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What there is to know

  • “Double Indemnity” at the Heritage Square Museum
  • Saturday July 23; 7 p.m. doors, as the film begins at dusk
  • $10 general public; free for members

Double crossing, conspiracy or intrigue?

All of these activities require a lot of energy and commitment, or so the movies have told us.

Luckily, you won’t need to do any of those things to catch one of the most famous movies to ever use all three pernicious hobbies, plus plenty of memorable Los Angeles locations.

It’s “Double Indemnity,” Billy Wilder’s cracking tour de force, a film that follows a tantalizing team that makes other dubious duos angelic in comparison.

1944 black has become very popular for many reasons, but its shimmering vintage sheen is definitely something fans love.

So watching it unfold at a location that also has a surplus of vintage charm feels like a match made in Hollywood heaven, though the outdoor destination showing the film is located closer to downtown than Tinseltown.

This destination? This is Heritage Square Museum, a pretty park lined with imposing Victorian structures, some of which were first erected in DTLA more than a century ago.

It makes cinematic sense to enjoy “Double Indemnity” outside in Heritage Square: several shots of the film were shot downtown, and the buildings around you as you watch the film also have stories. downtown.

Heritage Square has shown films in the past, but the films don’t appear on the attraction’s schedule too often. So when do we do it? It is recommended to book a ticket as soon as possible.

The formidable, tension-filled double-cruiser will shine on Saturday night July 23 and admission? It’s $10. (Heritage Square members will receive free admission.)

Picnics are allowed, blankets are fine, and finding nibbles or popcorn to buy? It can also happen.

Money, and the desire for it, is a big theme in “Double Indemnity,” but any funds raised from this moxie-filled movie night will help Heritage Square Museum.

Heritage Square, now that we think about it, is a place filled with moxie, the kind of fiery spunk that has grown stronger over the decades.

Seeing a moxie-filled movie in the perfect place for postcards feels like a meeting waiting, much like the infamous on-screen meeting that takes place between Walter Neff and Phyllis Dietrichson (but perhaps with a little less drama and a lot more popcorn involved).

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