Design-Stage Adhesives: Streamline the Path to Production

Author: Simon Gibbs, Intertronics

April 04, 2022

Adhesives are often considered the last piece of the puzzle. But at the end of the design phase, it can be difficult to find an adhesive that meets all the criteria, which means that the design has to be modified or even started over. Here, Simon Gibbs, Technical Sales Manager at Intertronics, explains the benefits of considering adhesives at the start of a project.

Although it may seem like a simple task at first, gluing is an essential and challenging part of product design. Every application is different and determining what works best for your application involves detailed discussion and testing. For design engineers without specialized adhesive experience, consulting an adhesive supplier early will avoid complications down the line, saving time and money.

In many cases, manufacturers contact adhesive suppliers after the bulk of the design work is complete – once they have finalized and evaluated the bondline design, substrate selection, strength to the environment, etc. The difficulty with this approach is that with much of the design being finalized, there will be a particular set of requirements that the adhesive will need to meet – a very specific space in the puzzle that the adhesive will need to fill. No adhesive may meet the criteria without major compromise, or a suitable adhesive may not be available in the packaging or quantities specified. If so, the design may need to be changed, which will delay the project and increase costs.

It’s much easier to make design changes earlier, while the process is smooth.

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