Bravo Screens are pleased to offer the smoothest No Slam retractable skylight screens.

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Motorized skylight screens

Motorized skylight screens

Motorized blind for skylights

Motorized blind for skylights

Bravo Screens is pleased to offer the smoothest No Slam retractable screens for skylights. Bravo Screens is the largest electric canopy screen

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, July 4, 2022 / — Bravo Screens is pleased to offer the smoothest No Slam retractable skylight screens.

Bravo Screens is the North American distributor of custom made electric skylight screens to fit almost any ceiling opening.

Designed to be code compliant, our skylight security screens can be used in all 50 states and Canada. Easy to Install Each skylight screen is personally designed to fit any size, making installation quick and easy.
We offer skylight screens, designed to last the lifetime of the skylight. Create a clean, modern look, while protecting the investment from harmful UV rays. Control glare and reduce cooling costs, while preserving that spectacular view. Cost Effective Compared to alternatives, such as guardrails and lifelines, skylight cages are an economical way to keep people safe. Our team of security experts know the industry inside out and we know the importance of security. That’s why we always consider No Slam solutions for the enterprise, not the most expensive ones.

Self-Installation With simple tools and installation, along with the right safety procedures, skylight safety screens can be installed manually. Skylights give rooms a brighter, more open, and airy feel beyond what standard windows can provide. But due to their location, size, and shape, it can be difficult to find an easy-to-control skylight shade that can filter or block light and keep heat or cold out when needed. Bravo Screens offers a wide selection of shades and shades designed just for skylights.

Skylight vertical blinds are also perfect as Bravo offers a wide range of colors and textures to suit any decor, from traditional to contemporary.

Bravo shades, for example, are available with a variety of fabric, vinyl and aluminum design options. A really nice feature is that they offer 75% UV
protection, which can help prevent furniture from fading. Bravo’s consultants will ensure the perfect custom option for particular needs. For new home construction, Bravo Screens will work with the architect and builder to incorporate roll screens into the designs and ensure the layout is possible. This retractable system blends into the casement and can be installed over virtually any opening, providing an unobstructed view that older standard screens cannot.

Whether building or remodeling, Bravo customer service agents are happy to help you get the right system for any project. Most people who have skylight shutters leave the slightly tilted louvers open all day, so they never have to worry about adjusting them. But we can adjust them, it’s easy with a pole!

Skylights receive more sunlight than any other type of window, so having the ability to control the amount of sunlight is a huge advantage. can adjust
Plantation shutters to control light, from fully open to complete darkness. Bravo Skylight screens also block heat better than other windows
treatments on the market. The annual maintenance plan is surprisingly simple and takes very little time. Clean and clean the tracks. At Bravo Screens, all shade products are custom made to specification using only the finest fabrics, materials, components and specialty hardware. “The blinds block the strongest light coming through the skylight windows while letting light through,” said Mr. Singh, president.

and CEO. “With skylight shades, we can help reduce glare, save energy, improve temperature control and make life more convenient. At Bravo Screens, we have
added skylight shades to homes, offices and commercial spaces, and would like to share our experience. About Bravo Screens: Bravo Screens is a global leader in home furnishings. Window Treatments for Home or Business – Distinctive, industry-leading product portfolio includes Skylight screens. Venetian blinds, window blinds, roman blinds, wooden blinds, wooden shutters, plantation shutters, cellular blinds for French doors, vertical blinds and mini blinds for any shape and size! Built on over 116 years of ingenuity and intensive consumer care.

Bravo has sold thousands of products over the past decade in the North American market with unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Calling during opening hours will not have an answering machine. Get a friendly, helpful person who can answer questions, and if you’re up for it, get the job done. With just one call, have beautiful new screens at the reasonable price possible. Bravo Motorized Skylight Screens are now available for purchase, with a retail program that requires a deposit here at the North American office.

For more information on availability, as well as detailed product information and technical specifications, call us toll-free. The team is ready to plan
a free estimate. Appraisers will appraise the property, then provide a detailed estimate and answer any questions. Call today! 1-800-446-1626

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