Al fresco dining is back this winter as Omicron spreads to Minneapolis

The new emergency regulations begin Friday, where businesses in Minneapolis can add remote outdoor spaces for customers during the pandemic.

MINNEAPOLIS – Editor’s note: The video at the top of this article was posted on December 19, 2020:

Minneapolis businesses may expand to more areas on their own property this winter, under emergency regulations announced today by the city of Minneapolis.

The goal here, according to the city, is to allow less overcrowding during the high number of coronavirus cases caused by the omicron variant.

The emergency settlement means companies can build these additional structures at no cost during the remainder of the city’s public health emergency. It also allows companies to have an additional 45 days after the emergency to dismantle outdoor spaces.

One of the caveats of the bylaw is that it must be on business property and cannot block the passage of the public on streets and sidewalks. Much like we saw previously with expanded outdoor dining.

“Many of our most beloved local businesses and restaurants have taken on incredible weight as we move through each new phase of this pandemic,” said Mayor Jacob Frey. “Winter patio dining isn’t just a quintessential Minneapolis tradition, it’s an important way to continue to support the ability of Minneapolis restaurants to keep on the move while ensuring the safety and health of customers. and employees. “

Even if the fee is waived, potential businesses must contact city fire inspection services to obtain a permit.

You can read the full emergency declaration here.

WATCH: What to expect at a restaurant dinner during patio season this spring:

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