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The downtown Morgan Hill pop-up park, which has been delighting local children for seven years with giant foam building blocks, chalkboard-covered walls, climbing structures and other interactive elements, has been dismantled to make way for a new mixed-use development.

But the Pop-Up Park at Second Street and Monterey Road, which has just been moved from its second location since its founding in 2015, will live on, albeit in parts of other Morgan Hill parks and sites, according to staff at the city. The interactive Pop-Up Park amenities that have attracted so many visitors over the years will be moved to new parks in and around downtown Morgan Hill, such as Railroad Park, Third Street Creek Park, Nob Hill Trail Park or the Magical Bridge Playground.

“We are thrilled to see how much the pop-up park has brought to the community,” said Deputy City Manager Edith Ramirez. “We would like to express our deepest gratitude to owner Dan McCranie for hosting the park on his site, and to the many artists, businesses and community members who helped create and nurture this community space that provided a fun and safe space. environment for our families over the past seven years.

This is the second time the Pop-Up Park has had to move due to a new private real estate development. This time, McCranie is preparing to develop the new Edes Art Gallery, a two-story, 6,600 square foot mixed-use commercial project that includes an art gallery, wine bar and cafe on the Pop-Up Park property. , according to city staff. McCranie allowed the city to use the Second Street and Monterey Road site for the temporary park for several years while he designed the project and obtained permits.

The first version of the city’s Pop-Up Park opened in 2015 at the corner of Third Street and Monterey Road, the former site of Simple Beverages and where Opa! the restaurant is now. The park began as “Bike Hub Park” and was filled with temporary artwork created by local and regional artists, including the Big Blue Chair built by City Council member John McKay and a giant mural by San Martin artist Lina Velasquez.

The park also featured handcrafted chairs and benches by Walnut Creek artist Colin Selig, as well as a built-in tool rack and water station for riders.

“The Pop-Up Park has created a canvas for the community to showcase art and celebrate its vision of a bike-friendly community,” reads a press release from the Town of Morgan Hill.

The Pop-Up Park moved onto McCranie’s property in 2016, to make way for the development of Opa!, Mo’s, and other restaurants at the Third Street intersection. The new site included most of the features of the original location, as well as two outdoor pianos.

Second Street’s Pop-Up Park has also become the venue for many outdoor classes and events, particularly after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, when many public activities were banned indoors.

Construction of the Edes Art Gallery is expected to begin by the end of June, according to city staff. The building is designed by architectural firm KTGY and consists of two open levels for art exhibitions and classes, as well as a wine bar and cafe.

The space will showcase a variety of artworks, including canvases, prints, jewelry, pottery and glass, the city’s press release said.

McCranie also owns the Ladera Grill restaurant on Monterey Road at Third Street. He also owns the Colibri Art Gallery on Monterey Road in downtown Morgan Hill.

“Dan McCranie is a trailblazer (who) elevates the arts and culture experience at Morgan Hill,” Ramirez said. “We are fortunate for his vision, his commitment and his passion for the arts.”

A rendering of the interior of the first floor of the proposed art gallery and wine bar in the Edes building shows an open layout with plenty of space for art displays. Photo: KTGY

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