Destiny 2 fan uses Blender to design his own ghost

A creative fan of Destiny 2 creates their own custom design for a ghost, using the toolset available with the 3D Blender infographic software.

Destiny 2 fan uses Blender to design his own ghost

The world of Destiny 2 can be a dangerous place. From cyber-organic Vexes to terrifying creatures of the Hive, Guardians face many deadly enemies during missions. Fortunately for the Guardians, they have Ghosts. These smart little machines resurrect the Fallen Guardians. Due to their importance throughout the game, many versions of Ghosts exist. However, that didn’t stop a fan from trying to come up with their own design for classic machines.

In a post on Reddit, Curtis Holt, a 3D artist and software developer, shared a video of a new creation they made in Blender. Using an impressive set of tools, the artist designed a custom ghost based on Destiny 2. Some of the highlights included a circular ring that rotated around the eye, as well as angular metal wings. In addition, the artist managed to give the object a chrome finish that looked beautiful in the light. Additionally, the creator revealed his name to be “Casper: Curt’s Friendly Ghost”.

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In addition to sharing a video of the completed design and animation on Reddit, Curtis Holt made a YouTube video on the process of creating the Ghost. According to Holt, he wanted the design to reflect himself and his brand’s logo. When creating the ghost, the creator revealed that he started with the eye. Ingeniously, he managed to create a student by shrinking his YouTube logo.

Once the eye was finished, he then designed the wings. “I like having hard shapes layered on top of each other floating,” he said. Part of the inspiration for the wings came from the design of the Guardians of Dangerous elite. He decided to pursue this design choice as he revealed he wasn’t a fan of the classic wing block shape on some of the existing Ghost models. Additionally, Holt noted that it took around 2.41 hours to render the Ghost animation with Blender.

This new Ghost designed in Blender by Curtis Holt has become popular with Destiny 2 community on Reddit. With over 14,600 upvotes in a single day, players were amazed at the quality of the custom Ghost. Some even commented that they would have assumed the Ghost was part of the game if they hadn’t known Holt designed it.

It’s exciting to see the potential that this free 3D graphics software offers to creators. Recently another artist made Engrams from Destiny 2 in Blender. As projects like this show, the possibilities for video game fan art using Blender seem endless, so it will be interesting to see what kind of creations gamers come up with in the future.

Destiny 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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