A driver and a couple escape serious injuries when a car crashes in Oxford Township. lodge

“We heard the big bang and I looked at my husband and I said ‘they hit our house’. He said ‘I know.’ And we both jumped up and she was in the bedroom, ”Foley said.

The couple found a black car in their guest room. The driver was able to crawl out of the back seat which extended into the yard.

“There wasn’t a scratch on her. She said I’m fine, ”Ms. Foley said. “The smoke detector went off and the chemicals smell … we had to run outside because we couldn’t breathe.”

The Foleys are now living with her sister while they wait for the damaged structure to be checked.

They feel lucky to be unharmed, but Ms Foley said it was “very scary”.

“We have a lot of crashes at this intersection even though there is a stop sign for Stillwell Beckett Road and a red flash for Stillwell Beckett, and it flashes yellow for 732,” Piccioni said.

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He has often said that it wasn’t a matter of drivers following the stop sign, but “they don’t take an extra look south on the 732 and pull back and get hit or hit a other vehicle “.

The speed limit is 55 mph on 732 and 55 mph on Stillwell Beckett.

The Foley house is in the northwest section of this intersection and the vehicle was driving westbound on Stillwell Beckett. The driver crossed a field, crossed the 732, into the ditch and then into the house, police said.

Piccioni said they are still investigating to determine if another vehicle was involved.

Ms Foley said neighbors say there have been efforts to make the intersection safer for years.

“They said they’ve been trying to do something at the intersection for years. The way the neighbors talk, they won’t do anything until someone is killed, ”she said.

Kathleen Fuller, spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation, said improvements have been made to the intersection in recent years. The intersection is under state jurisdiction, not the Butler County Engineer’s Office.

“The intersection of SR 732 and Stillwell Beckett Road is currently not classified in the Road Safety Improvement Program as a high crash site, and we have no plans or future funding committed to intersection improvements. However, in 2019, we undertook a barn demolition project to improve sight distance, and our security team continues to monitor the location, ”Fuller said.

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