make your festive door wreath

For a door wreath, why not try plants like pine, cotoneaster, holly, ivy, eucalyptus, crabapples and ferns to make the foliage rich and festive? Use a metal wreath frame and florist’s wire to wrap the plants around your hoop before decorating with a bow or spray paint and hanging them on your doorstep.

The 9th Day of Christmas: Natural Centerpiece Terrarium

Terrariums are on the rise, so why not fill one with festive foliage and the simplicity of natural materials for your centerpiece? Why not pick some holly and ivy from your garden and pair them with winter cyclamen, fir and evergreen sprays, eucalyptus and mistletoe and use them as the centerpiece of the table for Christmas festivities. Christmas ?

The 10th Day of Christmas: A Living Gift from the Christmas Rose

Hellebore or Christmas/Lenten rose is a popular festive plant, blooming in winter and early spring and would make the perfect living gift for a loved one. Its elegant blooms and attractive leathery leaves will brighten up the garden during Christmas and are a lasting and kind gesture that will see this gift admired well beyond a week or two.

The 11th day of Christmas: replacing the fake tree

Nothing evokes the spirit of Christmas more than the scent of fresh pine, making a real cut or potted tree a completely biodegradable choice for your celebrations. Look for container-grown trees at your local garden center. This means that each tree is delivered to you in the pot it was grown in, which means less root disturbance and a healthier tree.

The 12th Day of Christmas – Reuse and Reduce

To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill Christmas after Christmas, invest in items that can be repurposed or repurposed, giving you better value for money every year.

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