House and Home – Scaffolding Boards Mon, 26 Sep 2022 02:42:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 House and Home – Scaffolding Boards 32 32 Explosion of Garland’s house: two children remain hospitalized Mon, 26 Sep 2022 02:42:00 +0000 It’s been six weeks since a house exploded in Garland with six family members inside. Two children remain hospitalized.

GARLAND, Texas — Sunday marked exactly six weeks since Gloria Godinez received the frantic calls that her family’s home had exploded with six of her loved ones inside.

“I could hear little explosions in the background,” Godinez said.

His mother, Paula Reyes, 54, died hours later. Her 15-year-old brother, Angel Reyes, died in hospital three days later.

“I stayed with him,” Godinez said. “I never left him.”

Godinez’s sisters, Angelica and Lupita, and nephews, Anthony and Josh, were hospitalized for weeks to recover.

About a week ago, the family finally received some good news.

Angelica and Lupita have been released.

“Their wounds are healing. They are on the right track,” Godinez said.

She needs to help with their burns and they need to get checked out, but Godinez said the progress is undeniable.

“I always tell them, ‘Oh, you’re progressing,'” Godinez said. “At first they walked like very old people, and now they stand straight.”

A few days ago, the family received even more good news.

The two nephews are responsive.

“They’re both tough kids. They’re very brave,” Godinez said.

As the family continues to heal, they are also forced to rebuild. The house that was destroyed was the house of Godinez’s sister.

“They just have to rebuild from scratch. They have nothing,” Godinez said. “Someone gave them their first pair of shoes, and they were like, ‘Our first pair of shoes!’ Another family member has already offered them their bed, and they were so moved.”

Godinez said his family is grateful to the healthcare professionals at Parkland and Medical City Plano, as well as the neighbors who stepped up that Sunday six weeks ago.

“It could have been worse,” Godinez said. “It’s a tragedy, but it could have been a bigger tragedy. I could have lost them all.”

A GoFundMe was set up for the family.

What is Cloud on Title? Fri, 23 Sep 2022 18:30:23 +0000

In any transaction involving a home, the title is an integral part of the process. The title deed serves to verify who is the legal owner of the house. Although you can also be listed on the deed, the title is what matters most in determining ownership and your right to act with the home, whether you want to sell later, borrow against it, or leave it to rest. your heirs. .

The title comes into play in particular when buying a house. Before the transaction can be concluded, the current owner must prove that he legally owns the house and has the right to sell (or rent) it. If the seller has unresolved title issues – specifically, what is known as a title cloud – the closing can get messy; it could hamper your ability to buy the house.

A title cloud, also known as a title defect, defective title, or cloudy title, is anything that interferes with a person or entity transferring title to another party. This means there is an unresolved issue with the property that casts doubt on the current owner’s ability to sell it. It can be anything from unpaid property taxes to claiming an heir.

Typically, you discover an existing title cloud during a title search, which is usually done as a condition of a home sale. Essentially, the title search gives you a way to make sure there are no defects in title so that when it passes to you, you have full, unencumbered ownership of the property.

The scrambled title could be caused by anything that would question the ownership of the property. More often than not, you’ll see a cloud on the title due to overdue or underpayments on a mortgage. In this case, the mortgage lender puts a lien on the property. The seller (or buyer, in some cases) will need to arrange to update the loan in order to obtain release of the mortgage lien.

Discount rate overview

Technically speaking, any outstanding mortgage is a lien and gives the lender an interest in a property. But as long as payments are up to date, a mortgage doesn’t really obscure a title — or prevent a home from being sold (since the assumption is that the seller will repay the loan at closing).

Although a mortgage lien is a common cause, it is not the only way a title can be obscured.

For example, the cloud can be caused by the current owner owing money to someone else: an unpaid debt to a tax authority, general contractor, or other third party. When debts are not paid, some entities have the ability to put a lien on the property. This essentially forces the current owner to pay what they owe to sell the property – or find a buyer willing to shoulder that financial burden to get the title released freely and clearly.

The second common cause of title clouds can stem from paperwork issues. If a married couple bought the property together and then divorced, the ex-spouse’s name may still be on the deed. This could leave the spouse who still currently lives in the house without the full legal right to sell it. No matter how many solutions are available in your state to solve this problem, it can still significantly complicate the sales process.

You may also experience title flaws due to writing issues. With an unpublished trust deed, the proper land registration authority has not been notified that a mortgage has been paid off in full. In other words, you could experience a mortgage lien cloud simply because the proper paperwork has not been filed to show that the loan is no longer outstanding.

You may see a cloud on the title due to:

  • A mortgage lien
  • A tax privilege
  • Property Foreclosure Proceedings
  • Administrative issues, such as an unpublished trust deed
  • Boundary issues, including encroachments and easements
  • Probate issues, if the property was inherited or passed on as part of an estate
  • A mechanic’s lien, placed by the contractor on the property because the owner was unable to pay for something involved in building or renovating the home (usually building materials or labor -work)
  • Fraud, which can occur if a forged deed has been recorded (for example, putting the title in another person’s name)

A title defect does not necessarily mean that the sale of the house fails, but it does require action. Although the available options may vary by state, the current title holder generally has a few options:

  • Arrange for the lien to be lifted by repaying the unpaid debt. If the cloud is from a mortgage lien, mechanic’s lien, or other unpaid debt, you can usually clear the title by paying off the debt and ensuring the proper paperwork is filed to clear the default. title. In some cases, such as with a tax lien, the seller can clear the title by using a portion of the sale proceeds to pay the unpaid tax bill. Depending on the buyer’s level of interest, repayment of the outstanding debt(s) may be part of the sale negotiation.
  • Erase the lien or charge. If the default stems from a clerical issue such as an unpublished trust deed, filing the appropriate documents to clarify what is causing the cloud may be the only remedy needed.
  • Adjust the selling price. If the above steps are not options, the potential buyer may decide to cancel the sale. Buying a home with a cloudy title can make it difficult, if not impossible, to obtain title insurance, and mortgage lenders generally do not offer financing for a cloudy titled property. As a seller, you can offer a lower price to entice a buyer to close the sale and take responsibility for resolving the cloud issue on title issues themselves.

If there is a cloud on the title of a property you are considering buying and you wish to clear it before buying, you have a few options, although most require action from the seller/ current holder.

  • Lien payment: As a buyer, repaying the lien and filing the correct paperwork to clear the lien is an option if you are truly motivated to purchase a property. As noted above, you may be able to negotiate a lower sale price to help cover your personal financing to clear the title yourself. Many real estate investors and home buyers use this strategy to acquire properties from overwhelmed owners.
  • Deeds of retrocession: If the title has a lien but the debt has been paid, the lender/tax authority can usually execute a retrocession deed to show that the debt has been paid. If the seller is unable (or unwilling) to act on this option, you may be able to facilitate the process instead to ensure the sale can proceed.
  • Waivers: Quitclaims, which transfer legal rights to a property, allow you to eliminate the defect on a title (usually relatively simple defects, such as a misspelling or an unwanted easement). While this may clear the title, it also offers the lowest level of buyer protection of any type of deed.
  • Silent title action: This is a petition you file in court which, if granted, makes the seller responsible for all liens on the property while transferring title to the buyer, giving them full and unencumbered rights to the property. . Essentially, this “calms down” the cloud on the title. Depending on the circumstances, you may need to file a discreet title action to pay off any outstanding debt to clear the title.

Each of these steps requires additional work on the part of either the seller or the buyer and, regardless of the options chosen, it may be best for either or both parties to consult a lawyer before proceeding. to chase.

To further protect you as a buyer, you can also consider title insurance. This can ensure that even if clouds of title defects appear down the road, once your purchase is complete – and they might – you don’t have a financial obligation to rectify them.

This former hoarder’s home nearly tripled in value after a two-year renovation Mon, 19 Sep 2022 17:19:25 +0000 House of the week: The value of this former hoarder’s house has almost tripled after a two-year renovation

The revitalization included walnut and travertine finishes, custom interior design, and a basement with a game room

Piece: Corktown
Agent: Marianne Radman, Park Seventy-seven
Previously sold for: $915,000 in 2020

The place

When this Victorian townhouse was purchased in 2020, buyers hadn’t even gone inside before closing the deal. “It was a hoarder’s house,” recalls co-buyer Eduardo Pontes. “You were not allowed to enter the house to see him. The city of Toronto had people in hazmat suits cleaning it up.

A nearly two-year renovation followed. The house was gutted to the posts and cropped. The basement has been reinforced and enlarged, adding two additional rooms. Pontes partnered with Maia Legacy Builders and design firm Ancerl Studio to create this three-bed, two-and-a-half-bath home with custom furnishings, built-ins, and artwork all included in the design. ‘purchase. .

The neighborhood, Corktown, is a mix of singles, young professionals, young families and senior residents. There are new condo developments and leisure facilities just north of Regent’s Park, the Don Valley and Riverside to the east, the Distillery District to the south, and plenty of bars and restaurants to the west.


A slender front door opens into a hall and dining room. That brick wall was added during the renovations, and the table (with a travertine marble base), built-in walnut veneer, and leather bench are all bespoke. There is a polished and heated concrete floor on the ground floor.

The living room has a Planika ethanol fireplace surrounded by travertine with a built-in, concealed entertainment unit with storage above. The gallery wall above the sofa is an original collection from Ancerl Studio.

Here is a reverse view of the living room, with white oak engineered hardwood stairs as well as a concealed walnut door leading to the basement stairwell. This room opens above to the second floor.

Stone and wood continue into the kitchen, which has three windows surrounded by stylish displays.

Another view of the kitchen shows JennAir appliances throughout, including a six-burner gas range. The entire cooking area can be hidden by a sliding walnut panel. The breakfast bar seats two people and there is a sliding door to the backyard.

This second floor walkway connects two bedrooms on opposite sides of the house. This beam is one of many. “We wrapped them in plastic during the renovation so they would age faster,” says Pontes. “When unboxed, they looked like they were decades old.”

There is also a bathroom on the second floor with a single vanity.

Here is the shower stall in the second floor bathroom. The floor is terrazzo tiles.

A master suite occupies the entire third floor of the house. It features a custom-crafted walnut headboard with floating end tables and lighted sconces.

A Juliet balcony with glass railing overlooks the backyard.

And then there is the main bathroom with two travertine sinks. Mirrored doors opposite the vanity lead to a toilet room and walk-in closet.

Glossy white ceramic tile walls and travertine tile floors dominate the shower and tub area. There’s also a rain shower head and strip lighting.

The townhouse’s original basement was less than six feet high, but was dug to an eight-foot ceiling height during renovations. This can serve as a games room or a second living room. The basement floor is made of the same waxed concrete as the ground floor, and it is also heated.

Just past the games room is a powder room.

And past the powder room is a utility room with stone countertops. The HVAC room is behind that glass door on the left.

Here is the back room of the house, which was also hollowed out during the renovations. It could be used as a guest bedroom, office or children’s playroom.

The backyard is wired with an outdoor sound system. There are concrete plinths and stones as well as metal frame planters and a pergola for shade.

Princes William and Harry lead Queen Elizabeth’s Grandchildren’s Vigil at the Palace of Westminster Sat, 17 Sep 2022 18:06:47 +0000

Queen Elizabeth II’s eight grandchildren watched in silence beside her coffin on Saturday, capping another huge day in which thousands of people came to London to pay their respects to the monarch.

Many people had crammed into the queue amid a 16-hour wait, enduring the coldest night in the British capital for months.

Later, all of the Queen’s grandchildren stood by her coffin. Prince William and Prince Harry, sons of King Charles III, were joined by Princess Anne’s children, Zara Tindall and Peter Philips; the daughters of Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie; and Prince Edward’s two children – Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

William, now the heir to the throne, stood with his head bowed at the head of the coffin and Harry at the foot. The two princes, who are military veterans, were in uniform.

A tide of people wanting to say goodbye poured into Parliament’s Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin lies in state, draped in her royal standard and topped with a diamond-set crown. The numbers have been steadily rising since the public were first admitted on Wednesday, with a queue winding its way around Southwark Park and stretching for at least five miles.

Honoring their patience, King Charles III and Prince William paid an unannounced visit on Saturday to greet those waiting to pass Elizabeth’s coffin, shaking hands and thanking mourners in the queue near from Lambeth Bridge.

Harry, who served in Afghanistan as a British Army officer, wore civilian clothes during the Queen’s coffin procession from Buckingham Palace as he is no longer an active member of the Royal Family. He and his wife Meghan left their royal duties and moved to the United States in 2020. The king, however, asked William and Harry to wear their military uniforms during the Westminster Hall vigil.

You can watch live coverage of the Queen’s funeral from 5 a.m. ET Monday on CBC TV, CBC News Network, Gem of Radio-Canada, and the CBC News app. At noon ET, the show will turn to Ottawa for a national commemorative ceremony. CBC News Network will rebroadcast the funeral at 7 p.m. ET. CBC Radio One’s live funeral coverage will begin at 5:30 a.m. ET, and will also be available on the CBC Listen app.

Trudeau pays tribute to the late monarch

On Saturday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stopped to view the casket before a meeting with the king at Buckingham Palace. The king also met the prime ministers of the 14 other countries of which he is the head of state.

Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau also signed a condolence book at Lancaster House and the Prime Minister delivered a message reflecting the Queen’s legacy in Canada.

WATCH | Trudeau praises Queen Elizabeth’s “regularity and firmness”:

Trudeau praises the “regularity and firmness” of Queen Elizabeth

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau stopped to view Queen Elizabeth’s coffin at Westminster Hall and later signed a condolence book at Lancaster House in tribute to the late monarch.

“I first met Her Majesty when I was seven years old and her presence throughout my life has been constant, inspiring and gracious,” he said.

“As Prime Minister, I have benefited from his advice, his thoughtfulness, his curiosity, his sense of humor and the commitment that has demonstrated a deep, deep and abiding interest and love for the Canadians.”

King Charles III greets members of the public lined up in the South Bank area of ​​London near the River Thames on Saturday as they wait to view Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin in state ahead of her funeral on Monday. (Aaron Chown/Press Association/Associated Press)

Many braved a cold night queuing while others entered Southwark Park to join the queue despite the UK Ministry of Culture asking members of the public to stay home as the wait time was increased to 24 hours. This number was later revised downwards.

Overnight, volunteers handed out blankets and cups of tea to people queuing as the temperature dropped to 6C. Despite the weather, mourners described the warmth of a shared experience.

“It was cold overnight, but we had wonderful companions, met new friends. The camaraderie was wonderful,” said Chris Harman from London. “It was worth it. I would do it again and again and again. I would walk to the end of the earth for my queen.”

Members of the public march past as King Charles III, the Princess Royal, the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex hold a vigil next to the coffin of their mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster in London on Friday. (Yui Mok/Associated Press)

Funeral set for Monday

The flood of people wishing to say goodbye to the Queen has steadily grown since the public was first admitted to the room on Wednesday. On Friday, authorities temporarily stopped letting more visitors join the end of the line.

Some mourners were already lining prime viewing spots in the heart of London for the late monarch’s funeral on Monday.

The state funeral, which will be attended by nearly 100 presidents and heads of government, including those of Canada, the United States, France, Australia, Japan and Jamaica, will likely be one of the most great ceremonies ever held in Britain.

Shirin Thorpe, 62, from Sevenoaks in the south of the English capital, arrived on Thursday and camped near Westminster tube station on Saturday. It is near the historic hall where the Queen rests in state and Westminster Abbey, where her funeral will take place.

“There are going to be millions of people here and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity,” she said.

The Queen’s death on September 8 at her summer estate in the Scottish Highlands sparked a wave of emotion across the country and 10 days of highly choreographed events.

For pensioner Hasmukh Vara, 62, his decision to stand for 13 hours to observe the lie in state reflected his desire to say thank you to the late monarch – and to Britain – after moving from Kenya to the country in the 1970s.

Emerging from the vast, brightly lit room into the cool Friday night darkness by the Thames, he described himself as feeling “very, very high”.

“We came as refugees to this country,” he told Reuters. “For all my life, I am indebted to her because she gave us a home. It’s something we can never, ever forget. It’s very important to me and my family.”

WATCH | The Armed Forces and the Royal Family prepare for the Queen’s funeral:

The Armed Forces and the Royal Family prepare for the Queen’s funeral

Armed forces from Commonwealth countries met members of the Royal Family ahead of the Queen’s funeral on Monday. Meanwhile, the line of mourners hoping to pay their respects before the funeral continues to grow.

Raising the Bar: Bardon Undercroft House Fri, 16 Sep 2022 01:57:24 +0000

The basement of a house is a space generally reserved for the cellar or for storage. Located at ground level, it is usually semi-permeable, partially open to the outside, often windowless and enveloped by the habitable space above.

“In Brisbane, ‘building under’ is often undertaken thoughtlessly, resulting in poor quality spaces with little perspective and little light,” said Kieron Gait, principal of Kieron Gait Architects.

When the architect was approached to transform an existing Queenslander, traditional triple-gabled house needed to accommodate a growing family, Gait looked to this conventionally underused “underutilized space” as a focal point. natural start.

The project aimed to demonstrate how, with a little care and attention, the basement can provide enjoyment and connection to its surroundings.

Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

“This project aims to demonstrate how, with a little care and attention, the basement can provide enjoyment and connection to its surroundings,” he said.

Queensland’s post-war wooden houses are lightweight and therefore easy to lift and move. Raising the house and setting it back 4.5 meters allowed the house more light and height to appreciate a new north-facing aspect and express the usually hidden structure of the basement.

Located on a sloping site down to the street, the rear of the site occupied the best position for view and light. “Because the site was sloping at the back of what was the backyard, the basement never got any sun, had little outlook and was freezing in the winter,” Gait said.

The basement was created from a polished concrete slab, on which the house is perched on steel poles. The house is not air-conditioned; it uses cross ventilation, aided by slatted edges, and the thermal mass of the concrete floor to create a consistently comfortable space to inhabit year-round.

The renovation let light into the understory keep, expressing the “usually hidden structure”.

Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

Dan Young Landscape Architecture’s landscaping celebrates local flora, with lush bromeliads, tropical philodendrons, and elephant ears, strategically planted to provide privacy for street-level living spaces.

The living level contains a series of connected yet separate spaces, each with its own character and outlook, yet unified by the rhythm of the exposed structure above. Gait said he was particularly pleased with the outcome of the sunken bay window that overlooks the detailed landscape and a shaded pergola space just beyond.

Strategic planting provides privacy for street-level living spaces.

Strategic planting provides privacy for street-level living spaces.

Image: Christopher Frederick Jones

“Even though it’s physically connected to the adjacent kitchen and dining room, it has its own space character and connection to the garden that other spaces don’t have,” Gait said. “Although it is an open space, there are different hierarchies of space inside. You can feel like you’re in your own part of the house, even when you’re only ten feet away from someone else.

Upstairs, the original Queenslander becomes a private retreat, housing the bedrooms for the family of six. Although a bold intervention, parts of the renovation have been sympathetic in their approach, with the original house remaining relatively unchanged.

“We treated the existing house almost like an artifact,” Gait explained. “The new work has its own language and the existing one is left as it is; so when you walk through the house and up the stairs you have the speckled gumwood material going up the stairs and into what would have been the “good room” in the middle of the house, which is left in its own temper.

By making the whole house livable, Gait forged a connection to the garden that did not exist before. “We wanted to create spaces that belonged in the landscape rather than in the house,” Gait said. “Children can roll over without supervision. This is a home for a growing family.

Residential property price growth slows to 13% in July Wed, 14 Sep 2022 09:52:55 +0000

Residential property prices rose at the slowest pace in nearly a year in July, climbing 13% year on year, from 14% in June, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office today.

Property prices outside Dublin rose by 15.2% on the previous year, while residential property prices in Dublin rose by 10.4%.

The CSO said house prices in Dublin rose by 10.5% and apartment prices rose by 9.6%.

He noted that the highest growth in house prices in Dublin was in Fingal with 11.8%, while Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown recorded a rise of 9.1%.

Outside Dublin, house prices increased by 15.3% and apartment prices by 13.4%.

The region outside Dublin that saw the biggest rise in house prices was the West (Galway, Mayo, Roscommon) at 19.1%, while at the other end of the scale the Mid-West (Clare, Limerick, Tipperary) recorded a 12% increase. % ascend.

Today’s figures show the median price of a home bought in the 12 months to July was €295,000.

The lowest median price for a house over the reporting period was €145,000 in Longford, while the highest median price was €610,000 in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.

Meanwhile, the most expensive Eircode zone over the past 12 months was A94 ‘Blackrock’, with a median price of €720,000, while H23 ‘Clones’ was the cheapest at €117,500.

The CSO said nationwide house prices are now up 124.7% from their lows in early 2013.

Residential property prices in Dublin are up 128.1% from their February 2012 low, while house prices in the rest of the country are 129.9% higher than their May 2013 low.

Today’s CSO figures show a total of 4,443 home purchases were filed with Revenue in July, up 16.2% from 3,822 purchases in July last year and an 8.7% increase from 4,087 purchases in June.

The total value of transactions filed in July was 1.6 billion euros.

Existing homes accounted for 80.2% of purchases filed in July, a 10.6% increase from the same period last year, while 19.8% were for new homes, a jump of 46.4% compared to July 2021.

House prices returned in June to levels not seen since a credit-fueled spike in 2007 that led to a housing crash.

Analysts this time attributed the price growth to a lack of supply rather than a glut of credit.

Piers Morgan’s quiet life in his second home in Sussex – average house price is £600,000 Sun, 11 Sep 2022 03:00:00 +0000

Piers Morgan, 57, is a British TV broadcaster and journalist known for divisiveness – with some enjoying his brash style of no-frills news telling, while others would prefer him to be a little quieter. Since leaving Good Morning Britain, ITV’s Piers has taken on the role of presenter of his new show ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’ on TalkTV since late April. While the TV host had a home in Kensington where he spends most of his time, he also has a property in Sussex where he can go when he gets bored of city life.

While Piers is often the center of attention on screen, his life in Sussex is far less well known. He spent much of his childhood in the village of Newick, East Sussex, where the property is located.

Piers was born in Reigate on March 30, 1965, the son of an Irish dentist father and an English mother.

He has an older brother called Jeremy and soon after he was born Piers and his family moved to Newick where his mother later remarried.

Piers attended a comprehensive school in the Lewes district of Chailey before going on to sixth form at Priory School in Lewes.

Emma Tucker, another prominent journalist who is the current editor of The Sunday Times, also attended the Priory School.

READ MORE: The quiet life of GMB’s Ben Shephard in Richmond with his wife and two children

Locals are only a short journey from ancient Bedgebury Forest, magnificent Wadhurst Castle and over 2,000 kilometers of nature trails. The South Downs aren’t too far away either, offering a whole new range of options for nature lovers.

Haywards Heath is just 10 kilometers away for all the shopping residents could want, and the city lights of Brighton are just half an hour down the road.

Bewl Water, the largest inland body of water in the southeast, is another popular attraction that people will drive for miles to see.

The isolated village has the advantage of retaining its privacy, while being a short drive from major cities.

However, despite its rural setting, the village itself still offers plenty, with plenty of pubs, independent shops, a popular restaurant and a Norman-era church.

As for homes in the village, properties in Newick had an overall average price of £612,900 over the past year, according to Rightmove.

The majority of sales in Newick over the past year have been for individual properties, selling for an average price of £699,818. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £499,375, apartments for £565,000.

Overall selling prices at Newick over the past year are up 8% on the previous year and 11% on the 2019 peak of £552,064.

Restoration honors Black Atlanta postmaster Wed, 07 Sep 2022 10:28:40 +0000 ATLANTA (AP) — Most contractors told them they would tear it down. A five-bedroom, two-storey Victorian built around 1900, it has been abandoned and collapsed, with vines reaching its rafters. The elegant elements were recovered a long time ago. The house‘s place in American history was in danger of disappearing.

An Atlanta couple nevertheless purchased the property, hoping to fix it up and live there with their two children. Eventually, they found partners who also recognized the significance of the house built by early civil rights activist Luther Judson Price.

Kysha and Johnathan Hehn’s renovation plans took the next step when a neighbor connected them to “This Old House”. The PBS show chronicled their renovation in eight episodes to air Sept. 29, weaving black history with its usual home renovation advice.

“An old house that’s fallen into disrepair is our bread and butter,” show host Kevin O’Connor said before a scene involving an antique doorway. “But Kysha and Jonathan continue to amaze me with their determination that anyone who walks through the house is aware of the legacy.”

Born a slave to his plantation-owning father, Price was an early Clark College graduate who served as the federally appointed postmaster of South Atlanta, executive secretary of a Masonic order, and superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Church of South Atlanta, while his wife, Atlanta University graduate Minnie Wright Price, “shared each of these positions with her husband”, according to their obituaries in the Atlanta Daily World.

Awards also led voter registration drives for African Americans and organized support for the Republican Party of his day, according to Atlanta Public Schools, which has a college named in his honor.

In the house, the Hehns now plan to create a community space on the ground floor where people will be welcomed for meetings, to share food and stories and learn about a family who tried to rule the South. to justice after the civil war.

The Prices married in 1889 and built the house several years later along a two-block stretch of Gammon Avenue, flanked by Gammon Theological Seminary and Price’s general store and post office. It was the hub of what was then called Brownsville, a rising community that thrived even as southern whites crushed federal efforts to help blacks emerge from the political, social and economic legacies of slavery. .

Then came a nightmare in September 1906, when a white mob that had killed at least 25 black people in downtown Atlanta and ransacked the area, chasing rumors that Price had supplied weapons to his neighbors.

“Can you imagine seeing this crowd of people coming towards you? Just imagine how your emotions would have been, with people coming to your home and neighborhood because of the color of your skin? Kysha Hehn said, shuddering at the trauma they must have felt.

Price was narrowly saved, remaining in the county jail for his own safety until the violence ended. “A lot of white people in Atlanta who had contact with him went out of their way to protect him,” said his grandson, Farrow Allen.

The massacre caused an exodus of black people from Atlanta, and those who remained were legally disenfranchised. While Luther and Minnie Price lived in the house until her death in 1936, their five children left Georgia, missing out on a chance at generational wealth through real estate. The house changed hands as the neighborhood declined, with its assessed value falling below $7,000 before the Hehns purchased it, according to tax records.

“The most gracious way to move forward is to be gentle and honest with the past, with pieces of our history that we cannot change, while moving forward with the intention of creating a more peaceful world. and more compassionate for everyone,” Kysha Hehn said.

A quick example: The Hehns urged the show’s producers to avoid saying “master bedroom,” given its connotations of slavery. O’Connor said they moved to “master bedrooms” some time ago.

And while they acknowledge the trauma, she said visitors should know “there were birthdays here. There were parties here. We lived in joy, even when it was not expected of us.

“Everyone has been so sweet and kind,” she added, describing how one couple came over and said, “Hey, we’ve got Luther Price’s fireplace, do you want it?” They had kept it in their nearby basement.

Another treasured find was the Ashanti symbol of “Sankofa” which they saw in wrought iron bars protecting a ground floor window.

“She is a bird looking forward, but her neck is stretching backwards and there is an egg on her back and the bird is picking up the egg, symbolizing how she carries the wisdom of the past and the passes on to young people,” Kysha Hehn said. “Having this symbol of Sankofa everywhere people gathered is just a dream for me.”


Warren is a member of the AP’s Race and Ethnicity team.

Judge approves Trump’s request for ‘special master’ review of Mar-a-Lago records Mon, 05 Sep 2022 17:14:37 +0000

A federal judge on Monday granted former President Donald Trump’s request for an independent arbitrator known as a special master to review documents seized from his Florida home during an FBI search last month.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling is a victory for Trump in his legal battle with the government over sensitive documents he removed from the White House and stored at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

According to the ruling, the government will be temporarily barred from reviewing the documents until the special master completes his review. A separate security review conducted by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to determine whether national security has been compromised will be allowed to proceed.

The federal government is investigating whether Trump may have broken the law by mishandling classified documents. The FBI recovered 11 sets of classified documents during its Aug. 8 search of Mar-a-Lago, including some marked top secret. The search followed months of negotiations over the documents.

While allowing a special master to examine the documents may slow down the government’s investigation, it is unlikely to shape its final outcome.

Trump had requested a freeze on further investigation of the documents until a third-party auditor could determine whether certain parts should be excluded due to executive or attorney-client privilege.

Cannon, a Trump appointee, ruled in his favor over the Justice Department’s objection. The DoJ has already completed its own review of the documents and said it found a small number of documents that should be excluded.

Trump faces other legal issues as he considers another bid for the White House in 2024. The Justice Department is also under pressure to investigate his role in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, and a grand jury in Georgia is investigating whether he and those around him broke the law by trying to overturn the result of the state’s 2020 presidential election.

Make your home a happy place, interior designer asks in new book – Pasadena Star News Sat, 03 Sep 2022 17:45:15 +0000

In his new book, “The Designer Within: A Professional Guide to a Well-Styled Home,” interior designer John McClain suggests we ask ourselves, “What would make me happiest when I would come to my house?

Reviewing an advance copy (Gibbs-Smith, $45), I agree. That may be THE question.

What would make me happiest? Coming home with loved ones and pets, of course, somewhere clean and tidy – and pretty. I want to see objects and decals that I love, pieces that my husband and I have collected over time that tell stories.

“I want readers – whether they’re homeowners about to embark on their first renovation or seasoned design professionals looking for new ideas – to leave feeling confident and inspired,” he writes.

Readers will want to give their entire home a makeover after perusing this inspiring 114-page tome, illustrated with photos of McClain’s own home, a “Modern Loft Bungalow,” and his other design projects, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

“I didn’t want it to be just another pretty coffee table book,” McClain told me over the phone from his home in Los Angeles. “What I really want this book to do is start a conversation, a discussion inside your own home that triggers change.”

I was eager to know more.

Q Every designer, including you, says to gather inspirational images from magazines or on a Pinterest board to form the basis of your design. How do you go from this hodgepodge to a design plan?

A. You are looking for inspiration. When you find something you respond positively to, whether it’s a photo of a room, a rug, a piece of art, or a piece of furniture, dig deeper. Analyze why you like it. Is it because it reminds you of a favorite place or makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The objects in your home should awaken something in you. They must be more than pretty.

Q You tell readers to “be bold”. This is loaded advice. Please advise.

A. I’m done with people copying what they see in Crate & Barrel or Restoration Hardware. Owners need to express themselves. My favorite way to be bold is through wallpaper, but it can also be through a statement piece of furniture, perhaps an oversized light fixture that acts like a sculpture, or through an unexpected color.

Q Your book has a lot of painted cabinets, but the idea of ​​painting wooden cabinets terrifies me. Isn’t that sacrilege?

A. Now I will raise you one who cares. Wood is just wood. People say they can’t change that golden oak tree, and I say, “Are you kidding me? Wood cabinets are no more special than painted cabinets. However, when painting cabinets, choose colors that will stand the test of time.

Q Share your secrets to creating a great “shelfie” or tablescape.

A. When styling a bookshelf or coffee table, must-haves include stacks of books with some sort of “book top,” such as a brass object or any small accent piece on top of the stack to punctuate the table. Then add one to two tall objects and a round object, like a bowl. Mix sizes, shapes, colors and finishes.

Q You argue for a “comfortably chic” home design. How to reconcile these opposing ideas?

A.Chic and comfortable is my favorite design aesthetic. You can choose a chic sofa with beautiful and sophisticated lines and cover it with a fabric so resistant that children can wipe their dirty hands on it. Fill it up to make it more comfortable than expected, while maintaining the same sleek silhouette.

Q How do you make a small space seem bigger?

A.Use chairs and sofas with legs that allow for air space. Clear acrylic chairs take up less visual space, and curtains that start at the ceiling will make rooms appear higher. Don’t be afraid to use large pieces in small rooms. A few large pieces are better than several small ones. A monochromatic color scheme also helps.

Q You talk about a top-down philosophy when discussing how to afford a great look. Where are the best places to save money and where should you invest?

A. Spend money on items that get a lot of use: couches, coffee tables, dining chairs, beds, appliances, and storage items like dressers. Save on items you use less like lamps, mirrors, accessories, side tables, sometimes area rugs and artwork. Even when I’m working on a multi-million dollar house, I’ll put an expensive, well-made dining table next to a $50 mirror.

Marni Jameson has written six books on home and lifestyle, including “Downsizing the Blended Home – When Two Households Become One”. Join her at