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For those interested in what’s going on with 17 Springs of Millbrook, a website is now available, but be aware that it’s a work in progress.

Travelers along the highway. 14 in Millbrook saw the old dump removed and the land cleared. Lampposts go up and a football pitch has new grass in place. Football matches will start next Monday.

To track progress, visit the website at

After years of planning, five organizations have made financial commitments to make this dream a reality. They include the Town of Millbrook, Grandview Family YMCA/Montgomery Area YMCA, Elmore County Commission, Elmore County School Board, and Elmore County Economic Development Authority.

Phase 1 is underway and Phase 2 will bring the larger structures, stadium and much more. The scope of the project will be much clearer next year.

The vision and the dream come true.

But there’s a lot more that comes with it. Have you heard of the 17 Sources Marketplace? It will be retail, dining, entertainment and more along the highway. 14. We hear that the interest in these properties is already staggering, and it will be fun to see how it all pans out in the future.

While you can see the construction side of the highway. 14, there are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes. This massive project will bring new retail businesses, facilities and guests from across the state for tournaments and athletics. Stanhope Elmore High School will finally have access to a professional athletics venue. Area sports teams will have a new, modern, professionally designed venue.

Quite simply, to say this is a game-changer on so many levels, including the economy, is a huge understatement.

History (on the site)

In 2017, overlapping conversations between the Town of Millbrook, Grandview Family YMCA, Elmore County School Board, Elmore County Economic Development Authority and Elmore County Commission began the journey now called 17 Springs. The name 17 Springs is rooted in a historic arts festival held decades ago in the community of Millbrook on YMCA property.

Seeking an iconic name for the joint development of leisure, entertainment and retail opportunities, the partnership chose 17 Springs as the name to serve as their brand. Starting with the base at 17 Springs, the recreational outdoor space was dubbed “The Fields at 17 Springs” while the future event center was named “The Fieldhouse at 17 Springs”. The adjacent commercial areas planned as a dining, hospitality, shopping and entertainment district bear the name “The Marketplace at 17 Springs”.

See the proposed 17-source market layout below.

The scenery around 17 Springs of Millbrook along the highway. 14 will change drastically in the very near future. But it will bring restaurants, entertainment opportunities and a hotel among other possibilities.

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