Best case for outdoor family fun in Yakima

One measure of a community’s quality of life is the condition and nature of its parks and recreation program and facilities.

So how is Yakima?

Meet the master plan

We are about to find out. Yakima Parks and Recreation’s Draft 2022-2027 Comprehensive Master Plan will be presented in a public hearing at 6 p.m. at the regular Yakima City Council meeting on Tuesday, February 15.and.

It’s not just the brainstorming of Parks and Rec staff, but the more than 200-page report features the results of a community survey conducted last summer.

You can find the DRAFT plan here – City Council to Receive Parks Compensation Plan | News – City of Yakima (

Public participation was essential to the process

So what do some of your friends and neighbors want to see included in the image of the park in the future? Here are some of the public comments.

Why do you and your family choose to go to parks? • Festivals • my dog ​​• Water walk at the Lions swimming pool • Disc golf • Ducks, friendly people, bike path suitable for young children • Skate Park • playground equipment • Access to walking path • Dog park.

Please tell us why the City of Yakima Parks and Recreation facilities are important to you. • pool • Exercise and time with the dogs • Exciting new place for my kids to explore and get active! • Gives me a safe place for my children to play. Takes us out of the house. • A fun place for my family to interact • Gives a place to picnic or party • Feed the ducks

What Parks and Recreation facilities and amenities would you like to see increased? • parking space • Skateparks and Splashpad in WV (2) • nature-based play areas for young children like toddlers, community gardens (top of my wish list for Yakima) • shade • Yakima needs an ice rink • I would like to see the play structures covered so that they are usable even in summer.

The lists go on and on and there is a ton of information to fit into the plans. The project also includes plans and costs. Find out the details on what could make for an exciting future for Yakima’s parks and recreation division. City Council to Receive Parks Compensation Plan | News – City of Yakima (

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