Betrayed by his customers, the ‘Bala’ d’Etete talks about the looting of the house and the liquor store

A 79-year-old man is traumatized and heartbroken after a mob of nearly 600 people looted his bottle store and home in Etete last Monday.

Balakrifhan Naidoo, known as Bala or Mfana Omdala, has been a resident of Etete for 60 years.

But that did not stop his neighbors from confiscating his business and his house.

“I heard the noise of the road. I never thought they would come to my store or my house. To my surprise, they threw a burning tire in the front door and entered. They took it all, ”Naidoo said.

The courtyard of Naidoo after the looting of his shop and his house.

Rioters entered her house and turned it around.

They stole furniture and even his clothes.

Naidoo had locked himself with his wife in a room and terrified, he called the police.

“Inside the house and in the bottle store, they started to fight and assault each other with bottles. It’s sad because those are the people who always buy me alcohol. I thought I had a good relationship with the community. Not in my wildest dreams, I thought they would do such a painful thing to me, ”Naidoo said.

The police arrived a little later and saved him and his wife, but they were overwhelmed by the crowds.

They could only evacuate the couple.

“It was heartbreaking to be escorted out of my house and my shop, letting people come in and do whatever they wanted. I don’t even have the courage to go back and check it out, I’m still scared of this place.

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