Google Photos update brings a new design for Memories, the collage editor

Google just revealed some new changes coming to its Photos app on Android and iOS platforms. The highlight of the latest update is the new design received by Memories, a feature launched by Google about three years ago.

It took a while, but it looks like it was worth the wait. Memories’ biggest update since release not only includes a new design, but also an all-new collage editor to turn those memories into state-of-the-art scrapbooks.

The update is rolling out today, so you should already start seeing more videos and some of your best clips from longer videos that Photos automatically selects and cuts. The update will also add a “subtle zoom” to photos that will make your memories seem vivid.

Full Cinematic Memories comes to the app, a feature that brings multiple still photos to life. These will also have music to make the cinematic experience even more immersive. Also, Google has introduced another new feature called Styles, which automatically adds graphic artwork to your Memories to make them stand out.

At launch, the feature will include limited-time styles from featured artists like Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon. The graphic art created by these artists has been specially designed for Google Photos.

Apart from the new features and redesign of Memories, Google Photos also provides the option to share these Memories with your friends and family. However, this option is only available on Android at the moment, but iOS and Web will get it very soon as well.

Finally, the new collage editor launched today allows Photos users to create collages that they can share. To create these collages, simply choose the photos you want, select a design (including featured artist styles), then rearrange the layout using simple drag-and-drop controls .

Photos added to the collage can be edited from the editor. This means that you will be able to adjust brightness and contrast, apply filters and much more. Those who own a Pixel phone and Google One members get additional options when it comes to photo editing, as they can use features like Portrait Light and HDR. They also have access to over 30 additional templates.

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