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What do you want to know

  • We asked our readers what they thought of the design of the Nothing (1) phone.
  • Most voters seem to like the design, while some were indifferent to the design. Few didn’t like it.
  • The Nothing(1) phone was recently featured in a hands-on video, detailing the phone’s unique LEDs.

The Nothing(1) phone has been in the spotlight lately since the company started showing off its design. We finally got a full look at the back of the phone, which features a unique LED layout.

Now that we’ve seen the Nothing(1) phone, we wanted to know what our readers think of it. When we asked if our readers liked the design, 54% said they liked it, while 32% were fairly indifferent to the design. Only 13% said they were not a fan of the design of the Nothing phone (1).

Nothing phone (1) design survey responses

(Image credit: Android Central)

A reader on Twitter comments that he likes the design but is concerned that people will compare it to other phones: