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February 01, 2022

Maria Cristina Didero. Photograph by Stefan Giftthaler

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Design Miami/ expands to Paris and appoints new curatorial director

Design Miami/ is launching its very first Parisian edition in October, coinciding with the recent (and controversial) extension to the Grand Palais. This is a strategic move for the collectible design fair and online platform, which has long supported the city’s historic importance in the decorative arts and has collaborated with the French gallery Patrick Seguin, the Kreo Gallery and Jacques Lacoste Gallery during previous physical editions at Miami and Basel.

Additionally, Design Miami/ named the author Marie Cristina Didero as global conservation director. She succeeds Wava Carpenter, who is now editor-in-chief of The forum/ magazine. Didero has curated exhibitions for the National Building Museum, Design Museum Holon and three editions of Fendi’s award-winning booths at Design Miami / with commissions from Cristina Celestino, Chiara Andreatti and Sabine Marcelis. The first fair under her responsibility, in Basel in June, will adhere to this year’s curatorial theme “The Golden Age”, which she describes as an idea that “envisions the world at peace, in which progress in the arts and of technology are precipitating unprecedented ease, cooperation, fun and beauty; a time when all living creatures on Earth coexist in harmony.

Play structures in Denmark by Superflex and

School children participate in the design of whimsical marble sculptures in a park in Denmark.

A new concept in the Danish city of Billund could be a model approach to playgrounds. Portuguese firm and Studio Superflex have teamed up with local school children to design Play Contact, a series of five playful pink marble sculptures. Created for the organization Capital of Children, the process involved giving 122 school-age children Lego bricks to experiment with different constructions. “More [playgrounds] are designed and constructed based on adults’ notions of children and how they should behave,” Superflex says. “With Play Contract, the balance of power is reversed, and it’s now the children’s turn to imagine a playful space for them and for adults. What kinds of play equipment should be in such a playground? What kind of playground would they like to have when they grow up? »

Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH expresses his skepticism about the rise of the metaverse.

Even though fashion has embraced the world of NFTs, Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, takes a wait-and-see approach. “We are not interested in selling virtual sneakers for 10 euros” he recently said while discussing the performance of LVMH in the fourth quarter of 2021. “It is a purely virtual world and so far we are in the real world and we are selling real products. Sure, it’s compelling, it’s interesting, it can even be quite amusing. We have to see what are the applications of this metaverse and these NFTs. However, the conglomerate has already tested the digital waters: Louis Vuitton launched a mobile game with 30 Beeple-designed NFTs, Givenchy sold a series of picture avatars of Chito for no less than 5 ETH ($12,325 at the time of publication). publications), and more. Recently, Fendi and Ledger collaborated on high fashion crypto wallets.

Citing Covid-related delays, Frieze Los Angeles is canceling a public sculpture component.

Frieze Los Angeles has canceled plans to hold a free public art exhibit in a Beverly Hills park alongside the opening of the art fair. “We determined that we did not have enough artwork to do a full-scale public sculpture installation,” said fair representative Belinda Bowring. Los Angeles Times, citing Covid-related shipping delays and labor shortages as making Frieze Sculpture too difficult to execute. The outdoor sculpture exhibition was to feature 12 works by Chris Burden, Woody From Othelloand Ugo Rondinone.

Louis Vuitton’s new menswear boutique in the Miami Design District by Marcel Wanders

Marcel Wanders envelops the Louis Vuitton store in Miami with a facade adorned with diamonds.

Playing on past collaborations, whimsical Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has unveiled a white patterned case for Louis Vuitton’s menswear boutique in the Miami Design District. The hexagonal pattern, inspired by the leather straps of Louis Vuitton’s signature bags, recalls Wanders’ Diamond Screen room divider he designed for the brand’s Objet Nomades collection and is also inspired by the city’s famous modernist architecture. “Starting from a bag strap, we created a module, which became a room divider, which then became a larger interior element, and finally a large-scale architectural facade”, says the team.

The New York City Housing Authority is looking for designs for an all-electric heat pump.

Following the deadly fire at a Bronx public housing building that killed 17 people and was likely caused by a radiator, the New York City Housing Authority has issued a design challenge for a new all-electric heat pump affordable to install in all of its properties by the end of 2025. The city is requesting a window heating system that costs less than $3,000 per unit and can be installed in less than two hours. The winning project, to be announced in June, will also meet the city’s ambitious green goals of reducing emissions by 80% by 2050. “I think it’s fair to say that the majority of our systems are end of their useful life. “, said Vlada Kenniff, NCYHA Vice President for Energy and Sustainability. “We want to be able to say, ‘You don’t have to go looking for millions more dollars for an electrification option. You can now electrify the building at a lower cost.

Ritz Carlton Residences at Pompano Beach. Image courtesy Berga & Gonzalez

Ritz Carlton announces a new residential project in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Taking inspiration from its more prominent neighbors on the Gold Coast, Miami and Florida’s Fort Lauderdale, the low-key and airy hamlet of Pompano Beach will welcome its first true luxury skyscraper with the announcement of the new Ritz-Carlton Residences scheduled to open in 2025. Divided between two asymmetrical buildings, Revuelta Architecture International designed the 32-story beachfront Beach Tower with an undulating facade that nods to the flow of the waves, while the Marina Tower of 32 floors, facing the intercoastal waterway, looks like a yacht’s bow.

A sequel to his first project in the United States, the Ritz-Carlton Residences Miami Beach, famous Milanese designer Piero Lissoni imbued the 205 residences and common areas with its signature refined style, balancing a clean aesthetic with nautical and Mediterranean notes. Organic shapes, natural materials, and subtle colors with accents of rich blue — the hue of a spiral staircase in the Marina Tower — reflect the property’s idyllic setting. Resort-style facilities include a yacht club with a private marina, beach club, sports courts, tropical pool decks, indoor-outdoor social areas, and on-site culinary spaces, to name a few -ones.

Berlin artists protest against the use of Tempelhof Airport as a site for art exhibitions.

Although the Berlin authorities plan to turn the former Tempelhof airport into a complex for arts and culture in the long term, they have granted curator Walter Smerling’s Foundation for Art and Culture temporary use of the hangars. from the airport to organize large exhibitions. The inaugural show, dedicated to the French artist Bernard Venet, opened last week. Local artists are protest the decision and calling for a boycott of the new Kunsthalle Berlin, citing the entity as a “cynical, neoliberal vehicle that will primarily serve to increase the stature and private wealth of all those associated with it.” Additionally, the artists accused Smerling’s company of making opaque decisions and failing to pay artists before while profiting millions.

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