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Ahhh Ready! (Paris!) – La Ville Lumière (the City of Light) – the undistributed home of haute couture, stylish interior design and a historic destination for those looking for that ‘je ne sais quoi’ when it comes to matters of the heart.

While being a traveler to Paris comes naturally to most people – people watching from a local cafe isn’t exactly a difficult lifestyle to adapt – operating a hotel within the context of the city is anything but simple. Any new neighborhood hotel (even for Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, which belongs to one of France’s most iconic gourmet luxury brands) must therefore work hard to assert itself in a city littered with luxury. hotels. Fauchon L’Hotel Paris screams loudly, but with elegance, aiming to seamlessly exploit and blend elements of Parisian fashion, confident design aesthetics and even a nod to a rock ‘mindset. n’roll, all housed in a traditional and effortless Haussmanian building.

The hotel’s natural playfulness and characteristic touches of bright pink are injected boldly and sensitively alongside the original design by renowned architect Richard Martinet who collaborated with Atelier Paluel-Marmont. The juxtaposition “new design meets old architecture” seems intentional and is further enhanced as guests walk through the doors to discover commissions from famous French artists that are hung in public spaces, by names such as Aristide Najean and Monica Nowan.

Since its opening in summer 2019 – the last travel season before the pandemic brought travel and hospitality to its knees around the world – Fauchon L’Hotel has unveiled itself as a house of innovation and excellence. The boutique hotel, which has resurfaced from the pandemic with bounds of character, lives up to its reputation by being a feast for all the senses that capture first impressions.

The sensory mood is set upon arrival, in a stylish yet fun bookcase featuring a roaring digital fireplace and cozy intimate seating, with those bright pink accents evident throughout. Champagne and delicious macaroons – the only cliché, I promise – will delight the taste buds. Beyond what you can see, the hotel’s rich, indulgent and highly captivating bespoke scent lingers deliciously in the air, proving once again that attention to detail is paramount for the desired purpose. to offer this complete sensory experience.

The public spaces – from the low-key seating in the public spaces to the exquisite dining room adorned with other works of art and sculpture that provide guests with a more private dining experience away from the sleek but bustling Fauchon Café – further contribute to communicate and elevate the contemporary style of the brand. refined hospitality experience.

Each of the hotel’s 54 impeccably designed and decorated guest rooms and suites frame the classic view of the Parisian city, some extending to include a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower – truly the crème de la crème!

The rooms themselves are spread across two interconnected buildings and this is where the triad of fashion, design and shameless rock and roll really comes together through the hotel’s GLAM concept:

  • Gourmet – Gastronomy is the signature Fauchon experience that is at the heart of the brand’s experience
  • Location – Located in the heart and soul of central Paris, there is no escaping the energy and delights of the city
  • Attention and experiences – tailor-made is the name of the game, every room is unique and every guest deserves a unique and special experience.
  • Ladies – Women are celebrated and a priority at every stage of the hotel design experience.
A Deluxe room inside Fauchon L'Hôtel in Paris, with golden headboard

Image credit: Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris

Guests who check in to one of the duplex suites located on the top floor of the hotel will enjoy a 360-degree living experience. A lower ground floor bedroom, with a queen-size bed is complemented by pops of color on the linens, which give way to a spacious and well-designed bathroom designed for the discerning traveler, with a walk-in shower. the Italian space with full rain shower and free mood lighting around a generous vanity mirror.

In every room, the sound system is a timeless reminder of what music meant. A modest record player sits, harmoniously adding value to the authentic experience of hospitality, while creating additional texture for the overall design scheme. A selection of classic vinyl albums is also available to listen to, either with complete peace of mind or by opening the multiple doors to the balcony. There is something very satisfying about the usurpation of digital experiences that we have all become used to in favor of a more grounded, more tactile, and more expressive analog process. It may be a clear reminder of the rock and roll personality (depending on which album you select) the hotel presents to its guests – but this particular guest loved every second!

Suite on two levels, with guitar on the wall and record player

Image credit: Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris

The playful eccentricity of the Fauchon brand continues upstairs in the living room of the suite where the famous mini bar thrones. Less functional beverage cabinet, more exhibition focal point, the sleek, bespoke pink cabinet installation designed by Sacha Lakic is elegantly graphic on the exterior with a multi-faceted metallic finish, while the interior houses all the goodies and you would expect from a hotel belonging to Maison Fauchon.

From one memorable gastronomic experience to another (but tempting not to leave the beautiful suite), Le Grand Café Fauchon is a culinary spectacle that awaits guests as well as faithful Parisian diners and drinkers. Its design and service pay homage to the founder, Auguste Fauchon, whose legacy is celebrated here every day through Fauchon’s passionate commitment to pleasure, quality and a fierce commitment to guarantee the quality of the products used and sold from from the best producers in France. These pillars, which keep the hotel relevant in the crowded luxury hotel arena of Paris, are supported by the culinary mastery of Fauchon chefs – three of the best in France: François Daubinet, pastry chef; Frédéric Claudel, Executive Chef of Grand Café Fauchon and Sébastien Monceau, Executive Chef of Maison Fauchon.

As day turns to night, the hotel restaurant comes to life with an eye-catching chandelier that appears to dance above diners in what looks like fishnets. This area allows patrons a more secluded and private dining experience, away from the location of the energetic and bustling public cafe. The design of this space reflects this intention with a color palette that is both relaxing and opulent with nods to the classic seated design in harmony with Fauchon’s signature modern touch.

Fauchon The Hotel Paris is more than a base during your stay in this bustling city. This is a hotel that confidently matches – dare I say even contributes to the energy of – the impressive city. Located in the heart of Paris, Fauchon L’Hotel Paris deserves its right to be a “destination” in its regard and intelligently succeeds in its objective of bringing together the worlds of fashion, design and music, which together deliver its personality. unique. If you are looking for a hotel experience that is both typically Parisian and unique, Fauchon L’Hotel Paris is for you.

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Main image credit: Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris

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“We will rise” – A drawing of a Linderman student chosen as a mascot Tue, 04 Jan 2022 07:01:08 +0000

Kenzye Fishel’s drawing of a phoenix in flight against the backdrop of flames was chosen to be the design for the new Linderman Education Center mascot.

The design was one of five submissions to a school mascot design contest the school recently held. Until last year, after the formation of a student council, the school did not have a mascot. Linderman is an alternative school serving Flathead and Glacier high school students.

Linderman manager Jodie Barber said a mascot has been in demand for a long time.

“I said no, we don’t need a mascot, we’re not a traditional school,” Barber said, noting that the school didn’t have sports teams, for example, to use. a mascot.

“We have our infinity bridge outside – the sculpture – that’s kind of what I used as a representation of us,” she said.

The sculpture, a collaboration between former students and local artist Lee Proctor in 2014, served as Linderman’s logo. Made of glass and steel from a dismantled local bridge, it symbolized the merger of Bridge Academy and Laser Alternative School in the fall of 2013.

“Then we had a student council last year. They said, ‘We really want a mascot.’ So last year we voted for the mascot. We made students vote between the pioneers and the phoenix.

While the sculpture represents the Unified Programs, the mythical firebird symbolizes the perseverance of the students attending and graduating from Linderman. The next step is to have a graphic designer adapt Fishel’s drawing into a graphic. While it has not yet been determined where the mascot will be used, Barber believes it could be used on school gear, such as t-shirts, or on the school’s website. “We will rise” is the slogan that Barber imagines that will be incorporated when the mascot is used.

FISH A its own history of overcoming obstacles. During an interview with Linderman in December, Barber asked her if she could share Fishel’s personal story.

“Yes, of course,” she said.

“So Kynze came to us in first year and she was pregnant and she struggled during her pregnancy. There was different medical stuff. We didn’t see her in her second year and she came back in her freshman year and has said, “I want to come to school,” Barber said, adding that Fishel had very few credits.

To top it off, Fishel had Covid and had to quarantine for a while.

“She worked really, really hard her junior and senior years, she only came back for a fifth year shift and finished and graduated. So when I look – not that her life was in ashes – but that she is definitely someone who has a story and who has persevered and who graduated with a beautiful little boy who is almost three years old, ” said Barber, pulling out a coloring book for Fishel’s Busy. toddler, Nova.

“I really try to make art with him. He loves to color, ”said Fishel.

Like his mother, he also enjoys drawing, even on the walls of the house, Fishel said with a smile.

Fishel remembers finishing the drawing of the phoenix just in time.

“The last day before I finally got my last credit, I finished it during the day,” Fishel said. ” Perfect moment. “

The only guidelines for the competition were that submissions should feature original artwork with the school colors purple and teal.

Fishel said she studied art throughout high school and loved to draw and that her current tool of choice was colored pencils.

“I love it because of all the colors you can put in something,” she said. “Yes, the expression of it, like bringing something to life.”

Now that Fishel has reached her goal of graduating, she looks to the future.

“Now I’m just trying to figure out where to go from here,” she said, hoping it was something that involves art.

Journalist Hilary Matheson can be reached at 406-758-4431 or

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Entry-level design with 4 cores, 5 Vega compute units, 35 W and 3.7 GHz Max Boost Sun, 02 Jan 2022 08:39:34 +0000

AMD appears to have released an entry-level Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE in the Asia-Pacific market that will feature the base Zen 2 architecture.

AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150E APU comes with 4 Zen 2 processors and 5 Vega GPU cores, up to 3.7 GHz at 35 W

It has been a long time since AMD hit the entry-level desktop processor segment. Their Zen 3 Ryzen 5000X and 5000G ranges have been all but Ryzen 5 and beyond with a few Ryzen 3 parts going to the OEM segment. It looks like AMD is finally preparing a new entry-level solution in the form of a new Athlon part. The Athlon Gold 4000 series was also rumored around mid-2021, so it looks like we’re close to launch.

AMD Ryzen chips to power new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y infotainment systems

Starting with the specs, the AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE is based on the Zen 2 core architecture and has 4 cores / 4 threads. It has a base frequency of 3.3 GHz and boosts up to 3.7 GHz. The chip contains 4MB of L2 cache and has an operating TDP of 35W since it is a “GE” part. A standard “G” SKU can also be started with a TDP of 50 to 65 W.

The exceptional upgrade, outside of the base Zen 2 architecture, is the addition of 3rd generation Vega GPU cores. The AMD Athlon Gold PRO 4150GE not only contains the third iteration of the Vega integrated graphics card, but also comes with more compute units. There are 5 compute units or 320 cores on the APU which operate at 1500 MHz. For comparison, the Athlon Gold PRO 3150GE housed only 3 CPUs and operated at 1100 MHz. Other than that, the chip will support socket AM4 and keep support for DDR4-3200.

As this is a PRO part, the AMD Athlon Gold 4150GE will likely be an original OEM part, but as we have seen with previous versions of the APU, the Asia-Pacific market should also experience a DIY launch. The chip is currently sold from Ali Express for US $ 118.29, which is a pretty steep price to pay for a chip of this level, but this is also expected as Ali Express is not an official seller of AMD and third-party vendors can charge whatever they want for this chip. We’ll probably see this chip in OEM PCs sooner or later at much better prices.

News sources: Komachi , Momomo_US

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Welcome nature in the bath for an organic and harmonious design Fri, 31 Dec 2021 18:00:52 +0000

Architecture and interior design are often inspired by the environment. Whether it’s the form of an outdoors-inspired structure or the incorporation of native plants and natural textiles, organic elements create elegant designs. The vision of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright is rooted in the natural world. Pay homage to Wright’s enduring heritage by incorporating his values ​​into design decisions, from terrain-derived colors and woods to a focus on simplicity and durability in the bath.

Organic materials

Adopt a sophisticated and natural space using the principles of organic architecture. Be intentional with each material and design choice to design a functional and balanced environment. Incorporate organic materials such as wood, concrete or metals into a space for a harmonious expression of nature. In the tub, elements such as lighting, touches of wood, water features and accessories with clean, minimalist lines create a relaxing bathing experience. Start with a neutral color palette using colors such as sage or tumbled stone for a subtle backdrop. Then, layer more colors – like pops of teal and red – to incorporate unique touches that enhance a space, while staying in tune with the overall design.

Simplicity in form

The true value of a design is judged by its ease and ease. A blank canvas allows the chosen elements to shine and can create tranquility in the bath. To achieve simplicity, cut out the excesses and go for minimalism. Choose fixtures in the bathroom that are useful and add to the overall shape of the space. Finally, add touches of warmth through soft lighting and materials to brighten and balance the design, keeping harmony in mind.

Create nature inside

Incorporate elements of the environment throughout the home to create a continuous and cohesive design. Create a landscape-inspired interior by styling lively greenery and plants throughout.

Select fixtures that bring together beautiful features found in nature in a modernized way, such as those from Brizo’s Frank Lloyd Wright Bath collection. The collection is inspired by its philosophy of organic architecture through elements such as the avant-garde water flow and natural wood incorporated into the design. The Raincan shower head provides a luxurious experience thanks to the distinctive rush of the Canopy spray, which activates a built-in hydrogenator light for a dramatic effect, evoking a feeling of rain.

Sustainability in design

Choose a green life whenever possible. Intentionally select renewable materials such as bamboo and cork, and consider the environment at every step, to build a lasting and timeless home. Choose fixtures that sit at the intersection of clean, clean design and conscious sustainability. Choose WaterSense-labeled sink faucets, shower heads and hand showers to ensure a space that is both luxurious and green. Take the time to create a sustainable home for a transformative space that exists in harmony with the environment.

Watersense is a registered trademark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Brand content

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New Discovery Lab children’s museum designed to delight, challenge and educate visitors | Assembly area Tue, 28 Dec 2021 06:00:00 +0000

“We try to inspire curiosity. I think that’s what it all comes down to, ”Childress-Wimp said. “This is our vision. If you can make children curious, they will continue to want to learn; they’re going to keep diving deeper, so everything here is designed to give them that spark.

Although the new museum is much larger and has many more exhibits than the old one, Childress-Wimp said visitors will see a few familiar sites, starting with the strip tunnels.

“I think that’s the most important thing the kids will notice when they walk in the door, it’s just that ‘Oh, my God.’ Standing at the front door you can’t even see whatever you can do, which is different from our last space, ”Childress-Wimp said.

“We’ve tripled our square footage, so now it’s going to take you longer to explore. There is more to find.

All of Discovery Lab’s exhibits have multiple components and all are interactive. They include a HydroLab, where kids can draw pictures that appear in a waterfall, channel water, and explore the science behind water vapors on Fog Island.

Childress-Wimp is a huge fan of the Ballapooloza exhibition. The huge tangle of tubes, ropes, buckets and balls is designed to get visitors to think about how systems work as they work together to move balls from one point to another.

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The golden age of Australian automotive design Sun, 26 Dec 2021 14:28:42 +0000

An a child of the 1960s, I had a childhood obsession with Italian sports cars and Australian muscle cars. A strange mix, some might say, but while the allure of European thoroughbreds is obvious,

I believe my contrasting fascination with local draft horses is justifiable.

Our roads were once dominated by Holden, Ford and Chrysler, and it was a fabulous time for diverse styling, as each brand had its own genetic code. Their individual personalities set the stage for fierce brand loyalty and dogmatic barbecue repartee. My father’s pride and joy back then was his Holden EH Special with a 179 Hydramatic. Perhaps it was this early indoctrination that sent me down a complicated path to a career at Holden.


Without dismissing some of the important earlier work, it’s fair to say that automotive design really got serious in Australia in the late 1960s. The Big Three had new design centers and under the tutelage of more experienced American design executives. , local talent helped create our own unique interpretations. So, let’s put all myopic brand rivalry aside for a moment and say hello to some of the great Australian car models of the past.

Although based on the American-designed XR, the local Falcon XW-XY models were handsome roosters. The XY in particular was a very well resolved design with an imposing position and excellent detail. The butch proportions translated effortlessly into one of the world’s finest GT sedans. At the same time, Holden had launched the local HK architecture and it was heralding the first generation Monaro. Sleek and clean with a pillarless roofline, it gloriously captured the vibe of the ’60s.

Step into the 1970s and Australia is spoiled with three new Australian launches; Holden HQ, Ford XA and Valiant VH. Three very different design languages, although influenced by their parent company’s philosophy, but executed in a unique Australian way. I would say the proportions of Australian cars were often better than their oversized American cousins. And the best part was that all three brands offered locally designed coupe variants.

1972 Ford XA GT Falcon Coupe 1


By any objective measure, the Monaro, Falcon Hardtop, and Charger were superb designs in their day and each flexed their muscles with individual bravado. The Monaro was sculptural and elegant, with fluid surfacing and iconic fender blisters. In a bold contrast, the Falcon Hardtop was a beast with intimidating bulk around the rear quarter, asking only for huge wheels to fill the arches. And the svelte Charger had a sharp, chiseled profile, complemented by the soaring buttress pillars and distinctive duck tail.

All three were style triumphs and exemplified the heyday of automotive design in this country, consolidating our folklore of automotive culture and motorsport. Unfortunately, after this peak period, the automotive landscape has changed and corporate strategies have moved away from this genre.

Nonetheless, the industry struggled and a resurgence occurred in the late 1980s. In 1988, the VN Commodore and the EA Falcon were released. Once again, the two brands have hung on and the EA deserves a place on the podium for one of the most stylish Falcons. It was crisp and bold, with a modern product design feel, despite the initial low-tech drivetrain.

Aussie Muscle Car Sketch Trio FERLAZZO


Holden’s real rebirth was the VT Commodore and its derivatives like the Statesman and the third-generation Monaro. Export markets have opened up, making it the launching pad for the VE-VF architecture; the first entirely new architecture since HQ and arguably the best Australian car ever developed for its respective period.

While the recent record auction prices for historic Australian cars may be fueled by nostalgic investment speculation, I am inclined to believe that we are finally appreciating the importance of our great automotive history.

And so, it turns out Australian cars have held onto their resale value after all.

Richard Ferlazzo is the former design director of GM Holden

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Why customer retention heavily depends on UX design according to Nextbrain Fri, 24 Dec 2021 14:11:00 +0000
It’s no wonder that customer retention rates depend on good UX design as it is the crucial components that capture attention.

– Mr. Saran Raj

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, December 24, 2021 / – User experience (UX) design is the process of making something easier to use and more desirable. It focuses on the human-product interaction as a whole and involves aspects of the design of the material. User interface design or user interface design is part of UX design which mainly focuses on the interface design between user and computer software or application. UX design is considered both a technical skill and an art, as subjective details are attached to it.

90% of users will leave a website due to poor user experience design, and mobile users are 5 times more likely to give up their tasks if things aren’t designed to answer their phone. With these statistics, one can easily understand why UI and UX design is considered a very important thing in any application development department. This goes for any app, be it web-based, mobile, or any other offline software that’s supposed to run on a laptop. UX and UI design is also used in designing applications and software with those with special needs in mind. Specific laws are in place to ensure this is taken care of.

Nextbrain Technologies is one of the design agencies that has made a name for itself in the development of mobile applications, considers UX / UI design to be a crucial component of any software. This is because, in addition to all of the above reasons, it is essential to incorporate a website design that can generally be marketed well, using tools available on the internet. Web design service providers know that digital marketing is often involved in the early stages of marketplace campaigns for any website or app and a bad UX can make this nearly impossible. UX design is also beneficial simply because of the resulting return on investment (ROI). It has a whopping 9900% ROI rate.

Tools like Adobe Photoshop, Blender, and other media-oriented software are used to develop UX design wireframes. Every aspect of the customer experience is considered, and customers of all kinds are considered during the design process. Sometimes it is necessary to create different UX / UI designs for different demographics, and this is also done before the product is released to the public. Technologies used in user interface design include HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, and these technologies are translated through the design of web, mobile and offline applications on PC.

Good design is only possible when designers and developers work closely together to get the best results from an application. It is always a good decision to develop a product with a good UX design and one should definitely seek out professionals in the field to help them if they do not have the skills of such a design. Whether it’s Android devices, iOS devices, or cross-platform apps, they can definitely benefit from a good design. Excellent performance and permanent customer loyalty are almost a guarantee with such a design.

About Nextbrain

Nextbrain was founded in 2016 and is the premier UI UX design company in Toronto, Canada. It also has offices in the United States and India. He serves clients around the world with design expertise. He made sure that whatever gets delivered to the customer is the best in terms of market value and customer experience.

Saran raj
+1 437-989-3995
Visit us on social networks:

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Check out UCSF’s latest design for the new 15-story Parnassus Hospital Mon, 20 Dec 2021 12:03:31 +0000 UCSF has released renderings of the 15-story hospital it plans to build on its historic Parnassus campus as part of an ambitious expansion and renovation project in the coming years.

The new hospital, with lots of trees and greenery, is planned for the east side of the campus, close to the existing Moffitt and Long hospitals, which need to be renovated. When completed, the new hospital will increase the campus reception capacity from 475 beds in 2020 to 682 beds in 2030, according to UCSF.

The university released the renderings as it launched a 60-day public comment period on the new hospital’s draft environmental impact report last week. People have until February 14 to vote on the report, and a public hearing is scheduled for January 19.

The images show a multi-level building with a large, publicly accessible terrace several floors higher, teeming with towering green trees. The UCSF said that “extensive landscaping” included in the renderings was an important aspect of the design. The new hospital, like the surrounding buildings, will be located just north of the Mount Sutro Open Space Preserve and south of Golden Gate Park.

UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood touted his university’s status as a “leading force in healthcare” and said in a statement it was “exciting to see this hospital take shape “.

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Project Architect – Mixed Use / Commercial – Seattle, WA, US | Works Sat, 18 Dec 2021 19:04:14 +0000

The description:

He is a fully competent professional architect who will perform architectural design and development work for projects involving the construction of new buildings and the modification of existing buildings and facilities. The position is responsible for coordinating architectural work for all projects. The scope and role of the project architect may vary from project to project. Usually includes specification coordination and construction administration.

Essential tasks and responsibilities

  • Identifies objectives and formulates options; conceptualizes the entire project and establishes key work priorities for the development of design, planning and budgeting.
  • Prepares designs, working drawings, specifications, and initiates and develops design and construction documents for projects.
  • Interpret design concepts by partnering with lead designers and translate them into workable building systems; assesses the alternatives to develop solutions; maintains technical and design quality control.
  • Coordinates / directs the work of architectural and interior design staff who complement design or production work and construction documents.
  • Coordinates and communicates regularly with managers, consultants and team members regarding the status of the project; ensures that work meets clients’ requirements, is done on time and on budget.
  • Performs daily tasks during the administration phase of a project construction.
  • Maintain records to document phases of client / architect / contractor relationship and activities.
  • May perform a variety of architectural staff level tasks as required, depending on the scope of the project.
  • Can work with the client to confirm goals and formulate options; may prepare and lead design and technical presentations for the team and / or clients.
  • May require domestic travel to visit clients and / or project sites.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture or related field required.
  • Minimum of six years of experience as an architect with experience in mixed-use, commercial and / or retail projects.
  • Architect’s license desired.
  • In-depth knowledge of building materials, standards and codes.
  • Proficiency in Revit and AutoCAD required; preferred hand-drawing ability.
  • MEP coordination experience desired.
  • At least two years of seniority in the supervision and management of personnel desired.
  • Communicates clearly and concisely; both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively create presentations and communicate concepts to clients and associates using a variety of software applications.
  • Works effectively in a collaborative team environment.
  • Performs tasks with precision and with great attention to detail.
  • Consistently meet deadlines, completing tasks as defined above.
  • Understands, tracks and respects project budgets.
  • Works with integrity, trust and commitment, setting an example for others.
  • Ability to travel as needed.
  • Works effectively on personal computer platforms including programs like Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office suite.

Physical requirements:

  • Normal office environment with moderate noise levels, occasional lifting up to 25 lbs, walking, sitting, bending, twisting, standing and straightening arms regularly.

Working environment:

We work hard at Graphite but recognize the importance of having fun while doing what we love. Social activities and group events are encouraged, such as participation in community and volunteer events, sports teams, regular group lunch outings and monthly happy hours to celebrate new employees and birthdays, to to name a few.

We support flexible hours with our telecommuting policy while providing comprehensive and competitive benefits including medical, dental, vision, disability, 401 (k) connection and commuter subsidy.

Employee development and growth is part of Graphite’s DNA, and we provide regular learning, training and opportunities to attend conferences of interest and report back to the large group.

At Graphite, design is a collaborative experience in which we encourage every employee to share their creativity, whether in team carts or in daily work, convinced that the best ideas remain to be discovered.

If you are the successful candidate, you align with our core values ​​of integrity, technical know-how, exceptional customer service and stewardship, and you are a positive person who works well independently and within a dynamic and highly qualified team.

View the history of your applications

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Final Design Approved for West Palm Point Project Fri, 17 Dec 2021 00:18:00 +0000

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla .– The final designs for “West Palm Point” were approved this week by the City of West Palm Beach to build another new downtown office tower.

This after requests for the redevelopment of the garage part of the project to better blend in with the building and the city center.

“We are very happy to see this vacant parking lot turn into a beautiful entrance to our city which is architecturally significant and the standard we need to be,” said Cynthia Nalley, who is in favor of the West Palm Point development.

The new tower will bring nearly 500,000 square feet of office and retail space to the ground floor.

“I’m really excited about the open space above the garage, I mean the renderings I’ve seen make it fantastic, and just can’t wait to go out there and enjoy the retail or whatever they put on the first floor and I’m excited, ”Nalley said.

The tower includes a 10-storey parking structure for approximately 1,200 cars and 120 bicycles; features a rooftop gathering space with a 480 square foot cafe and shaded seating for tenants, a reflecting pool, and green spaces

“West Palm is definitely the new hotspot to be in Florida for sure, and I think Florida has always been the hotspot in the United States, so it’s only going to get better,” said Jeffrey Fowler, director from Creative’s sales.

The New York-based luxury catering and event planning company opened in West Palm Beach last year after more and more of their clients moved south.

“Especially this area that we’re in with The Square and the catering equipment, it’s the hot new spot in town,” Fowler said.

West Palm Point is just one of at least three towers built or under construction downtown in the past two years:

  • 360 Rosemary: 20 floors, 297,000 square feet of office space
  • One Flagler Project: 25 story building with 270,000 square feet of office space, restaurant and public reading room.
  • A West Palm project: twin building, 30-story structures, 200,000 square feet of offices and hotel.

“Real estate, offices, it all goes fast here, so if you’re thinking of coming, come fast,” Fowler said.

But for locals like Denise Meskunas, who walks her dogs along Okeechobee, she isn’t that excited.

Meskunas said adding a new tower and parking would only add to the danger of an already congested road.

“I love that new people are moving in, but I think there is enough commercial and residential space with the current buildings,” Meskunas said.

For West Palm Point, architects and developers took into account factors such as safety when designing walkways to keep people as far from the streets as possible.

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