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The last few years of interior design have been extremely neutral, even vanilla, with beige, white and gray making up the colors of most homes and hotels. There’s a definite absence of bright hues and double-take-worthy artistry – the more understated the better. That’s why entering Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht feels like a breath of fresh air with its multicolored interiors and larger-than-life artwork. There is a vibration and a game that excites the eye and also invites guests to discover the different spaces of the hotel.

Artist Marcel Wanders is the mastermind behind all of the hotel’s design, incorporating Dutch cultural themes like Delft ceramics, tulips, and clogs into the hotel’s guest rooms, common areas, and outdoor space. If you’re looking to incorporate more maximalist design into your home or just want to learn more about his work, read on for design inspiration.

1. Tulip chairs

You’ll find high-backed red or yellow tulip chairs in the lobby, hotel rooms, and private dining rooms. Their shape resembles the famous Dutch tulip with its bell shape and rich hues. The chairs swivel and allow guests to face many directions. Inside hotel rooms, that can mean watching straight to famous channels during the day or enjoying dinner while watching TV in the evening.

2. Unique sinks

Referencing the esteemed Dutch tradition of Delft blue, Wanders created 124 unique painted sinks in each room. While Delft Blue paint is notoriously laborious and time consuming, Wanders flipped this idea by spending exactly one minute on each basin. The result is a one-of-a-kind piece that riffs on famous iconography in a very Wanders way.

3. A galaxy of lights

From ornate chandeliers to woven globes, lighting comes in all shapes and sizes at Andaz Prinsengracht. Giant bell-shaped chandeliers illuminate the reception area and if you look at the hotel’s atrium, things get even more interesting. A set of orbs and circular lights glow under the ceiling skylight reminiscent of astronomy. In the restaurant, you’ll find Wanders’ signature Skygarden pendant lamp, reminiscent of an antique-decorated plaster ceiling in one of its former homes.

4. Secret Garden (of Art)

Andaz Amsterdam has an extensive garden which, of course, also features Wanders’ works. Here you will find statues, a pergola and a giant fresco that unifies the two buildings that make up the hotel. The mural depicts “Alice in Amsterdam” and the whole garden has a secret atmosphere with many nooks and unexpected works of art. The garden is a popular wedding venue particularly during Pride and a welcome outdoor space in the warmer months.

5. Heaven and Hell

Usually, getting into an elevator is a pretty common exercise, but that’s not the case at Andaz Amsterdam. Here, you’ll see the hotel’s atrium through floor-to-ceiling windows. Look carefully at the wallpaper and you will witness “A Ride from Hell to Heaven” with a series of images to signal your way as you ascend. You’ll look forward to every elevator ride because there’s always something new to see.

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