apollo architects brings visual + spatial duality “in SPIRIT” to tokyo

‘SPIRIT’ by apollo architects & associates

Settle the Tokyo one Shibuya district, ‘SPIRIT’ by Apollo Architects & Associates illustrates the residence like a private space that slowly opens onto the public sphere. This duality is illustrated by a massive exterior façade with glass on the upper half, where social programs take place, and strong concrete on the lower half, where the private chambers hid.

The entrance to ‘ESPRIT’ is next to a two-car piling garage and leads to a weight room. On the second floor, in addition to the bathroom, the children’s room and the master bedroom, a library occupies the open floor around the staircase, serving as a gathering place for the owners. An additional family room occupies the third floor, with a deeply crevassed balcony overlooking the street; one-way glass maintains privacy in this cozy in-between space filled with outdoor furniture and potted olive trees.

‘SPIRIT’ by Apollo Architects & Associates | all images © Masao Nishikawa

where the public and private spheres gently mingle

The crew at Apollo Architects, all functional elements – such as storage areas, kitchen, elevator, bathroom and stairwell – have been concentrated along the walls crossing “ESPRIT” in the direction of the length, which resulted in a minimalist tube-like space with natural light and ventilation flowing along the north-south axis. The roof, accessible from the top floor, has a garden with an outdoor kitchen, furniture and a sculptural pergola. Finally, connecting indoor and outdoor living spaces and surrounding them with greenery creates a serene atmosphere that is comfortably private while offering attractive views.

“Spaces like the gym, library, rooftop garden and chef’s kitchen are becoming essential in the age of working from home, with comfortable living environments and in-between areas linking indoors and outdoors. exterior increasingly in demand. Perhaps the most sought-after features of future homes will be a spirit of exhilaration that allows residents to migrate freely between indoor and outdoor spaces,” writes the Japanese studio.

apollo architects bring visual and spatial duality to 'SPIRIT' home in tokyo
a half-split facade design: glass on the upper half, concrete on the lower half

apollo architects bring visual and spatial duality to 'SPIRIT' home in tokyo
the north-south axis brings a lot of natural light

apollo architects bring visual and spatial duality to 'SPIRIT' home in tokyo
common area on the third floor of ‘ESPRIT’ by Apollo Architects

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