Autumn design elevators for the home

TThis is the time of year when I feel the most myself, the most cocooned and the most comforted. I spend my fall days with a kind of cozy comfort that each of us on this cold little island has “given in to the great excuse of winter,” its “boxy allure” as poet Maggie so evocatively describes it. Deitz in his 2016 poem “November”. Every year, I shrug my shoulders on this seasonal contentment like a coat, watching the fleeting rays of sunlight pass through buildings and parks, and greet the grim end of the day with candles, steaming hot showers, and the promise of a beginning of festive joy.

However, I do know that there are readers who will brace themselves for the frost, dark brittle mornings, and slippery sidewalks to come, who take no pleasure in their obligatory plunge into the deep pool these last few months of the year. . Of course, I sympathize. As I hate stuffy subway trains and the shimmering August tarmac, I appreciate that the opposite can seem unbearable to others. At times like these, it will be enough to make your home as comfortable as possible. A healthy mix of functionality and beauty will make even the coldest, darkest mornings feel like a gift. Here’s what you can do to give your home little autumnal lifts to bring a sense of fluidity to your day, giving a luxurious flow to your daily rituals, culminating in a restful evening routine ushered in by stunning design.

Good lighting can elevate any space, especially if there are multiple sources via a network of lamps.

(Matthew Williamson X Pooky)

Michelle Ogundehin, former editor-in-chief of ELLE decoration as well as creative consultant, author and television presenter, is well known for her opinions on the organized house as a source of joy all year round. She believes that “[one’s] the environment is the third fundamental pillar of well-being alongside diet and exercise ”, an adage she explores at length in her book, Happy Inside: How to Harness the Power of Home for Health and Happiness, published by Ebury Press in early 2020. Today, Ogundehin partnered with appliance maker De’Longhi to launch its Ballerina collection of delicately fluted kettles and toasters. “I believe living well starts with how you start each day,” she says, “so make sure the things you use every day are the ones you love the most, from your kettle to your laundry. bed. You’re worth it.”

Indeed, the kettle is a good starting point. For a lifelong food person, punctuating the hours between meals with cups of tea or coffee on the cooler days takes a lot out of my kettle, especially when working from home. A quick, design-driven upgrade makes all the difference and adds a harmless little novelty to the practice. De Longhi’s lineup is diverse and interesting, while this year’s Russell Hobbs X Emma Bridgewater collaboration will bring kitsch to your kitchen. Of course, there’s always the Smeg X Dolce and Gabbana kettle (if you’re lucky enough to find it in stock) to start the day in style.

It is important to invest in good quality, quick-drying towels that retain their soft, plush drape.


Despite my adoring the cooler months, I hate being cold and look forward to a steamy shower after an overnight stroll. It’s the evening warm-up process that I think has a particularly wide margin of error, mainly when it comes to the availability of hot and dry towels. It is surely one of the biggest disappointments in life to find your towel still wet. That’s why it’s important to invest in good quality, quick-drying towels that retain their soft, plush drape. Bedding and towel specialist Sheridan (currently in stock at offers a range of beautifully colored, quick-drying 100% cotton towels, while Kiramy organic cotton bath towels offer the same. benefits with unique details and fringes (available at

Ask any interior designer what their most useful and reliable tool is for any space, and they’ll teach you how to properly light a room. Good lighting can uplift any space, especially if there are multiple sources via an array of lamps. It will flatter any space (and any inhabitant) beyond just using the main light. I shudder at the thought …

The Dark Rum candle from the Vices collection by Malin and Goetz is designed to evoke a feeling of nostalgia

(Malin and Goetz)

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for fantastic lamps from companies like Andrew Martin and Pooky, but sites like and have a more eclectic offering, some of which may need to be upgraded. rewired.

Finally, a list of fall home updates just wouldn’t be complete without the mention of some lovely candles I’m burning right now. The first is Malin + Goetz’s Dark Rum candle from its Vices collection, designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia. With notes of bergamot, plum and anise, it’s both fresh and festive – perfect for those chilly fall days. The same can be said for the Sagada fragrance from candle company Virginutty, which has notes of pine mixed with cypress and bergamot. The company’s candles are handcrafted, vegan, and plastic-free, and use the highest quality coconut oil, organically grown, and premium phthalate-free scent.

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