Businesses respond to Governor Newsom extending outdoor food courtlets, alcohol to take out

CHICO, Calif .– Some relief for bars and restaurants that have struggled over the past year, they will be able to keep their outdoor food parks longer, they will also still be able to offer alcoholic drinks to take away.

Places like Duffy’s Tavern in downtown Chico are one of the businesses that use a parklet.

California businesses will still be able to offer take-out drinks to help restaurants and bars come out of the pandemic.

Owner Doug Roberts said this barricade was essential in keeping its doors open.

Governor Newsom on Thursday announced he was expanding outdoor dining parks and take-out alcohol to help ailing restaurants and bars as the state emerges from the pandemic.

Roberts said it was a long process to get the permit and to put all of this in place and make it work and he would like to keep the outdoor space as long as possible.

“It’s been really critical,” Roberts said. “It made all the difference in the world, if we stuck to the original plan, if we stuck to the 6ft distance with the tables inside, it wouldn’t have had enough capacity. to stay open Having the parklet made the difference between being open and not being open.

The Downtown Chico Business Association (DCBA) has said at this time that there are no plans to get rid of the parklets anytime soon.

The concrete barriers that were loaned to them, but ideally they would like to find a way to build more permanent exterior structures.

There are about 10 in downtown Chico.

The DCBA has said that these parklets have been a great asset to these businesses and they are looking for ways to make them permanent here in the city center.

They have said at this time that they don’t have full details on what it would look like, but the city is in the process of adding a long parklet in front of The Banshee, Naked Lounge and Aonami’s on Second Street.

Tres Hombres chief executive Javier Franco said the ability to sell their take-out drinks helped them survive when the pandemic first hit.

“It definitely took off at the start of the pandemic when we weren’t allowed to have anyone and had to be a take-out restaurant that kept us going as a business,” Franco said.

Gov. Newsom said that while take-out alcohol sales may continue, they must be matched with food purchases.

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