God of War Ragnarok Art Director Talks Character Design

Sony has released a new PlayStation Blog featuring an interview about God of War Ragnarok. In this interview, they talk to art director Raf Grassetti about the character designs of Kratos and his son Atreus. This interview accompanies the publication of the official God of War Ragnarok Cosplay Guide.

Interview with Raf Grassetti

During the interview with Grassetti, he started talking about Kratos’ new look. For God of War Ragnarok, they didn’t want to make huge changes and decided to keep his right shoulder pad from the previous game. They also wanted to keep his iconic tattoos visible, of course. He also said that many of the design decisions for Kratos had some sort of practical purpose. This includes his shoulder pad protecting his dominant arm and his bracers that can protect him if necessary.

Grassetti also talks about thinking about Kratos’ journey up to this point in his conception. We can see things like the red spartan skirt material used in his original trilogy look, as well as the bandages he wore to hide his past in 2018. God of the warnow used to help keep his armor together.

The PlayStation Blog interview then moves on to the character design of Atreus, who has undergone a bigger change due to his growth spurt. Due to Kratos’ iconic character, the art team had to come up with a special design for Atreus so he could stand next to his father. For God of War Ragnarok, he keeps the coins symbolizing his two parents. These are her yellow scarf to represent Faye and her red skirt taken from Kratos’ outfit.

The art team wanted to reflect the fact that Atreus is trying to figure out who he is at this point in his life with the colors of his outfit. The bright yellow of her outfit represents the Giants and helps hint at her heritage from Greek mythology. All of the red in his design, from his piece of cloth to his arrows, represents the influence Kratos and his aggressiveness had on him.


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Grassiti ends the PlayStation Blog interview by saying he’s excited to see all the upcoming cosplays from fans and asks them to post photos on social media tagged #GodofWarRagnarok. God of War Ragnarok releases November 9 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, so it won’t take long for fans to see these character designs in action.

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