Fall Guys apologizes and improves store design after players complain about ‘accidental purchases’

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has apologized to players after learning that some were charged for simply looking at items in its in-game store.

According to the players of fall guys (opens in a new tab)subreddit (opens in a new tab)dozens of players experienced issues with the store and its currency, with some being “auto-charged” for high-end cosmetic items they didn’t want to purchase.

“We’ve heard your comments about accidental purchases – and we’re sorry about that!” Mediatonic said in a tweet, promising it was “improving store design to prevent this” and honoring all cosmetic refund requests for all players between June 21 and “until [it] improves the store”.

Initially, however, players had a hard time convincing the developer that this was a real problem and not just buyer’s remorse.

“You have stated this to be a ‘bugged purchase’ and a ‘known issue.’ Neither of those things is the case,” a rep allegedly told a disgruntled Fall Guys player when he had brought it to the attention of the game’s customer support (Thanks, Gamer on PC (opens in a new tab)). “The purchase was made by you, not a bug. Whether it was intentional or not, it always is.

“This is not a ‘known issue’ as it is not a problem. Items cannot be purchased automatically by the system, they still require player input. Again, accidentally or not, you have made that entry and purchased the item. As per our EULA, which you have agreed to, all purchases are final and will not be refunded.”

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Mediatonic has since apologized for that response and said it is “actively addressing” the issue. As a thank you gift Grandis – the Legendary Color Changing Outfit – to all players.

“What’s happening in the game is unintentional and we’re actively fixing it,” a Mediatonic spokesperson told PCG. “The response from customer service was also not acceptable and we will offer compensation for all affected.”

Cross-play, cross-platform parties, and cross-progression are now available in all versions through Epic Online Services on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC, though you’ll need an Epic Games counts on all platforms to connect and start having fun. Within 48 hours of going free on all platforms, Fall Guys saw its player base grow to 20 million players.

The new season 1 – called Free For All, which is exactly what it says on the box, of course – would be “Fall Guys’ goofiest, goofiest season yet,” throwing in the iconic beans of the play in “a giant arena to compete for ultimate glory in brand-new events and locations”.

That said, not all players are happy with the changes; some Fall Guys fans are wondering if losing matches will help improve their beans faster than winning them (opens in a new tab).

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