Design for Record: Principles of a Holistic Approach

Imagine… a regulatory bot that could answer your regulatory questions, powered by a level of automated, connected intelligence that could identify errors in submissions. A bot that could learn over time the data patterns required in each country submission and revise content based on predicate trends from previous similar submissions! So maybe we’re daydreaming a bit, but these hopes for how technology can be in the future push us to use the tools we have today in the present.

The successful future of global product launches is not only captured by speed of registration, but also includes factors such as predictability of process cycles, delivering consistent quotes the first time, designing for parallel country submissions and the execution of smarter global change management programs. This requires developing market intelligence, assimilating information that captures global variations and requirements by product type and country, and transparent communication with conscious decision-making within a company’s global teams.

This webinar is designed to help you identify and better understand:

  • What are the go-to-market challenges facing organizations today?
  • How areas of global MedTech product launches would benefit from regulatory intelligence systems
  • Why systems integration and connectivity between PLM-QMS-RIM can support regulatory processes
  • The benefits of automation opportunities in data processes and workflows throughout the product lifecycle

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