Discovery’s design team handled the leap into the future

The third season of “Discovery” began with a new premise: can the characters of the year 2258 catch up enough in history and technology to operate as Starfleet officers in the year 3188? Predictably, the dramatic change of venue necessitated an extensive overhaul of the show, its costumes, technology, and politics. In the 32nd century, the Federation had gone into hiding for many, many years following a galaxy-wide cataclysm dubbed The Burn, in which all starships exploded simultaneously. Hiding from a mob-like organization that has taken over the galaxy, the Federation has managed to develop its technology, leading to a small but super-advanced fleet of futuristic ultra-ships.

In order to create the world of the 32nd century, Lanyon explained that every detail had to be thought out:

“I mean the whole timeline has changed, it was quite a different show. ‘Discovery’ actually jumps a thousand years into the future since season two. So you know the whole methodology of technology has changed. [W]We don’t do wires or plumbing or things like that anymore; …our furniture floats and, you know, [we’re] I’m just trying to imagine this technology a thousand years in the future. What does the lighting look like? How do we use lighting? How does it change? So all those kinds of questions.”

Essentially, the creators of “Discovery” had to find a way to move beyond Trek Trek. What is “Star Trek: The Nextten Would flat computer screens be needed any more, or would ship interiors now be rearranged on a whim? Are transporters still relegated to a special transport room? Turns out not. own personal comms badge, and they can bamf all over the ship on a whim.

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