Double whammy of foot surgery, COVID cause for reflection

After foot surgery in July, I was finally about to come out when COVID hit.

This pandemic is now everywhere. Just when we thought this crisis was over, she lifted her ugly head. Until now, we have felt lucky to dodge this bullet. Although we are not certain of our exposure to COVID, it can come from a close family member (vaccinated) and a minor child (not vaccinated).

We suspect they were infected by unmasked people in an area of ​​the country with a largely unvaccinated population. Even though this was a mostly outdoor event, that obviously didn’t prevent the infection. To keep everyone safe, my wife and I tested a few days after our first contact.

Campus:Florida State University: no room on campus to house COVID-positive students

Case :COVID Update: 27 Florida Counties Set Records for Number of Positive Cases

Fortunately, the results were negative. A few nights later I felt slightly sore but thought it was my imagination. In fact, this symptom never reappeared. For the next few days, I felt good and assumed everything was fine.

Unfortunately, while having lunch with a friend, my nose started to run slightly. With COVID everywhere, out of excess of caution, I immediately looked for a new test. To be honest I wasn’t worried and expected a good result.

Concept of happy new year 2021 lettering on the beach.  Text written on the sea beach at sunrise.

Considering the wills, the last wills

In less than an hour, the SMS arrived. It was like being hit by a baseball bat. I was shocked. He reported that COVID has been detected. I immediately called everyone I had been in contact with over the past few days. Believe me, this is not the way to “win friends and influence people”.

If there had been any signs of symptoms, I would never have left the house. So far, everyone is doing well. My wife’s tests are still negative and for her safety she is staying at a hotel nearby. When this insidious disease enters your home and family, everything changes.

You should then consider making your wills, estates, wishes and in particular living wills known to everyone. What level of healthcare do you want or don’t want, in case this virus has a huge negative effect on your health? If you are waiting to make this decision, it may be too late.

This disease is unpredictable and can be fatal. When someone in the house needs to self-isolate, then you need to consider everyone in the house. Where will they stay and how will you bring food and supplies.

Revolutionary case

We were vaccinated in January and thought it was the firewall. Yes, I am reassured that the vaccine should reduce our symptoms.

Last night when I started this story, my eyes were so wet that it was difficult to see the screen while writing. The next morning I still had watery eyes and a runny nose.

I slept most of the day. Hope this is the worst. The next day it was pretty much the same, but the headaches came in waves. My taste is now muted. It scared me when I dreamed I was floating above my bed. Hope this is the worst symptom.

For the sake of your family and loved ones, if you are not vaccinated, spare yourself, your family and friends from this extremely dangerous scourge. It is serious and it is not right or left political; it’s about saving lives.

I will provide updates as this resumes. When you’ve already been diagnosed with cancer twice, and now COVID, there must be a message in this series of events.

Recovering from foot surgery

On my back, foot in the air, above my heart; for 10 days in July? Are you kidding me? I’m a very active guy, and it feels like hell unimaginable. For 30 years, I have had to get up every two hours and ice my arches for pain and discomfort.

During years of research, we have sought advice from primary care physicians, tried massages, chiropractors, podiatrists, orthopedics specialists, acupuncture, sleep in boots / shoes, all ointments and remedies house that you can imagine.

Finally, we found a potential solution, tarsal tunnel release surgery. The doctor warned us that this surgery might not solve the problem, but he felt there was a good chance of relief. The recovery from this treatment was difficult – I could not have survived without my wife and my partner.

She has always been by my side and supported me throughout all medical challenges.

Before the surgery, she ordered chairs, hospital tables, and other tools to help me with this process. I am now out of the cast and out of the boot. Until COVID, I was finally about to come out.

Reflections in resumption

These times forced me to slow down, read a lot, sit in nature, and watch videos.

Five recurring messages from life, reading, and videos from this era included:

  • Take time each day and be grateful for everything.
  • The power of love can overcome anything.
  • If you had one day to live, what would you have wanted to accomplish in this life?
  • To slow down. Yes, slowing down and bird watching or sitting on the porch and watching during a thunderstorm is great therapy for life.
  • Do not wait any longer to pursue your passions or your goals. This life has an end, and it will end when you least expect it.

So I urge you to safely grab a family member or friend, go for a walk, talk and think about what is important in your life. This might be your only rodeo. Seize the day. Love is all you need. Are you?

Gregg Patterson

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