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Focusing on the preparation and career preparation of students at Pennsylvania College of Technology, the Center for Career Design provides services to students, alumni, and industry partners.

“Just to give a little insight into the services we offer to students, alumni and industry partners, if you can think about it from the cycle, our students become alumni, then they go to work for industry and they come back and recruit our students, “ Loni Kline, vice president of college relations, said during her presentation to the college board recently.

“It’s really a connection between all of these great audiences and the way we interact with them” she added.

Some of the services offered to students include meeting with them to review their resumes, conduct mock interviews, and learn how to negotiate salary. The college also offers students interactions with potential employers, such as the recent career fair. All services are also available to alumni of Penn College.

“But, to be quite frank, a lot of them (the alumni) are coming back to recruit our students. They value the experience they have here and they want to continue down this path and integrate Penn College graduates into their workforce, ” Kline said. She noted that a number of graduates returned to campus for the career fair.

“I can simply sum up with the industry by saying that they want to put themselves in front of our students and hire them” she added.

At the center, students have access to a business station where they can print resumes and also have business cards printed. Kline noted that last week, students ordered nearly 600 business cards to prepare for the career fair.

She said that prior to the show, the centre’s career services team held preparation sessions for the event with all the freshmen.

Other services offered to students at the center include a space where they can take a picture for a Linkedin profile as well as set up or update their profile for the website and the Career Clothes Closet.

“It’s a wonderful offer for students” Kline said.

“They can come if they attend a presentation, an interview or a career fair. They can come and get lightly worn clothes to take with them and keep ”, she said. Kline noted that around 200 students use the closet each year.

“It jumped last week, as you can imagine” she said.

In her report to the board, Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour, president of the college, said there were 237 businesses on campus for Career Day, which was held at both the Barto Gymnasium and the Field House.

“They were both full. It’s a sold-out event ”, she said, adding that there had been a waiting list.

She said 1,458 students attended the event, 802 of whom visited the two sites.

“Almost half of all the companies that came in had Penn College alumni with them, which is increasing every year. This says a lot about our alumni, but also about our relationships with companies.

Gilmour said 17 companies stayed the next day to interview the students. More than 163 students were interviewed.

“We have had a lot of companies who were delighted that we were here in person this year. We went virtual last year, then we did pop-up recruiting ”, Gilmour said.

She also noted that the Career Closet had been used extensively before the career fair, especially with students looking for belts and button-down shirts.

“The point is, we have a large number of male students at this institution,” she explained. She said she was told the closet was completely empty of small and medium grade men’s belts and shirts.

“So if you know of anyone who wants to contribute to this closet, these are the urgent needs that we have right now”, she added.

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