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Protecting rural lands from development and building new homes for New Hampshire’s growing population are both popular and laudable goals. However, it often seems that these two objectives contradict each other and that one should be chosen and given up on the other. I would like to argue that it is possible to reduce the tension between land conservation and housing construction and achieve part of both.

To save the state’s forests and small towns from sprawl, New Hampshire has already protected many lands from development. Federal conservation lands, much of which in the White Mountain National Forest, exceed 800,000 acres. National and local conservation lands cover over half a million acres. Almost 725,000 acres of private land have conservation restrictions preventing development.

That still leaves a lot of undeveloped land in New Hampshire that could be used as hospitality sites, and yet we seem to be facing a shortage of new homes, especially at affordable prices. According to the NH Association of Realtors, the median selling prices of a single-family home exceeded $ 400,000 in July, an increase of 18.2% from the previous year. The average time to market for new listings was just 18 days in July, down from 43 days a year ago.

There is no doubt that these numbers will stimulate more housing construction in the coming year, but will it be enough? Maybe not, because too many cities in New Hampshire have adopted minimum square footage restrictions on building land that make new home prices too high for many families. Simply put, a family can afford a house on half an acre of land, but not if the same house is built on two or four acres.

Local zoning ordinances contain minimum lot sizes for a variety of reasons, but the main one is to protect groundwater from contamination by septic waste. If a city does not provide water and sewer services to much or all of its land, homes need land large enough to separate wells from septic fields. A growing city east of Manchester, for example, allows half an acre of land in a small residential area served by its municipal water and sewer system. However, most of the city is not served by this system, so the minimum lot size is 1.4 or 2 acres in other residential areas. Growth in this case means sprawl.

If cities in New Hampshire are to provide affordable housing for young families and avoid consuming large tracts of rural land, then their city officials need to reduce zoning restrictions on large lots that produce unaffordable housing and low-density sprawl. This means that cities must invest in the creation or extension of public water and sewer networks to serve compact neighborhoods.

Residents and city officials have the opportunity to make these investments now, but this opportunity will not last forever. Interest rates on municipal bonds are at their lowest level in forty years. If inflation continues as it has recently, however, these municipal bond rates will eventually rise as the Federal Reserve turns to fighting inflation. Now is a good time to borrow for local capital projects like water pipes and wastewater treatment plants.

With the bipartisan passage of the massive Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in the US Senate, there is also the prospect of many federal grants for local water projects. If passed by the House and signed by the White House, this law will provide $ 55 billion for water and sanitation infrastructure projects across the country.

For those who want to protect rural lands from urban sprawl and build affordable housing for New Hampshire residents, promoting compact housing estates by investing now in the city’s water and sewer systems is a worthy strategy. to be taken into consideration.

(Richard England is an economic consultant specializing in property tax and land use issues and a retired professor of economics and natural resources at UNH. He lives in Durham.)

My Turns are opinion-based essays submitted by Monitor readers and members of the community. The opinions expressed in My Turns are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Concord Monitor and its staff.

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Boston’s “Skinny House” just sold for over $ 1.2 million Sat, 18 Sep 2021 22:43:07 +0000

(CNN) – It’s small, but powerful.

Boston’s “Skinny House” – an iconic structure and must-see tourist attraction known as the city’s narrowest house – Just sold for over $ 1.2 million.
“People are amazed that it was designed to be, really, this skinny,” said Travis Sachs, executive vice president of CL properties, who worked with the president of the real estate agency, Carmela Laurella, to sell the house.

“Maybe it’s six feet and change,” Sachs added. “So if you stand with your hands apart, you could really be wall to wall.”

The “Skinny House,” in the middle, is seen here on August 13, 2021.

Elise Amendola / AP

The house, about 1,165 square feet on four levels, was built in 1862 according to some documents, while the city record says 1890, Sachs said. Offering views of both the water and the city, it’s nestled in Boston’s North End, a largely Italian area home to some of Boston’s most historic buildings and dozens of restaurants.

Tourists pass through the house daily as part of Boston Freedom Trail – a 2.5 mile trail that stops at over a dozen historic sites, including Copp’s Hill Cemetery, right in front of the “Skinny House”. The to place, dating from 1659, was the last rest for people including activists, artisans, traders as well as two Puritan ministers associated with the Salem witch trials.

“When I was just there to photograph the house with my photographer, I had to pass around 75 tourists and photograph the house as part of their walking tour,” Sachs said.

CL properties

And the house has its own rich history, marked today by a plaque on the front labeling the building as “Spite House”.

Here’s why: Legend has it that in the early 1800s, the plots of land where the house sits were owned by a family. One of the brothers who owned a part went to war and returned to find that his brother had built a house. So the brother who had just returned decided to build the “Skinny House” right in front of his brother’s house – blocking the entrance to the building at the back, the view and the light.

“It’s as mean as it gets,” Sachs said.

CL properties

According to Facebook Publish by the real estate agency.

“Which is wild, especially since this is the Covid era and people generally want houses that are bigger than they are small,” Sachs said, adding that after several different offers he sold out. September 16 to a family of four for $ 50,000 more than asking price.

The house was last sold in 2017 for $ 900,000, Sachs said.

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Breathtaking bungalow with sunset view and swimming pool Sat, 18 Sep 2021 08:41:46 +0000

A new property has entered the market in Merseyside with breathtaking views.

The Skylight Bungalow, in Oakfield Gardens, Heswall, has five bedrooms and many awesome features.

Highlights of the property include a swimming pool and jacuzzi with panoramic views of the Welsh hills and the River Dee.

READ MORE:Mansion that ‘rivals a five star hotel and spa’ for sale in Merseyside

With the price revealed on request, it’s unclear how much the “exceptional” home will sell for.

However, Rightmove’s market information shows how many similar homes in the area are listed.

Many properties in the area are currently on the market for over £ 1,000,000.

Five-bedroom detached house in Oldfield Gardens, Heswall, offering incredible ‘panoramic views’

Less than a mile away on Tower Road North, a five bedroom house is for sale for £ 1,250,000 and another on Thurstaston Road for £ 1,350,000.

A little over a mile away on Station Road, another house is up for sale for a low price of £ 2,300,000.

With those prices in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Oldfield Gardens house sold for over £ 1,000,000.

Heswall had an overall average price of £ 369,348 over the past year, according to Rightmove.

Most of the sales over the past 12 months were from individual properties with an average of £ 509,341, well above the regional average.

Five-bedroom detached house in Oldfield Gardens, Heswall, offering incredible 'panoramic views'
Five bedroom detached house in Oldfield Gardens, Heswall, offering incredible ‘panoramic views’

Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £ 257,325, with apartments at £ 207,938.

The pictures show that one of the property’s strengths is the ‘incredible panoramic views’ available.

The bungalow has an impressive garden which offers stunning views over the Welsh hills and the River Dee.

Described as ‘great for watching the sunset’, the garden has a large patio and plenty of lawn.

It is located on a hill which not only offers better views but the bonus of more privacy.

Five-bedroom detached house in Oldfield Gardens, Heswall, offering incredible 'panoramic views'
Five-bedroom detached house in Oldfield Gardens, Heswall, offering incredible ‘panoramic views’

At the end of the garden is a large private lawn.

Inside the house itself, the property is spread over two floors.

The ground floor is the largest area of ​​the property with three of the five bedrooms here.

In addition to its many family spaces, there is a swimming pool, solarium and gym.

All bedrooms are ‘large double bedrooms’ and three of them have their own bathroom.

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Karl Tatler’s list reads: “A family home like no other.

“Enjoying the most incredible panoramic views of the River Dee with an abundance of beautifully manicured gardens and a prestigious indoor swimming pool.

“Comes with five double bedrooms and is a must-see to appreciate this incredible home.”

For more information and images of the property, visit Rightmove here.

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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shares her best interior design tips Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:59:22 +0000

When it comes to interior design, there are few more fun, quirky, and educated characters on the scene than Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The star, known for his role as the original and revived presenter in the hit series Fitting rooms, is to make British homes colorful, intriguing and original.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home after spending the majority of your time in the living room over the past 18 months, we’ve got you covered. Good Housekeeping sitting with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to use her best advice in interior design, from the living room to the garden …

What mantra do you live by when decorating your home?

The one that always runs through my head is: “Don’t dream it, whatever!” “- the iconic line of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. When I design houses, I like to think of myself as the character of Frank-N-Furter; splashing around in a pool with all these crazy ideas!

It’s about bringing your personal touch. Your home is yours; the only corner of your world where you can express all you feel and not be judged. It’s always a missed opportunity when people feel pressured to make their home a ‘show home’ because it basically creates a look that just isn’t yours.

Tom Troglodyte

What design techniques can instantly improve the look of a home? Likewise, what is important to avoid?

The great thing to avoid is something that isn’t you. Don’t feel rushed by others, just choose designs you like. The pandemic and the lockdowns have all made us realize that living rooms are a really important space, because we’ve spent so much time there, so go with designs that you’ll want to look at every day.

I have noticed that we Brits seem to be afraid of patterns, but my advice is to embrace them. The motive is a good thing. The majority of our housing stock was built between 1880-1930; which means our homes were designed and built to follow the pattern, so take the opportunity to play with them.

What styles do you anticipate we’ll see for home and garden decorating over the next few months?

Something very interesting inside the house right now is the popularity of storybook illustration models. These patterns have intricate detail and integrity, with references to exotic locations. Creators love Emma Shipley and Wendy Morrison provide unique pattern repeats. We’re definitely moving away from the soft geometry of the 1960s-inspired design and towards something more engaging and romantic. This is great because the more conversations you have with your bedroom the better, even your curtains should tell a story.

The garden is quickly becoming a place that is annexed as a design experiment, with outdoor rugs, furniture and lighting increasingly available. Unfortunately, much of what is currently on the market is gray. For me, garden design is all about amazing saturated colors like cinnabar blues and reds as they perfectly offset the green foliage. So, I would really like to see this as a garden trend.

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen Decorating tips

Tom Troglodyte

How can people design and decorate their gardens to get the most out of them all year round?

Look at your hangar – it doesn’t just have to be an Airbnb for spiders! Hangars can be incredibly fun and entertaining spaces. There is certainly an opportunity to find a place that can be an exotic shelter even when the weather is terrible. For example, I recently created a Gin Shed with the Artisanal gin club. The idea is that I could sit down with friends and enjoy it as a gin bar all year round and I would encourage others to think about it too.

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Seniors hope House committees share proposals for $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation program – News Fri, 17 Sep 2021 04:09:00 +0000

As House committees begin to reveal their proposals for inclusion in the $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package, seniors’ residences remind lawmakers not to forget about the elderly and their caregivers.

LeadingAge President and CEO Katie Smith Sloan sent a message on Wednesday letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) applauding the components of affordable housing in the House Financial Services Committee and House Ways and Means Committee invoices. The reconciliation measures, she said, “live up to the occasion and offer essential resources” to expand the supply of affordable housing connected to services for the elderly.

“Investments in these bills will allow generations of seniors to access affordable housing and have options about where to live as they age and their needs may change,” wrote Sloan.

Sloan also warned lawmakers not to cut funding commitments affecting older Americans and people with disabilities.

“It’s not just numbers,” Sloan said. “These are the real lives of seniors and families struggling to get them the care and services they need.”

The American Health Care Association / National Center for Assisted Living also called on Congress to prioritize older people and their caregivers in the infrastructure package.

“While nursing homes and assisted living communities will soon receive much needed resources from the Provider Relief Fund, longer term investments from the federal government are needed to help improve the quality of care,” said the AHCA / NCAL in a press release.

The Financial Services Committee’s bill provides $ 322 billion for new and existing federal housing programs to meet the country’s urgent housing needs. LeadingAge said the investment would produce and preserve 894,984 affordable housing units for low-income seniors and provide 37,500 new Section 202 supportive housing for retirement homes with an investment of more than $ 2.5 billion. of dollars. It would also provide new service coordinators, a new technical assistance center for states and resources for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development to improve the administration of funds.

Sloan said there is an “urgent need” to expand the supply of affordable senior housing in the United States. Nationally, 4.9 million owner and renter households aged 65 and over spend more than half of their income on housing, she said.

The Ways and Means Committee bill would temporarily increase state allocations of low-income housing tax credits and address threats to non-profit home ownership of housing credit.

On Tuesday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee passed provisions to invest $ 190 billion in home and community services, down from the $ 400 billion originally planned in the U.S. plan for President Biden’s jobs.

While this amount would constitute a “historic investment” in Medicaid HCBS and provide opportunities to strengthen the workforce, LeadingAge said it continues to advocate for a number closer to that $ 400 billion.

“LeadingAge is pleased to see the continued survival of the proposal to inject billions of dollars into HCBS programs, largely aimed at improving workers’ wages,” wrote Andrea Price-Carter, Head of Congressional Affairs at LeadingAge. , in an article on LeadingAge website.

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), chair of the Special Senate Committee on Aging, introduced the Better Care Better Jobs law in June, which would give states a 10% increase in federal Medicaid dollars for implementing improvements HCBS and strengthening Medicaid programs and supports for direct care workers.

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Watch Anthony Anderson and his mom scare homebuyers ectoplasm in House Haunters Thu, 16 Sep 2021 19:15:07 +0000

Anthony anderson and his mother are ready to have a macabre time.

As the frightening season approaches, the Blackish star will join his mother, Tell the truth co-host Doris Bowman, to scare unsuspecting homebuyers into the new Discovery + series House hunters – and we have an exclusive preview of the trailer.

As seen in the video above, the show follows the duo as they set up hidden cameras and play pranks on the people who monitor real estate projects and home renovations. Over the course of six half-hour episodes, Anderson and Bowman will do their bit for not only house hunters, realtors, and handymen, but also HSTG stars, including Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent (Nate & Jeremiah’s house project) and Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt (100 day dream home).

House hunters

discovery + Anthony Anderson and his mother, Doris Bowman, in “House Haunters”

The series, which will be available to stream from October 7, is part of Discovery’s cross-brand program. Ghostober programming. Expect humorous high jinks with spooky dolls coming to life, mysterious parasites on the loose, interior design that has its own spirit, and seemingly haunted spaces.

“If there’s one thing you need to know about my mom and I, we love a good prank,” Anderson said in a statement. “And we bring the fun to the perfect place – an open house.”

Bowman added, “Anthony and I love to laugh and have fun, so a hidden camera prank show is up our alley. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got up our sleeves.”

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Trio of Corum Touchdowns Helps Wolverines Win Primetime Against Huskies Sun, 12 Sep 2021 04:24:29 +0000

Blake Corum (Michigan Photography)



0-2, 0-0



2-0, 0-0

Score by quarters
Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th F
0 0 3 7 ten
3 7 7 14 31

Game Recap: Football | | Dave Ablauf, Chad Shepard

To place: Ann Arbor, Michigan (Michigan Stadium)
Goal: Michigan 31, Washington 10
Recordings: UM (2-0), UW (0-2)
Presence: 108,345
Next Unified Messaging Event: vs. Northern Illinois (Sept. 18), 12 p.m. (TV: Big Ten Network)

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – The University of Michigan football team took advantage of a dominant rushing performance to leave Washington in the dust on Saturday night (Sept. 11), riding the dynamic sophomore rushing duo. Blake Corum and senior Hassan Haskins to a 31-10 victory in the spotlight at Michigan Stadium.

Corum and Haskins led the Wolverines (2-0) with a combined 326 rushing yards and all four UM touchdowns. The victory gives the Maize and Blue an 8-2 mark in night games at the Big House, and improves their record to 8-5 in the series against Washington and 4-1 at home.

Corum punched the Huskies in the evening, finishing with a career-high 171 yards on 21 carries and three touchdowns, while Haskins added an impressive 155 yards and a score of his own. The pair combined for 326 yards on the night.

Michigan’s defense was also impressive, highlighted by the elder Aidan Hutchinson2.5 sacks and a forced fumble from Brad hawkins. The Wolverines limited Washington to just 50 rushing yards in the contest and finished with four sacks.

With the score of 3-0 in the second quarter – thanks to a 52 yards Jake moody field goal in the first quarter – the Wolverines turned the momentum of a crowded Michigan stadium in their favor with a false punt. Senior Michael barrett got a first try from three yards to set up MU’s second goal. Corum sprinted to a 67-yard touchdown throughout his career in the next play to give MU a 10-0 lead.

The Wolverines extended their lead to 17-0 in their first practice of the second half, as Corum found the end zone seven yards for his second touchdown of the night with 10:52 left in the third quarter . After Washington ended the UM shutout offer with a field goal five minutes later, Michigan responded with two more touchdowns in the fourth – Haskins at six yards at 1:56 p.m. and Corum at four yards with 1:48 remaining in regulation time – – put the game out of reach.

Corum’s 171-yard performance means he has hit over 100 rushing yards and recorded at least two touchdowns in consecutive games to start the season, and scores the most rushing yards in a single game since Haskins had 149 yards against Notre Dame (October 26, 2019).

UM will be in action again next Saturday (Sept. 18), when it hosts northern Illinois for a noon kickoff at Michigan Stadium. The game will be broadcast live on Big Ten Network.

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Stimulus Control Live Fourth Update: New California Payout, Unemployment Benefits, Child Tax Credit … Thu, 09 Sep 2021 06:14:25 +0000

How did consumer spending and personal income change after the child tax credits were sent?

Each month Economic Analysis Office (BEA) publishes personal income and consumer spending data for the previous month.

At the end of August, the eagerly awaited figures of July were released. Many have been while waiting to see these figures while the government sent the first payment of the child tax credit to millions of families.

Consumer spending

The BEA reported that there was a slight increase observed at the level of consumer spending focused on the service sector. However, there has been a decrease in expenditure on property, which luckily has been offset by the iincrease observed in the service sector. In the service sector, spending was mainly focused on catering and accommodation.

The decrease in expenditure on goods was observed “in both durable and unsustainable goods, led by motor vehicles and parts (including new light trucks). “

Personal income

In July, increases in personal income have been observed which, according to the BEA, have been motivated by “government benefits and employee compensationAs more and more workers are returning to the labor market.

However, the the gains were not as dramatic as some expected as many unemployed have seen their benefits reduced, reduce household income.

Read more about the BEA here.

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‘Valheim: Hearth and Home’ update coming soon and here are the biggest changes to look forward to Thu, 02 Sep 2021 05:21:22 +0000

“Valheim” is undoubtedly one of the escape games of 2021, and it finally gets its first major update in a few weeks. In September, developer Iron Gate will deliver the first of four updates promised in the game’s early access roadmap.

The first “Valheim” update is called Hearth and Home and the title should give fans an idea of ​​the new content it will add to the game. As Iron Gate had previously promised, Hearth and Home will be adding new rooms to the game. construction and new in-game food.

Building the base is one of the most crucial aspects of the game “Valheim”, whether players are just starting out or have been playing the game for months. The developer announcement last June that update will introduce dark wood roofs and window hatches.

Players will also find more things to do inside their “Valheim” houses. Iron Gate is adding cooking station expansions so players can spruce up their kitchens with a decent butcher’s table, spice rack, and new pots and pans. There will be an option to place an oven in the house, and that should be a useful item since players will need to start baking their own pies after this update.

Iron Gate said it will rebalance the game’s food system by establishing “more emphasis between improving health and stamina, making food choices more interesting based on your playstyle.” These stats will ultimately affect players’ combat abilities once the first update goes live.

Along with the new building parts, the Hearth and Home update will introduce new ingredients and recipes. The developer said there will be at least 10 new dishes to cook in “Valheim” and that they are cleverly named, such as Eyescream and Shocklate, suggesting that the ingredients to be used will be a far cry from ordinary food types.

Players will have more ways to collect food than to forage for food. Hearth and Home will add onions as new cultivable crops that can also be used in recipes. The first major update of “Valheim” is confirmed to be launched on Thursday, September 16.

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What will the housing market look like in 2021? Sun, 29 Aug 2021 06:19:52 +0000

The coronavirus pandemic has deeply affected the immovable industry, but what lies ahead for the housing market as we move closer to the end of the pandemic every day? COVID-19 has caused great uncertainty for home buyers and sellers, but it’s important to know what lies ahead to see if it’s the right time to invest in real estate.

The current situation

While the situation is indeed better today than it was last year, the profound effects of the pandemic on the housing market are still apparent. The most important of these is the scarcity of stocks. As a result of the pandemic, smaller homes were put up for sale because homeowners were loath to have potential buyers at this time.

In addition, the coronavirus has also caused a slowdown in the construction of properties. So, at present, although demand is increasing, construction has not yet kept pace. Demand is also partly driven by record interest rates triggered by the economic challenges brought by the pandemic. These rates can then be used to motivate buyers to participate in the housing market.

Likewise, current real estate affairs are not yet in full swing. Due to health protocols in some areas still deeply affected by COVID, open doors are less accessible than they normally have been, meaning people are less likely to want to buy homes in which they have had the experience of remaining in person. .

On the buyers’ side, unemployment remains widespread due to the pandemic. In addition, the surge in delinquency rates caused by the pandemic has also made banks more reluctant to extend loans to people. Credit standards, already tight at the start due to the 2007-2008 financial crisis, have tightened further.

Predictions for 2021

No imminent increase in mortgage rates

At the start of 2021, we saw a new record mortgage rate when the rate was 2.2% in January. While that figure then rose and appears to be rising steadily, the mortgage rate is predicted to be no more than 3.4% for the remainder of 2021.

These low rates should encourage buyers to spend more and help the economy rebound, and it should be a sign for people who are planning to buy a home soon to do so as soon as possible. If you do it now, you will enjoy great rates for the next 30 years.

However, it is also important to note that obtaining a loan is now more difficult than it used to be. NINJA Loans (No Income, No Job, No Assets) are a thing of the past as lenders are now more cautious due to what everyone learned in the 2008 recession so have good credit is a big plus.

Prices will continue to rise

One of the things we have learned from the pandemic is that our homes can also become our workspace. Thus, the demand for housing with offices has reached record levels and due to the current shortage of stocks, prices have increased.

In other words, the supply of real estate in the housing market has yet to meet the demand, so it is highly likely that buyers will compete for a property and even engage in housing wars. ‘auction. It can also cause some homes to sell for more than the asking price, pushing up median home prices.

More houses will be for sale

With more and more people getting vaccinated every day and with the gradual easing of health restrictions, expect the real estate industry to be back to full force in no time. Because there is less anxiety now when it comes to catching COVID, homeowners are more likely to list their homes and hold open houses.

While it remains to be seen whether the incoming inventory expansion will be able to meet housing demand, it is still a good sign that the housing market will reach a more balanced state. Buyers will now have an increased advantage as they will not have to compete with rare properties which may even cause them to pay more than the value of the home. As a greater variety of options are presented to buyers, prices will also adjust accordingly.

People willing to spend more and upgrade

The stagnation caused by the pandemic may make people more enthusiastic than ever to spend, as they are now encouraged to live more in the present. Many people can take the leap of faith to buy a home, and even current homeowners can splurge on improvements to their own property.

Since homes can now also serve as alternative workspaces, homeowners will be more willing to spend on upgrades to improve their quality of life, which will also increase the value of the property.

Will there be a real estate crash?

The drastic changes in the housing market that we have seen and will continue to see may cause some concern as to whether there will be a housing crash. However, experts say there is nothing to worry about.

Unlike the previous housing crisis, today’s practices have changed. Before the Great Recession, lending practices were extremely flexible, and this has been corrected today by higher lending standards. In addition, there do not appear to be any external factors that could trigger a real estate crash.

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