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CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Tuesday’s market gains needed to come down so the Federal Reserve can beat inflation as soon as possible.

“Right now the best outcome would be for the averages to drop quickly, so [Fed Chair Jay Powell] can end it,” he said.

“Powell better hope this run doesn’t last or else these beach house prices, new construction jobs, Lennar homes, processed food stocks and oil prices won’t come down and stay. not low anytime soon,” he added, referring to the homebuilder’s warning in its latest earnings call that buyers have pushed back current home prices as sales slow in some markets.

Shares rose on Tuesday after the market closed on Monday due to the June 16 holiday. While the rally was a welcome reprieve for investors from last week’s declines, many fear the comeback will be short-lived as recession fears loom on Wall Street.

Cramer said while he normally favors rising stock prices, the Fed needs the market to go down for inflation to come down as well. The reason, he said, is that a falling market will dampen spending and keep people in the job market.

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“In recent years, abundant stock market gains have allowed winners to spend like crazy,” he said.

“If Powell can drive this market down and stay down, reversing a lot of those gains, then the wealthy are less likely to spend aggressively and a lot of people are more likely to stay in the workforce when they would have otherwise retired,” he added.

Fair Trading warns of a not-so-magical homebuilder https://www.scaffoldingboards.org/fair-trading-warns-of-a-not-so-magical-homebuilder/ Mon, 20 Jun 2022 05:37:12 +0000 https://www.scaffoldingboards.org/fair-trading-warns-of-a-not-so-magical-homebuilder/

An urgent warning has been issued for consumers not to deal with construction company Green Magic Homes Australia Pty Ltd, after its contractors license was canceled by NSW Fair Trading.

NSW Fair Trade Minister Eleni Petinos has said Green Magic Homes is no longer able to advertise, contract or carry out residential building work for which a license is required in NSW and was no longer legally able to contract to do residential construction work above $5,000.

“Consumers have paid significant sums to Green Magic Homes with their yet to be completed builds, including a customer paying $500,000 for two builds that have only had minor excavation to date,” said Ms. Petinos.

“Green Magic Homes was found to have undertaken to undertake work without proper insurance.

“At this stage of the investigation, it appears that customer funds may have been used for personal expenses, including travel, groceries, restaurants, liquor stores, gambling and lodging.”

The company’s director at the time of obtaining the license did not disclose previous convictions for fraud-related offenses when applying for a contractor’s license in 2021, the minister said.

“This serves as a warning to all operators trying to scam ordinary people – you will be caught and face all the consequences,” she said.

Anyone in New South Wales who has had issues in their dealings with Green Magic Homes or has information about its operations is urged to contact NSW Fair Trading to file a complaint.

Consumers can check whether a trader holds the appropriate license by visiting NSW Fair Tradinglaunch or by calling 13 32 20. Additionally, consumers should always check whether a contractor holds the appropriate insurance.

Neal Communities celebrates the inauguration of SkySail in Naples https://www.scaffoldingboards.org/neal-communities-celebrates-the-inauguration-of-skysail-in-naples/ Sat, 18 Jun 2022 10:02:14 +0000 https://www.scaffoldingboards.org/neal-communities-celebrates-the-inauguration-of-skysail-in-naples/

Southwest Florida’s largest private home builder, Neal Communities, is celebrating the grand opening of SkySail, a community of 1,500 single-family homes on 642 acres off Oil Well Road in Naples.

The amenity-rich community opened limited presales in March. To date, over 20 homes have been sold.

Prices for quick move-in homes start at $500 with all lot options and bonuses included. Buyers can choose from several collections for the home. Living areas range from 1,500 to 3,500 square feet with up to five bedrooms, two- and three-car garages, and six different exterior elevation design choices. A number of homes within SkySail are quick move-in homes with professionally designed interiors. The community includes 246 acres of lakes and many homes have lake views.

“We are proud to celebrate the grand opening of an amazing new community in Southwest Florida,” said Tim Oak, South Region President of Neal Communities. “SkySail will allow people to enjoy an active lifestyle in a beautiful part of our region.”