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Funcode is a growing e-commerce company that brings everyday safety and style to homes, offices and gyms.

It is always said that healthy life choices and pleasure cannot be aligned, and therefore people have to let go later in order to be healthy. But now times have changed. Funcode recently launched a Dance Pole, a new addition to its incredible outdoor gear, kids’ bikes, gym equipment and patio furniture to add and maintain safety, excitement and beauty to the health regimen. unique to each.

The recently launched Funcode Dance Pole has won the hearts of many customers. Its remarkable features have earned it distinct fame and recognition. Manufacturers have used strong and durable steel structures with rust-proof chrome surface plating material to keep safety and durability their top priority. Therefore, the post can support a maximum weight of 200 kg or 440.92 lbs. Plus, pole installation is effortless and comes with an instruction manual. Manufacturers have also tried to incorporate the highest level technology in pole making. Thus, it comes with a bottom screw that allows switching between rotation mode and static mode without making it obvious to the watching audience. Its height can also be adjusted between 88 and 110 inches to adapt to spaces and be carried. Indeed, this product is ideal for pole dancers who have just started their career and who are looking to practice dancing at home and at their own pace. Additionally, it can be of great use to all gym and club owners looking for high quality sticks to ensure safe and risk-free training and performance.

Another famous product from Funcode is the adjustable dumbbell which comes in three types, adjustable dumbbell, 2 in 1 dumbbell, adjustable dumbbell – pair and adjustable dumbbell – single. Each dumbbell has a total weight of 44lbs with a choice of adjustment plates to support individual workout patterns without purchasing multiple weights. It is ideal for body shaping, muscle tone recovery and weight loss with its multi-weight and non-slip features.

Last but not least is the Funcode All-in-One Balancing Exercise Ball. It is a multi-functional half ball with some resistance bands to help increase muscle tone, balance and stability. It is made with non-harmful PVC and non-slip material, which makes it very safe to use in gyms, homes, offices and outdoor locations.

On top of that, Funcode also offers amazing customer service. They offer a 3-day product warranty as well as a full refund or exchange for any dissatisfied purchase.

All products can be easily found and purchased from their store on

About the company:

Funcode is a family business based in Yorba Linda, CA. It is a leading brand that promises to provide high quality gym equipment and outdoor gear at affordable prices, including its new dance pole.

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