Diamond Age raises $50 million to advance robotic home building

diamond agea complete robotics startup that automates the construction of new homes to make home ownership more affordable, has raised a $50 million Series A cycle led by Prime Movers Lab. Seed investors Alpaca VC, Dolby Family Ventures, Timber Grove Ventures and Gaingels have all invested above their pro rata and are joined by Signia Venture Partners. Additionally, 20% of the tour was made up of production house builders and real estate developers.

diamond age built a suite of 26 robotic tools at arm’s length to offset 55% of the manual labor needed to build a new home, reducing the construction cycle time from approximately 9 months to 30 days. The company is also developing additive manufacturing tools that move along a gantry system to add layers of concrete to “print” the interior and exterior walls of the house. These efficiencies could significantly reduce the shortage of nearly 7 million single-family homes that currently exists in the US housing market.

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Thanks to 3D printing and robotic technology, diamond age advanced its automation platform by expanding the building envelope to allow for the printing and finishing of a 2,000 square foot one-story home with its robotic tool set. diamond age delivered its first scaled version of its system as well as a full-scale 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in 11 months – 4 months ahead of schedule. This has led to the company’s first contract with a domestic manufacturer, which will be announced in the coming days.

“Affordable housing impacts people globally. As the average age of first-time home buyers has risen from their mid-20s to their mid-30s, there is an increased demand for more rental properties, forcing the entire hierarchy of renters into a more competitive market for quality housing. Helping the next generation of buyers get to their first home faster helps the entire housing ecosystem,” said Jack Oslanco-founder and CEO of diamond age.

diamond age will use the funding to continue to evolve its robotics platform and execute its first commercial home building contract. The company has already doubled in size and plans to add more engineering and manufacturing talent. it will help diamond age partner with home builders and developers to turn home building into an on-demand product and give buyers more options when designing their home.

diamond age The Factory in the Field™ system brings automation to the construction site to address the massive labor shortage in the residential construction industry,” said Suzanne Fletcher, General Partner of Prime Movers Lab. “Jack and his team hit key milestones ahead of schedule and are transforming the way production houses are built, so it’s been easy for Prime Movers Lab to lead the company’s Series A.”

On diamond age

diamond age automates the construction of new homes for the production housing industry. Our Robotics-as-a-Service system combines 3D printing, mechatronics and robotics to unlock the huge growth potential of the industry by filling the huge labor shortage and reducing production times. construction cycle from 9 months to 30 days. https://www.diamondage3d.com/.

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