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JACKSONVILLE, Florida – A moving truck seen recently in a riverside driveway was a welcome peace sign for neighbors like Lauren Snowden.

“It was just a relief. When I fall asleep at night, I don’t constantly think, “What if I get woken up by gunshots?” Snowden said.

Last month, a violent shooting erupted in the Riverside neighborhood. The bullets hit cars and hit houses. Investigators said a car drove past a house near Ernest Street and someone inside started shooting.

Charles Jones, known as controversial rapper Julio Foolio, was injured in the shooting. Police said a bullet grazed his ankle. He spoke about the shooting in an Instagram Live video the next day.

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A d

“I retaliated in self-defense. If I did something illegal I would be in jail, ”Foolio said.

Foolio did not live at home. Police said several people were there that night recording music. Foolio has ties to a violent rap group in town, investigators say.

Records show neighbors have reported complaints for months about noise and suspicious traffic in the house. Neighbors said nothing had been done until this week.

“I am thankful that this owner did the right thing,” said Snowden.

Snowden said his family left the neighborhood after the shooting.

Now that the tenants of the Ernest Street house have moved out, Snowden has said she can return home.

“It’s so much better in the neighborhood,” Snowden said. “I don’t have to look over my shoulder. I don’t have to worry about my kids playing in the backyard. It’s fantastic and I can fall asleep.

JSO has yet to announce any arrests in the shooting. News4JAX has contacted the owner of the house, but we have not received a response.

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Unusually warm weather across the Ozarks is a nice change of pace for local home builders Sat, 04 Dec 2021 03:48:00 +0000

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Record breaking heat in December is really helping construction workers and home builders as winter approaches.

Local home builders say these recent times have been a good change for their teams.

Springfield homebuilder Ryan Green said he and his crews aren’t used to those hot temperatures in the ’60s and’ 70s this time of year. He said it also helps them stay on track with all of these projects lined up.

“The weather is fantastic,” said Ryan Green, owner of First Choice Custom Homes. “For the beginning of December, it was just great. The weather has been dry so far. It has been fantastic.

If you ask someone in the construction industry, they’ll likely tell you it’s not December that they’re used to working.

“We’ve had to deal with a lot of rain, cold and snow over the past two or three years in winter, spring and fall,” Green said. “So just seeing the drought really helped us keep production high. “

Green said he and his team are currently working on four houses. They also work on starting 10 or 12 more before it gets too cold.

“We try to get a lot of things out of the ground when it comes to foundations,” he said. “We try to dry everything, which means the frame is done, the roofs, the windows, so that we have things to do in the winter. “

Green said he wouldn’t mind if the heat stayed a bit longer,

“Yes, let’s keep our fingers crossed,” he laughed.

The heat wave was also a nice surprise to just about anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors.

“Yeah, super cool,” said Christian and Tricia Molica. ” It was sunny. We had a lot of time to put all of the Christmas decorations on the outside of the house so it was really a lot of fun.

But of course there is always the desire for a White Christmas.

“No, I want it to be colder,” Tricia Molica said, as her husband laughed. “She’s ready for the cold, yeah. We want it to look like Christmas.

And when that time comes, construction crews say they’ll be ready for it, too.

“In this part of the world, as long as we’re at 32 degrees and elevating ourselves, we can do some concrete work, that’s okay,” Green said. “But we try to do our best to keep everything dry and framed, covered, windows, all so that everyone has something to do in the very cold winter months.”

When this cold Is Kicking off, Green said crews need to pay more attention to things like moisture in the woods. He said that if there is too much moisture or expansion and contraction of the materials, problems can arise.

“We are always thinking about what we can do to continue while building a quality house,” he said.

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Design firm Egg Collective takes 16K SF at Brooklyn Navy Yard – Commercial Watcher Fri, 03 Dec 2021 20:57:40 +0000

Manufacturing and design company Egg collective signed a 16,000 square foot lease at Brooklyn Navy Garden, learned Commercial Observer.

The company, founded by an all-female team, specializes in handcrafted furniture, objects and lighting and will join other manufacturing companies in the Navy Yard. Building 5 after moving from its current facility to City of industry, the Brooklyn Shipyard Development Corporation (BNYDC) announced.

“Supporting emerging companies like Egg Collective which generate a positive local economic impact, is the mission of the Yard” Johanna greenbaum, BNYDC’s director of development, said. “As a woman-owned company that also prioritizes sustainable production and harnessing local talent, Egg Collective is at the forefront of urban interior design and will continue to thrive as a innovative manufacturer of articles for the home in its enlarged space. ”

BNYDC and Egg Collective both handled the transaction internally. The requested rent was not disclosed, but the lease means the manufacturing company will triple the size of its footprint.

Egg Collective will use the additional space to invest in more machines, increase production and hire more employees while continuing to operate its 2,000 square foot showroom in 151 Hudson Street in Tribeca.

“Our new home at Navy Yard allows us to maintain and expand two essential components of our business ethics: local manufacturing and working with innovative contractors to produce our line of furniture.” Stephanie beamer, co-founder of Egg Collective, said. “New York City has been our home for over a decade, so we’re excited to be able to grow as a business here while continuing to work with small businesses to support the local economy. “

Founded in 2011 by Beamer, Crystal Ellis and Hillary Petrie, Egg Collective creates original furniture with unique designs made primarily from wood, leather, metal and glass.

The lease comes as BNYDC completes a $ 1 billion expansion, the largest of its kind for the facility since World War II, which includes a refurbishment of Building 77.

Renters at Navy Yards include Nanotronics, Green manufacturing center and Steiner Studios, the largest film and television production studio outside of Hollywood in the United States.

Mark Hallum can be contacted at

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thomas kröger architekten wraps the munich apartments in graphic patterns Fri, 03 Dec 2021 07:53:04 +0000

a new apartment complex for munich

berlin-based thomas kröger architekten presents a multi-storey apartment building nicknamed ‘erhardt10’ along the banks of munich’s isar river. the complex marks thomas kröger’s first full-scale building in downtown, known for its award-winning buildings in the rural and remote setting of northern germany.

hybridizing historical and contemporary references, the project is defined by its graphic facade, its courtyards, and its proximity to the river.

images © philipp obkircher | @philippobkircher

spatial variety by thomas kröger architekten

thomas kröger architekten (see more here) worked together with the Munich developer euroboden (see more here), which acquired the adjacent property to isar in 2013. according to company founder stefan höglmaier, such a prestigious location requires a architecture that fits confidently among the buildings protected from the monuments that line the riverbank and celebrates the view of the river, while recognizing the heterogeneity of the gärtnerplatz district.

a distinguishing feature of thomas kröger architekten’s design is its wide variety of unit types – a tribute to the structures that have evolved in the neighborhood. The kröger ensemble is a mediating force between the representative buildings along the river and the typical workshop character of the courtyards in the region. its differentiated built volumes translate into a total of twenty-eight apartments, much more living space – in a variety of price classes – than was available on the site before. the elaborate design of its facades and exterior spaces, as well as the heterogeneity of its inhabitants, is a real exception in contemporary private residential construction.

thomas kröger architects

the historical influence of the facade

thomas kröger architekten’s munich design plays with historical and contemporary references. the architect notes: “urban spaces are pleasant when we perceive them as having grown organically, when the interaction of different architectures results in a total charismatic image”,

facing the river isar, the new building fits confidently into erhardtstrasse while fulfilling the monument protection framework and gaining broad approval from the munich design commission. with its set of projecting columns and bay windows, the facade adopts the classic patterns of the high-end habitat typical of the surroundings. at the same time, the bay windows and their floor-to-ceiling glazing embody all the advantages of the modern, making the river view an integrated component of the living spaces.

meanwhile, the graphic design of the closed façade elements is reminiscent of the italian renaissance sgraffito technique, which also had a tradition in munich during the post-war years but is rarely used today. the two emblematic sloping roofs serve as an intermediary between the different heights of neighboring buildings. their copper cladding draws attention to the unusual shape of the roof while, at the same time, the patina that the copper will acquire over time will integrate it ever more clearly into the historic roof.

thomas kröger architects thomas kröger architekten wraps his munich apartments in a graphic pattern thomas kröger architekten wraps his munich apartments in a graphic pattern

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Bragg Creek windstorm causes long power outages, fatalities Thu, 02 Dec 2021 23:53:00 +0000 Several communities in southwest Rocky View County, including Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows and the Tsuu T’ina Nation, suffered high winds on December 1, causing thousands of trees to fall, long power outages duration, damage to critical infrastructure and a fatality.

Several communities in southwest Rocky View County, including Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows and the Tsuu T’ina Nation, suffered high winds on December 1, causing thousands of trees to fall, long power outages duration, damage to critical infrastructure and a fatality.

The power outage came after southern Alberta experienced high winds of over 130 kilometers per hour on the evening of November 30. A wind warning was issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada for southern Alberta, indicating damaging westerly gusts approaching 140 kilometers per hour were occurring in the foothills.

On November 30, Environment and Climate Change Canada said the wind was likely to cause damage to buildings, knock down trees or throw loose objects.

Redwood Meadows Emergency Services Fire Chief Rob Evans said local calls started arriving just before midnight on November 30. Reports said the high winds had caused trees to fall, knocking down power lines, resulting in a large grass and bush fire. south of Priddis.

“We spent the night at the scene of the fire. Our crews returned early in the morning and got everything ready again, ”he said. “At around 10 am we had reports that a man had been trapped by a tree.”

When crews arrived at West Bragg Creek to take care of the individual, Evans said he discovered a tractor had overturned on the man while he was clearing trees.

“Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries on the spot,” he said.

Evans added that the man trying to clear the downed trees was in his 20s or 30s and a resident of West Bragg Creek, but was unable to release more information on the resident at the time of posting.

Felled trees

Evans said the heavily forested communities of Bragg Creek and Redwood Meadows witnessed hundreds of fallen trees on December 1, some causing minor property damage. Meanwhile, more felled trees caused “a big mess,” which led to a concerted effort by area residents to clean up the debris.

While most trees in Bragg Creek are fairly resilient, Evans noted that as they age, become sick or damaged, they are at risk of collapsing.

“The storm was certainly enough to bring down these damaged and diseased trees,” he said. “What’s left is a good selection of healthy trees, but we ask people to be very careful there.”

According to Evans, the community’s response to the windstorm has been generally positive as residents sought to support each other through the storm’s fallout.

“I was a witness [that] firsthand with this tragic accident to which we responded, ”he said. “There are a lot of messages from people who are there for their neighbors. “

He added that logging companies and tree growers were working together to clean up the mess as part of a “huge team effort.”

“Some of the trees that haven’t come down all the way, it’s just too dangerous – they’re too big for residents to fend for on their own,” he said. “They go over your 16-inch chainsaw. It takes real skills and knowledge to complete the job that nature has started.

Power outage

With so many trees knocking down power lines, Bragg Creek, Redwood Meadows, the Tsuu T’ina Nation and other communities in the area were darkened by power outages that lasted more than 36 hours.

In the midst of the power outage, representatives from FortisAlberta and Telus were busy repairing and replacing power lines. While electricity in some shopping areas was quickly restored on December 1, other residential areas saw power outages continue until December 2.

According to a statement released by FortisAlberta, at the height of the windstorm, approximately 10,000 Albertans were without power.

“We continue to work to restore power and teams have been mobilized where it is safe to do so,” read an email from the electricity supplier on December 1. “During our triage, we discovered several poles in the larger affected areas.”

Fortis representatives also said several trees were discovered “on the line” at Bragg Creek, and 943 customers there were without power at the time of the report, with an estimated restore time of 3:30 p.m. on December 1.

“Our teams continue to work on the restoration and we have mobilized teams from other regions of the province to help us,” the statement continued. “We currently have a helicopter in the air to help assess the damage. “


The community responds

In the midst of the power outage, residents of Bragg Creek have helped those without power in a variety of ways, from providing showers to donating tree clearing supplies and services.

Residents have kept in touch with each other through a community Facebook page, providing updates and asking for help.

Kathleen Burk, former president of the Bragg Creek Chamber of Commerce and a resident of the hamlet for 15 years, said she had witnessed a sense of camaraderie and resilience after the fallout from the windstorm.

“Anything you can imagine the community [needing], we will offer each other, ”she said.

However, Burk added that many residents remained frustrated with the long-standing power outages and damage from collapsed trees in the area.

“Fortis could not restore power and we are now going to 36 hours,” she said on December 2.

Burk said that although her house was relatively untouched by the windstorm, it still looked unlike anything she had witnessed in her years as a resident of Bragg Creek. She added that it was possibly the biggest weather incident in Bragg Creek since severe flooding devastated the hamlet in 2013.

“I’ve been here for 15 years and never really felt scared until that night,” she said. was tree needles, pine cones and debris flying against the window and siding of the house.

“It’s an ominous feeling when you watch the fallout, when the city is quiet, closed and people trying to navigate their way. “

Evans added that the situation shows how people should be prepared for an emergency by equipping their cars and homes with 72-hour emergency kits for each person, to prepare for the potential of long-lasting power outages.

“Make sure your generator is full and working properly, and if it is working, don’t run it near the house because carbon monoxide then becomes a problem,” he said.

“This is a great example of why you need to be prepared. “

–With files from Scott Strasser / Rocky View Weekly

Carmen Cundy,

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3 Ways To Use Color To Decorate Your Home And Increase Its Value Thu, 02 Dec 2021 02:50:00 +0000

(Good Things Utah) – Color, wherever you find it, sets the mood for a home’s interior and conveys the feel you want the space to give. Choosing the right paint colors in your home can make all the difference, after all, it is the backdrop to all of your interiors and the place where you will likely spend most of your time. Concrete example, you have to get it right.

With the help of Fieldstone Homes, you can skip touch-ups and pick the perfect interior paint colors the first time around – getting exactly what you want from the ground floor! (Color can also be a powerful tool in attracting buyers to your home once you decide it’s time to move on).

Today, Fieldstone Homes’ Kellie Little spoke about why paint is huge in any home – and why new homes are no different.

Fieldstone Homes has a THINK BOLD approach when it comes to building new homes with the best craftsmanship in the business. This seasoned Utah-based home builder works hard to bring custom homes to life and get the right colors every time. While some builders have more than 12-18 months to build, Fieldstone Homes delivers exactly what you want, when you need it.

Start with a large Base color

The basic color of any house is simply the walls. This color determines the mood of a house. It is one of the most important design decisions you will make in a home because there are so many of them.

What’s the Trend in Painting Farmhouse designs have been trending towards white lately. Speaking of white paint, there are so many colors of white to use, so do your homework. Try a patch on the wall. The lighting in the room affects the hue, so make sure you like it before you invest.

Transitional is light and shiny, but can add bold pops of color. Color blocking is huge inside and outside the house.

Warmer colors are making a comeback, so watch out for them. They were in a cool gray and now the trend is for a warm gray and even midtones that border the gray and brown hues. Remember that the color should reflect your style and not just the latest trends.

Get creative with the trim and door colors

Trim colors also vary, but tend to be more subdued. There are usually two options for the finish and Fieldstone sees some of the two inverted tones reappear. This is where the base wall color is light and the trim color is dark. The DeVissers underlined this earlier in the year. Interior doors can be painted even if you don’t paint the trim for a more polished look. He looks more stylized.

Do not forget the Accent or feature wall

What a difference a splash of color makes in any home. Do you prefer something more sophisticated or fun? Enjoy the perfect pop of color and get a powerful impact in the room.

Fieldstone Homes builds houses and has land available. In fact, the home builder has several new communities, so visit our website for the locations and what’s to come.

Inauguration of Antelope Meadows

Fieldstone Homes has two new communities – one at dawn with a grand opening in January and townhouses in Park City. Go to the site and sign up to be on the VIP list. The grand opening of Antelope Meadows takes place this Saturday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. with a free lunch.

More Fieldstone Homes on Good Things Utah

Follow the HOME series right here on Good Things Utah every Wednesday at 9 a.m. Join Fieldstone Homes as they follow a young couple from Utah on the full home-building experience. It’s a local show designed for everyone and for the Utah Home lifestyle. Think BOLD. Think of the Fieldstone houses.

Visit Fieldstone Homes on ABC4 Utah to watch the complete HOME series!

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Miami Art and Design Week 2021: artisan botanical furniture, electric cars and more Wed, 01 Dec 2021 23:01:24 +0000

This week the A D The team is in sunny Florida doing a field report at Miami Art and Design Week. Take your marks in our article overview, and be sure to check out what we’re seeing on days 2 and 3.

Fresh whisk

For nearly half a decade, Lexus commissioned designs for installations at Design Miami. In years gone by, these setups involved a shiny new Lexus vehicle showcased on location, ready for the oohs and ahs of auto enthusiasts and design chefs. But for this year’s edition, titled TO/, the brand has become more conceptual, with a wired-contour suspended version of the LF-Z Electrified, a battery-powered electric concept car. Produced at a 1 to 1 scale of reality, the project was imagined by local genius Germane Barnes and her group of design students at the University of Miami, and was produced by Matchless in Portland, Oregon .

TO/ by Germane Barnes and the University of Miami, presented by Lexus for Design Miami 2021.

Photo: Steve Benisty

“We asked them to bring this electrification idea to life,” says Brian Bolain, general manager of global marketing and public relations at Lexus. (Although the annual commission usually involves an emerging designer, working with a school was a new addition and, as Barnes points out, helps reinforce the idea of ​​supporting the future of design.) Next to the car, which Hovering over a shiny, colorful floor, Barnes and his team also installed highly Instagrammable arches on either side of the vehicle, each with a swing inside. (The idea? “Move towards the carbon-neutral future that Lexus is creating,” says Barnes.)

Furniture vignettes consisting of custom tables and chairs also populate the corners, adding an interactive touch to the display. Unified by a repeating arch motif, the series is “a little throwback to our university,” says Barnes, as “the arches refer to the local Miami vernacular – Miami Art Deco and Modernism.”

The AD100 starts up

As designers and artists flocked to town, the question everyone was asking was Are you going to see Troye Sivan? The Australian crooner, whose house designed by Flack Studio was the subject of a recent A D Open House, played poolside around 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Goodtime Hotel as part of a celebration of the launch of the new AD100 roster. Many newbie and veteran members of the roster including Ken Fulk, Rodman Primack, Mandy Cheng and others watched in awe. (For more on the evening and the backstory of Sivan’s set design and his collaboration with Pam Shamshiri, click here.) Welcoming guests to the event, A DAmy Astley, Global Editorial Director and American Editor-in-Chief of Amy Astley, captured a universal sentiment: “I’m so excited to be back in Miami, I missed you desperately last year.

Become an AD PRO member

Buy now for unlimited access and all the benefits that only members can enjoy.


Talking heads

These are not only the latest in lighting and furniture that Design Miami offers, but also great ideas. To hear some of them ourselves, we joined the Art & Innovation conferences hosted by White wall and Lexus. In a living room setting near Harry Nuriev’s immersive Bedroom installation, and right after a pop-up art and design book (where Peter Marino’s Chanel architecture and Mickalene Thomas d’Assouline’s new volume caught our eye), professionals gathered to hear from some of the show’s most insightful affiliates. On Tuesday afternoon, designers Dror Benshetrit, Archana Menon and Harry Nuriev took the stage with architect Thomas Coldefy and moderator Alessandro Possati to discuss how artists and designers create for a more sustainable future. Nuriev pointed out that material innovation facilitates new design possibilities, while Menon explained how alternative building technologies help shape new work.

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When will it open, will it cost Wed, 01 Dec 2021 14:41:20 +0000

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The planned “Phase IV” expansion of Waterfront Park in Louisville’s West End attracted renewed attention Tuesday after Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced he would offer $ 10 million in the next state budget for the initiative.

This is not an overnight project, and efforts to expand Waterfront Park are not new but rather part of a multi-year, multi-phase investment.

Here is what you need to know.

What is phase IV of the waterfront park?

The fourth phase, which Louisville subway councilor Jecorey Arthur also referred to as “Waterfront West,” will expand Waterfront Park to occupy 22 acres between 10th and 14th streets in the Portland neighborhood.

“This new phase will provide additional open space along the river, increasing our possibilities for new experiences and activities,” says the Waterfront Park website. “The RiverWalk will connect the existing park space to the Phase IV expansion.”