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The annual Atlanta Design Festival returns from October 2-10 with a full program of in-person and virtual events focused on “Reconnecting the Community” as an overarching theme.

Each year the Festival brings together independent designers, established brands, young talent, international speakers from academia, NGOs and government entities, exhibitions, installations and architectural tours – all focused on impact economic and societal design.

The 2021 festival will feature an opening speech by Georgia House Representative Park Cannon on “Building Fair Communities and Getting Through COVID-19”.

MY ! Architecture Tours returns this year to Atlanta, Young Harris and Serenbe. Following comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety measures, the three one-day tours will offer exclusive access to some of the state’s best residential, commercial and contract designs, and showcase the latest trends in sustainable materials, architectural systems and interior design for a captive audience of decision makers and the general public.

Lectures and a lecture program throughout the festival will provide additional information on design groups and renowned design brands, as well as a series of events in the exhibition halls.

For the full range of events and tickets, visit

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Top tips for designing the perfect industrial-style bathroom Sun, 19 Sep 2021 04:21:00 +0000
modern black bathroom
(© peshkov –

An industrial style bathroom is loved by all and allows an individual to have a bath space where they can just relax and experience a spa feeling. There has been a continuing upsurge in the trend to have an industrial style bathroom designed for homeowners who can afford it.

Want to know how to mix modern trends and get the perfect industrial style bathroom? Read on to familiarize yourself with some design ideas for creating an industrial aura in the bathroom.

Opt for a matte black finish

It is imperative to focus on the details while staying focused on a particular type of aesthetic. An industrial-style bath space requires matching bath accessories and other bathroom basics to score an upscale impression.

A matte black finish combo is the best-suited shade you can choose for a perfectly aligned industrial bathroom. Additionally, you can also consider using a brushed nickel palette to dot the bath accents for an industrial feel.

Accessorize it well

Once you are done creating an industrial aura in the bathroom, you can further accentuate the look of your bathroom by bringing in matching accessories. But be sure to choose a subtle look and neural undertones for the same rather than going gaga over the bright color palette.

Whether it is storage essentials, racks, hangers, light fixtures, candle holders, all of these accessories should be such that they stand out as the epitome of plush and class. Also complete the look with an elegant finish, showcase accessories that flaunt elegance and wear the flag high with pragmatic looks.

Soft and subtle graphics

When designing an industrial style bathroom, you don’t have to be bold with colors and patterns. Instead, you can turn to black and white and patterned floor tiles.

Additionally, you can add a professional touch by adding a metal side table and installing metal grid windows to complete the overall look of an industrial-style bathroom that doesn’t interrupt the overall aesthetic. to be chic.

Black bathtub

Going minimalist with black and white is the hack to mastering the industrial style. Going forward with the patterns, floors, and walls, you can also get a tub in black color that performs like the showpiece on one end that showcases all angles of elegance.

You can easily buy such tubs from Victoria Plum and place them near the wire mesh windows, add a few green plants next to them, and get ready to display a perfect bathroom that features magnificent curb appeal.

Use decorative glass cases

A chic bathroom requires glass doors and shower screens to complete the distinctive look of an industrial-style bathroom. They not only act as an upscale decorative piece, but also help preserve privacy while adding a touch of vogue to your contemporary bathrooms.


Now that you know a thing or two about industrial bathroom design, are you ready to try out these ideas for your next project? Also, do you have any other ideas to make an industrial style bathroom more elegant and glorious? Let us know.

Vic Tan’s Story

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How to reduce waste in the fashion design process? Sat, 18 Sep 2021 13:55:47 +0000

How to reduce waste in the fashion design process? A group of students try to find the answer

Fashion is all about telling stories through clothing, and when done responsibly it becomes sustainable. Simply put, it is the use of environmentally friendly practices in the design, manufacture, distribution and consumption of clothing.

Over the years, the fashion industry has overtaken its production. The time that a garment is worn before being discarded has decreased by 40%. Thrown clothes are either burned or dumped in landfills. Of what is collected for recycling, about 12% will end up being made into insulation or cleaning fabric, or shredded and used to stuff mattresses. Less than 1% will be used to make new clothes.

The Cloakroom: a symbol of what can be done with waste.

The Cloakroom: a symbol of what can be done with waste. | Photo credit: Special arrangement

Even when the pandemic hit in 2020, this dire situation raised pertinent questions about our priorities and what we choose as fashion designers of the future. On the founding day of our college, we decided to showcase our responsible creativity. “The Changing Room,” as we have called the 25-foot clothing installation, attempts to pose the topical question of need versus desire. We conceptualized, designed and created the enormous garment with the waste of the industry, while following the principles of environmentally friendly fashion.

Our team also included the entire promotion for the fifth semester of B.Des Fashion. We started by collecting garment waste from the fashion design lab. The idea came from our mentor, Archana Surana, and took shape from the question of how waste introduced specifically into the fashionable education design process, in the form of models and testing d ‘fit, can be better processed.

Recycle to create something new

Fit tests accumulated over time were salvaged, clothing separated, and piles of muslin brought from the stockpile to usefully contribute to our creativity. From blouses and pants, to shirts, tops and skirts, every fit test has been used to shape the bodice.

Placing the garment scraps was like putting together a puzzle, using the process to define the flow of the garment. What we liked most was the way the skirt was used to cover the torso, giving it an old retro-western style. After positioning the back and front of the setup, we sat down to sew the garment. The interior design students also helped make a proportionate wooden structure, along with the hanging cables and chains to support the weight when we hung the finished work.

“The Locker Room” was hung on a corner of the highest point of the front facade of the college building for two weeks so that the world could see how creativity comes out of the trash. Obviously, the use of clothing waste reduces dependence on natural resources and also minimizes the chances of fashion ending up in the landfill. In these times of conscious consumerism, operating responsibly, combined with creativity in design, can help us have a new purpose to work towards a more sustainable fashion future.

The writers are fashion design students at Arch College of Design and Business

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MCU Concept Artist Shares First Approved Shang-Chi Design Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:16:17 +0000

Marvel Studios visual development director Andy Park shares approved concept art for Shang-Chi and the titular hero of the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Marvel Studios visual development director Andy Park shared the approved design of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings‘Leading man.

“SHANG-CHI! This is the approved concept design I did during pre-production,” Park wrote on Twitter. “What an HONOR to do this for our amazing director @destindaniel[.] Helping to create the 1st Asian MCU Superhero Title was and is so special to me. @SimuLiu embodies this hero perfectly! “

RELATED: Shang-Chi Actually Filmed Razor Fist Origin Story, Other Scenes

It is the last piece of art in the shared park of Shang-Chi on their social networks. Others include the original Death Dealer look and an image from the movie’s climax. They have also worked on various other recent Marvel Studios projects including Black Widow, WandaVision and the next one Thor: Love and Thunder.

Park wasn’t the only digital artist to work on Shang-Chi. Sean Walker was instrumental in the design of the Ten Rings and recently described how they have changed in the process. “The Ten Rings have actually gone through a range of color changes,” Walker said. “At one point, each individual effect had its own unique style of using the rings. For example, when Wenwu created a stir from them, or a whip or projectiles, they actually had their own unique color scheme. . They were all in a similar color scheme. “

Shang-Chi caused a theatrical exclusive sensation, earning more than $ 250 million despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Nationally, it grossed $ 152 million, opening at $ 94 million on Labor Day weekend and earning $ 34 million in its second weekend. No major outing planned before Dear Evan Hansen‘s on September 24, he is expected to reign at the box office for next week. It can still be competitive with Dear Evan Hansen, but his race to the top should end once Venom: let there be carnage premieres October 1.

RELATED: Shang-Chi: Katy Became The MCU’s Mulan – And Aimed For A Toxic Trope

The film was well received by critics and fans alike. It is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 93% review score based on 280 reviews. It also has an Audience Score of 98%, making it the most popular Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie among audiences on the movie review site.

The next step for Marvel Studios and the MCU is Eternal, which debuts on November 5 and stars Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie as a group of immoral aliens who protect humanity from Deviants – but not Thanos. While Disney apparently weighed in a streaming / theatrical release duel, Shang-ChiThe good numbers of convinced the House of the Mouse to present the film exclusively in theaters.

KEEP READING: How Shang-Chi Avoids Doctor Strange’s Orientalist Tale

Source: Twitter

Mentor the Eternal and the MCU

Why Marvel’s Eternals and MCU superheroes must abstain [Censored]… Or else!

About the Author

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Design, reliability and evolution of charging stations for electric vehicles – Discussion with Nathan Yang from FLO Fri, 17 Sep 2021 11:02:59 +0000

I recently had the opportunity to speak at length with Nathan Yang, FLO’s Product Manager, about the design, evolution and reliability of electric vehicle charging stations. We also talked about the differences in customer base in the electric vehicle landscape and providing a complete, useful and memorable user experience. Listen to the full podcast discussion through the built-in SoundCloud player below or on your favorite podcast network, or skip ahead for a little recap of what we talked about.

You can subscribe and listen to CleanTech Talk on: Anchor, Apple podcasts/itunes, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Covered, Poached, Podbean, Public radio, SoundCloud, Spotify, Where Stapler.

I started by asking Nathan about FLO’s customer base – who the customer base is and how it has changed over the past few years. He noted that it has become very diverse, ranging from single-family and multi-family residences to commercial and government. However, he also pointed out that there are notable geographic differences. In Vancouver, they are providing many more charging stations to multi-family buildings. In the rest of Canada and most of the United States, they mainly sell charging stations to single-family homes in the residential sector.

I also asked about the fact that while “level 3” fast charging has changed dramatically over the last few years (especially increasingly faster), “level 2” charging as you made at home, in the workplace or in certain stores has essentially held steady. It didn’t really go any faster. Part of the reason is that level 2 loaders are relatively straightforward tools that do the job they’re supposed to do. This is in part because using this power level keeps the device within the standard of other appliances and electrical uses, and thus allows for easy installation and management, regardless of where the charger is located. is hosted. Part of the reason is that the level 2 charging speed doesn’t really need to increase in most common applications. There is little to no benefit with faster home charging for many people, for example. Nathan pointed out that we haven’t had to improve how a hose and faucet works in a long time, because they just work, and the same goes for level 2 chargers.

The To However, I asked Nathan what improvements FLO has made over the years to their EV charging station solutions to make them better and better. Since FLO provides both level 2 and level 3 chargers, he pointed out some improvements on both. On the residential / level 2 side, they have devoted time and resources to creating more infrastructure options (regarding terminals, cable management, etc.) and they have also received more and more requests for integration into their connected home systems / networks.

FLO EV multi-family building charging station

I then dug deeper and asked about the top 3-5 improvements they’ve made to their charging stations over the past few years. Its answer: 1) Improve sturdiness and durability when used outdoors, including being designed to withstand extreme ice, snow, sun and the cars themselves entering stations. 2) Improvements in cable management. Since stations are usually unattended, they have spent a lot of time trying to make cable and connector management as easy as possible and less and less prone to user error, tangling, disconnection or disorder. 3) Trying to simplify the user experience at all levels.

I then mentioned a new pet peeve of mine. When I returned to Florida a few years ago with my wife and daughters, we were happy to find a bunch of new or somewhat new charging stations in the area in stores, parks, offices, etc. However, in just a few short years, the screens of many of them have become virtually unusable. The clear plastic on the front has been destroyed to the point that you cannot see what is displayed on the screen behind. With this issue in mind, I asked about the work and methodology of FLO to develop stations that hold up really well over the long term. He pointed out that they choose parts that are designed for outdoor use and for the type of use that occurs in a charging station (which I didn’t ask for, but I guess that means the keys and the cards regularly touch the screen of drivers trying to activate the charge, among other things). He also referred to their design to perform well in “freezing cold in Canada or hot and humid weather in Florida”. (I sometimes wonder if too many EV tests or EV charging stations are done in the mild California climate, but that certainly doesn’t seem to be the case with FLO at least.)

Nathan also brought service and supervision into the conversation. “Most of the things that work very well, they are maintained or monitored. Um… good point. “Like a gas station usually has an attendant. Someone tears off a gas pump, a cable, the pipe; they see it, and they will replace the pipe. And the same with telecommunications – your cell tower works because it’s monitored, and if something goes wrong, AT&T, Verizon, whoever knows how to send someone there. And so we do the same thing, and there are companies that would do that too, where you would monitor your system, and when you notice something is not – you know, sometimes you go to a charger and you notice that it’s not charging fast enough – it’s probably because something is worn out inside. … Now, you can watch that. You may find out, ‘oh, one of the 6/12/15/2 power modules has failed. I should send a technician to replace it and investigate the problem.

FLO EV home airbnb charging stations

Nathan also focused on a topic that I think many Tesla fans and followers will appreciate: the power of vertical integration, especially in a relatively new, rapidly growing and rapidly changing market. “Today, if you are vertically integrated and you develop and build everything, you control everything, you have the luxury of providing a better customer experience. So at FLO, if I take us as an example, we build the chargers ourselves, we have a cloud service and a backend to monitor them, we have a mobile app for users to try to find these chargers, and so when someone calls our phone number and says “hey, this charger isn’t working” we’re about to fix it because it’s all part of us. “

He also noted that when you design for people with disabilities – whether it’s color blind, poor eyesight, a mobility disability, or whatever – you often improve the experience for everyone. “Usually when you design for diversity and for users with disabilities, you actually benefit everyone. “

We also talked about the experiences that charging station customers have beyond the station itself and the importance of this environment and these broader opportunities for drivers, charging station companies and retailers. . On that topic, and in particular the benefits retail stores get from charging stations in good locations, Nathan referred to some research they’ve done. They surveyed a group of retailers who identified the average stopping time for drivers of gasoline vehicles at 77 minutes, while drivers of electric vehicles using the charging stations at these locations stayed an average of 143 minutes. That’s a lot of extra time to be tempted to buy something!

There was a lot more to the discussion, so tune in to the show for more industry insight.

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The design of the French attack boat, the costs opened the door for the Australian nuclear submarine, expert says Thu, 16 Sep 2021 22:55:00 +0000

Attack-class submarine proposed for the Australian Navy. DCNS Photo

AUCKLAND, New Zealand – Australia’s surprise decision to procure nuclear powered submarines (SSNs) from the United States and the United Kingdom follows difficulties the country has faced with its future SEA 1000 Attack-class submarine program and the realization that a conventionally powered submarine (SSK) won’t meet its future needs, a regional defense expert told USNI News.

The 12 New Boat Attack Class Program was intended to replace the existing Collins Class Attack Boats of the Royal Australian Navy, but experienced delays and cost increases which had pushed up the total estimated program budget to 90 billion Australian dollars.

In 2016, the Australian Ministry of Defense selected the Shortfin Barracuda 1A from the French shipbuilder Naval Group. This is a modification of the design used for the French Navy’s Suffren-class nuclear attack boat, but it carried a high level of risk as the modifications meant it was a new design. for an SSK, not a standard option.

The Attack class is “evolutionary rather than revolutionary” and was not ready to introduce major new capabilities beyond what the Collins class already offered, Marcus Hellyer of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute told USNI News.

He said the Attack class followed a “traditional configuration” and would not have had an air independent propulsion system, lithium-ion batteries, vertical launch system or large diameter tube for deployment and the recovery of larger unmanned submarines. systems.

The problems on SEA 1000 started early. A strategic partnership agreement to manage relations between organizations for the duration of the program was expected in October 2017. It was finally signed in February 2019.

In September 2018, the Naval Shipbuilding Advisory Board suggested that the government consider alternatives to the SEA 1000 program if the SPA was not signed. The board said extending the life of the Collins class would allow more time “to develop a new procurement strategy for the future submarine if necessary.”

The Collins-Class SSK Life Extension Program was subsequently approved to ensure that the RAN retains its submarine capability for the foreseeable future, pushing the withdrawal date back to 2038.

Despite the signing of the SPA, in early 2020, an Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) report titled “Future Submarine Program – Transition to Design” found that the SEA 1000 program “cannot demonstrate that its expenditure of 396 million Australian dollars on the design of the future submarine has been fully effective in achieving the two major design milestones of the program to date.

There had been an overall delay of nine months up to this point in completing the Concept Studies Review (CSR) and System Requirements Review (SRR). ANAO found that the different approaches to commercial and engineering work between Naval Group and the DoD have “influenced progress to date.”

These issues have strained the relationship between the DoD and Naval Group, which the ANAO has described as “key risk mitigation.”

While these supposedly have no impact on the overall delivery of the program, the report pointed out that an overall delay of three years or more could result in a gap in the RAN’s submarine capability. At some point in the past year, the DoD must have realized that it was taking a lot of risk and spending a lot of money to get a platform that would not offer the capacity increases that RAN was including. will need in the 2050s and beyond.

While Hellyer said this attack would have been a high performance conventional submarine, the intention was to have “the continuity of the Collins class LOTE”. He explained that the problem with this is that “we are at the end of the evolutionary curve of the underlying technologies for SSKs” and that the only improvements in capacity were due to having a bigger boat (Collins says 3,400 t versus Attack at 4,500 t) with the capacity to hold more fuel and batteries so that it travels faster and stays in station longer.

The DoD had experienced similar issues with the Collins class 20 years before using an adaptation of the Royal Swedish Navy’s Gotland-class design by shipbuilder Kockums to generate the capabilities the RAN needed to extend the endurance of the SSK.

Hellyer added that at the end of the day the DoD was spending too much time and money on “incremental improvements” and that “if you want fundamental changes in the performance of submarines, you have to switch to nuclear propulsion. “.

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B & b italia forms new islands and icons at milan design week 2021 Thu, 16 Sep 2021 09:34:07 +0000

B & b italia launches new shapes at milan design week 2021

interior furnishings should be both relaxing and elegant, at least in the spirit of B&B italy. inspired by peaceful vacation destinations as well as fashion icons, the Italian furniture brand’s debut in milan design week 2021 distinguish a wide range of seats and unique surface shapes that reinterpret classics and reveal complete novelties. the italian designers antonio citterio and monica armani were asked for these creations.

antonio citterio designed the noonu sofa as a floating organic island

all images are courtesy of B&B italia, credit santi caleca

Antonio Citterio creates an island of relaxation

designed by antonio citterio, the B&B italy noonu was named after an island of fools. to match, the design of the sofa appears to float, suspended in the air, as if it were an island itself. its support structure disappears from view while also being rearrangable in any position thanks to a roller cushion under the seat cushions.

B & b italia forms new islands and icons at milan design week 2021
the deep seats offer great comfort like a daring evolution of lounge chairs

overall, the design of the sofa has an inviting and relaxing character. it is thanks to its deep seats that guarantee extreme comfort, as if it were a daring evolution of lounge chairs. it includes four basic elements: a square, a rectangle then the “piano” and the “veil”. the piano-shaped base creates a welcoming curve in the backrest which also allows the seated person to freely distribute the cushions. the “veil” element offers a generous, rounded and organic front volume that recalls its island inspiration.

Monica Armani reinterprets a classic with O ‘allure and O’ flair

a new classic is born with the B&B italia allure O ‘table designed by Monica Armani. it renews the shape of Jackie O’s iconic eyewear, reproducing its charm, luxury and balance as a piece of furniture. the upper surfaces of an elliptical geometric shape – in the form of a square or rectangle and in two different sizes – balance each other at the top of a truncated pyramidal base. these delicate proportions are equal and create a harmony of straight lines, sinuosities of curves and voluminous shapes.

B & b italia forms new islands and icons at milan design week 2021
the allure O ‘table recreates the charm, luxury and balance of Jackie O and her iconic sunglasses

the O ‘flair chair is the perfect match for the table. the throne-shaped design matches a truncated pyramid that gently widens at the back as it approaches the ground for added strength. the result is elegant and charming. a swivel base option, where an automatic return mechanism returns to its original position, makes sitting down and releasing the seat easier and more elegant for meals. along with a range of fabric choices, the chair offers the renowned comfort of B&B italia with plush, padded seats and an enveloping shape that envelops the user.

B & b italia forms new islands and icons at milan design week 2021
the tray is available as a square or rectangle and in two different sizes to accommodate four, six or eight diners

for allure O ‘, a new family of tables, and flair O’, a small armchair, I designed light, precise, harmonious and durable volumes that are inscribed in a person’s memory and evoke the fantastic glamor of 60s,“concludes designer Monica Armani.

B & b italia forms new islands and icons at milan design week 2021
both pieces of furniture are based on truncated pyramids with rounded edges that reflect the elegance

B & b italia forms new islands and icons at milan design week 2021
the base of the throne-shaped chair gently widens at the back as it gets closer to the ground for added strength

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Father of Flight 93 Hero Lived in Church Hill While Helping Design 9/11 Memorial | Local News Sun, 12 Sep 2021 04:30:00 +0000

CHURCH HILL – Twenty years ago, the life of former Church Hill resident Jerry Bingham changed forever when his son Mark and 39 other members of Flight 93 gave their lives to thwart a terrorist attack on the capital of our country.

Every September 11 for the first decade after the 2001 terrorist attacks, Bingham and his wife, Karen, visited the former surface mine property near Shanksville, Pa., Where Flight 93 crashed.

Each year the location was a little different, whether it was the addition of new memories left by recent visitors or, more recently, the completed work on the permanent memorial.

The first visits were aimed at dealing with their grief, anger and the pain of losing their loved one.

Jerry told The Times-News in 2011 that the 10th anniversary trip was more about preserving the legacy of the 40 heroes of Flight 93 and thanking everyone who played a role in creating the 9/11 memorial.

“I’m sure all of those emotions will come back, but it’s really more about thanking everyone, not just for their contributions, but for their time and effort,” he said. “Nothing we do will bring back my son or the other sons and daughters who perished on Flight 93. What we can do is make sure their sacrifices are not forgotten, and I hope that is what we did by creating this memorial. “

On Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001, the United States came under attack when four commercial airliners were hijacked and used to strike ground targets. Almost 3,000 people lost their lives. Due to the actions of the 40 passengers and crew aboard one of the planes, Flight 93, the attack on the nation’s capital was foiled.

The site, which commemorates Mark Bingham and the other heroes of Flight 93, will host a special 20th anniversary ceremony.

At 10:03 a.m., as Flight 93 crashed, the names of passengers and crew will be read, remembrance bells will ring, and a wreath will be placed on the name wall. At the end of the wreath laying, the ceremonial door will be opened and family members will proceed to the accident site.

Jerry was part of the second jury that selected the final design for the memorial. The first jury of family members and volunteers narrowed the list of potential designs from 1,500 to five.

“The design that we thought was the best was made to fit the property,” he said in 2011. “There is a large lake and different elevations overlooking the crash site. sacred area where the plane crashed is still the same. We haven’t changed that. It will always be that way. “

The focal point of the first phase is a marble wall made up of 40 assembled marble panels, each dedicated to one of the 40 passengers or crew who perished.

The completed memorial includes a tower, 40 groves of trees and a flowery meadow called the Field of Honor. The architect of the memorial, Paul Murdoch, said the purpose of its design was “… to restore life here to heal the earth and nourish our souls.”

“I remember shortly after the attacks I sat down and thought about what this place (crash site) would be like 10 years from now, and to be honest I didn’t think we would get there,” said Jerry a decade ago. . “Especially if they were counting on me to do all this paperwork related to joining the national park system. Fortunately, there were a lot of people there, and it’s special that the heroes’ family got to be part of the creation of this memorial along with all the other organizations and volunteers.

“I think it will honor the 40 heroes and I think the dedication will be very special in honor of those who have died. We never want to forget what happened that day. It could happen again. “

Mark was 31 when he died in the plane crash. He was a public relations manager who founded his own company and had offices in New York and San Francisco. He was flying on United Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco to attend a wedding. He was supposed to catch the plane the day before but had missed his flight after attending a party.

Mark was actually the last passenger to board, barely making the flight, as shown in the 2006 film “United 93”.

Jerry was living in Florida at the time of the attacks and lived in Church Hill in 2006.

The final phase of the memorial involves the construction, assuming funds can be raised, of a 93-foot-high tower that will contain 40 wind chimes which will be called the Tower of the Voice.

“The last thing we’re putting in place is the 40 bells, and if all goes according to plan, they will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary in 2021,” Jerry said. “I hope to live another 10 years to see it all.

Regarding the death of Osama bin Laden, Jerry said: “It doesn’t bring us to a conclusion but it relieves us a bit, and maybe we won’t have to think about it every day. I’ll never stop thinking about my son, or the pain of losing him, but at least we know that justice has been served to the man behind his death.

Mark was reportedly among the passengers who attempted to storm the cockpit to prevent hijackers from using the plane to crash into its intended target, which was believed to be the White House or the Capitol in Washington, DC

Mark briefly called his mother, Alice Hoglan, shortly before the plane crashed. Jerry tried calling his son shortly after the World Trade Center bombings to find out how far his son’s new New York office was from Ground Zero. It wasn’t until around 11:30 a.m. that night that Jerry got a call from Mark’s uncle with news that Mark had been killed in the attacks.

“He was just a kindhearted guy,” Jerry said. “He loved people and people loved him. He always had respect for people. If you met him, you won’t forget him. He was one of those kinds of personalities.

He added, “My son was just a guy having a good time who was loved by everyone who met him, and he didn’t deserve to die so young. But he died a hero and he helped save the lives of many who would have died if these terrorists had accomplished their mission. It makes us proud to know that he came down rocking. It was the first battle against terrorism.

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Low ‘N’ Slow Design Challenge | Culture Thu, 09 Sep 2021 06:00:00 +0000

Til Arroyo Seco Live The experience, Low ‘N’ Slow, gives students the chance to explore the vibrant culture of lowriders through their collaboration with STEMarts Lab as part of an effort made possible by The Revolt Gallery Giving Fund.

Low ‘N’ Slow is an interactive art experience hosted by Arroyo Seco Live and curated by Toby Morfin. The exhibition aims to increase the representation of minority and emerging artists through varied mediums in a unique, socially distant and familial way. More than 30 works of art are on display from June 13 until October 10.

Highlights of this exhibit include the celebration of “Second Sunday at Seco” which features a change of cars bringing a new lowrider each month, live music such as Concepto Tambor, Katy P and The Business, Jimmy Stadler and more, a makers’ market featuring local artisans and great local food and spirits by The Rolling Still Distillery.

The Arroyo Seco Live Board was moved by the overwhelming response from students in their recent challenge to connect a diverse segment of northern New Mexico students with the world of science, technology, engineering, math and arts in an extremely creative way, across the world of lowrider hydraulics and art.

Cecilia Cuff of Arroyo Seco Live, Agnes Chavez of STEMarts, Toby Morfin the exhibition curator accompanied by Orlando Martinez, prolific lowrider and hydraulics specialist take tours through the Magic Circle to showcase engineering and l art in a truly unique way.

Arroyo Seco Live, a nonprofit organization based in northern New Mexico, seeks to teach people about the art and culture of lowriders. A knowledge database was assembled to help participants imagine their own lowrider design that could do anything to involve nature, be sustainable, celebrate arts and culture, or present a unique design. One of these activities is the highly anticipated Low ‘N’ Slow Design Challenge, created in partnership with STEMarts Lab. This program is made possible, in part, by a generous donation from the Revolt Gallery Giving Fund.

The Low ‘N’ Slow Design Challenge exposes students to the science, technology and art behind lowrider cars. STEMarts will use its online platform, STEMart Curriculum Tool, to engage educators with lowrider artists from New Mexico. They will also be assisted by lowrider engineers who will teach students the basics of hydraulic operating systems and the design of lowrider cars.

The Low ‘N’ Slow Design Challenge involves students imagining and designing their own lowrider cars. The theme of the challenge is “Lowrider of the Future”, where they will be challenged to apply the knowledge gained on technological innovations and design a more sustainable lowrider for the future.

The students will have to create their drawings on a specific 11 “x 17” paper which will be delivered to the schools. Only designs on this paper will be accepted and all entries must be submitted by September 25th. A jury of teachers, engineers and artists will judge the applications and award scholarships to the students at the final Second Sunday in Seco event in October. 10. Some schools participating in the challenge are Vista Grande High School, Taos High School, Peñasco Middle School, Anansi Charter School, Taos Charter School, Taos Integrated School of Arts, and Taos Cyber ​​School. Magnet.

Students are also encouraged to visit some of Arroyo Seco Live’s Low ‘N’ Slow outdoor exhibits, as well as the Harwood Museum of Art’s Santo Lowride exhibit. The Low ‘N’ Slow experience promises participants an unforgettable interactive art experience.

The team coordinating this initiative is actively visiting schools to publicize the Lowrider Design Program, two visits scheduled for September 13, 2021. Below are locations and show times.

Presentation time: 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

134 Cervantes Street (at the back of the building)

Presentation time: 10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

To learn more about the Low ‘N’ Slow Design Challenge or to donate to this initiative, visit the Arroyo Seco Live website or contact Cecilia Cuff at

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Clouded Leopard Entertainment and Kenei Design announce ONI 3D action game Thu, 02 Sep 2021 09:22:47 +0000

Publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment and developer Kenei Design announced ONI (working title), a 3D action game developed in cooperation with Shueisha’s Game Creators Camp, a project that aims to support independent game developers. It will launch in 2022 for unannounced platforms with support for Japanese audio and English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) text.

Get the first details below.


Break your enemy’s heart to get your pride back.

Kuuta, a demon, once challenged a man to a battle and was defeated.

Finally, he arrives at Kisejima Island. He and his partner Kazemaru, whom he met on the island, overcame their ordeal together, gaining new strength along the way.

This time, will the duo manage to achieve victory?

Join Kuuta on his adventure to get revenge on Momotaro, a demon disguised as a man.


This game was developed by the growing studio Kenei Design.

After designing illustrations for Mistwalker, developer of Battle of Terra and Fantastic, the president of Kenei Design, Kenei Hayama, has decided to go solo. After putting together a team of developers and creating his own style of games, Mr. Hayama’s exceptional design skills caught the attention of the staff at Shueisha Game Creators Camp, and ONIwas officially selected for its project.

Additionally, Masami Yamamoto joined the project as a producer. Mr. Yamamoto chaired the hearings for the creators of Let’s Play Games! 2006 and PlayStation CAMP hosted at Sony Interactive Entertainment, and has been involved in many unique projects such as the What i did for
Deserve this, my lord?
series and Tokyo jungle. After leaving the company to found his own, EPIGRAsm Inc., he was offered the position of producer for ONI by Mr. Hayama. Mr. Yamamoto also became an executive advisor for the Shueisha Game Creators Camp, taking on a new challenge in indie games.


  • Producer: Masami yamamoto
  • Programmer: Shusuke muraishi
  • Animation: Kenji tokumori
  • The design of the game: Yuzo Sugano
  • Character design: Satoshi Matsuura
  • Music: Hiromi yanagi
  • Director / Artistic Director / Design: Kenei Hayama

Watch the trailer below. See the first screenshots in the gallery.

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