Decoration advice: sustainable products to make the house of your dreams eco-responsible

Supporting sustainability is the new trend, not only in fashion but also in the interior design industry and is influencing post-pandemic choices as Covid-19 lockdowns lift across the world after two years of the pandemic. coronavirus. The interior design industry has seen a shift in the way homes are designed in the post-pandemic era, as an individual’s interaction with space has evolved over the past two years and with sustainability, reusability and self-care at the top of brand-conscious new concepts. older consumers, a clear shift is seen in the way customers interact with brands and their products.

The growing importance of sustainable materials and aesthetically curated looks with sensational style is a common thread in clothing fashion and home interiors and with over two years of confinement inside our home due of the Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns, people are focusing on creating calming environments and reconnecting with the natural world inside their homes by renovating them with natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants and creating a visual connection with nature. Making sustainable choices and creating green spaces for a healthy home environment are key improvements one needs to plan to bring to their lifestyle through home renovations.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Husain Johar, co-founder of, said, “Sustainability is today an admired word for fortifying our environment. It is not only used for design but for implementation to make our environment a beautiful and healthy place to live. Any practice or change begins at home, and we have all dreamed of making our home beautiful by decorating and beautifying it. To furnish our excavations and take care of the environment, there are many ways to decorate them in an ecological way.

He claimed that decorating our home and caring for the environment we all live in should go hand in hand. Just like a house is a place we live in, an environment is a place where all beings can live and put down roots for it, Husain Johar has listed some tips on sustainable products to make your dream home eco-friendly. environment :

1. Choosing solar panels at home – When it comes to making the environment healthy, using solar energy is a good way to do it. Installing solar panels in the house can be very beneficial as it requires little maintenance, reduces electricity bills and helps reduce air pollution.

2. Insulate the house well and install underfloor heating – A well-insulated home has the ability to retain heat, which is now an expense-saving benefit. Underfloor heating is an old way of heating the apartment and does not cause any harm to the environment.

3. Opt for water-based paints – Decorating and renovating a house is certainly a difficult task. Painting the walls and redecorating them is an important part. Rather than choosing an oil-based paint, painting the walls with water-based paints is considered one of the best ways to save the environment and it is now trending too. Water-based paints also come in a variety of colors and are more aesthetically appealing.

4. Orientation of your home for natural light and warmth – For sustainable homes, orientation is crucial. If you live in a frigid northern hemisphere climate, additional south-facing windows can help you take advantage of the light. In winter, you can maximize direct sunlight by building a long wall with south-facing windows. This will help heat your home while still letting in natural light. You don’t want too many west-facing windows, as this can cause glare and heat in the summer. If your windows face west, consider planting a tall tree to shade you from the sun.

5. Recycled materials for building sustainable homes – Recycling is essential. This has to be weighed against availability. The readily available materials differ depending on where you are. Materials are recycled, recovered and reused in various ways.

i) Recycled glass countertops

ii) Steel made from recycled metals.

iii) Salvaged wood. It can be beautiful! When a contractor tears down a building or does a renovation, they can often reuse old wood products they salvage for other projects. There are lumberyards that specialize in buying and selling reclaimed wood.

iv) Salvaged bricks and other masonry. Bricks, stones and cobblestones can also be salvaged and reused.

v) Reuse soil from excavation for new landscaping.

vi) Roof shingles may have recycled content.

vii) Plastic products with recycled content.

viii) Drywall materials that have been recycled.

6. Energy Star appliances and equipment – The simplest of these energy efficient home ideas is to use energy efficient appliances and equipment. Use at least Energy Star qualified appliances. Did you know an Energy Star TV is available? Look for electric star labels on your kitchen appliances, as they can consume a lot of energy. All of your heating, air conditioning and hot water systems should be Energy Star certified.

7. Water-saving plumbing fixtures – Toilets and other plumbing fixtures are no longer the same. Dual flush toilets allow you to select a higher or lower flush rate depending on your needs. All of your plumbing fixtures, including faucets and showerheads, can be set to use less or no water. This type of lighting is becoming more and more popular. Low-flow plumbing fixtures are easy to find. There is no need to waste anything.

According to Pritika Singh, Founder of Mohh, we should help protect the environment by scouring and using materials in a sustainable and efficient way and using plastic-free products by reusing and recycling wood and metal waste. She advised designing furniture that looks desirable but also serves the purpose of being eco-friendly, producing each piece with the utmost care while trying to improve our sustainable practices. She said: “We understand that people want to beautify their homes with high quality furniture, but not at the expense of the environment. Thereby. it becomes absolutely necessary that a piece of furniture created from scrap be well designed so that consumers are proud to own it and place it in their homes.

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