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HIGH POINT – A group that aims to reinvent High Point as a year-round hub of design and creativity has announced its new board of directors, with five elected and seven appointed officers, and a constitution.

High Point By Design, or HPxD, has grown from a loose brainstorming group to over 40 members in less than a year and is a pandemic achievement, said Tom Van Dessel, owner of interior design manufacturing company Splashworks. , who was announced as the chairman of the group.

“HPxD has accomplished so much in a compressed time frame – and during a pandemic – with a lot of passion and elbow grease,” he said. “We have operated like a startup. A more formal structure is needed to achieve the goal of opening High Point. With a board of directors and a constitution in place, it’s time to get down to business in earnest.

Cass Key, Creative Director of Woodbridge Furniture, has been announced as Vice President; Stancil Wilson of Stancil Creative Group as secretary; Jack Hendrix of Hendrix Barney & Co. as treasurer; and Frank Leyon of Oly and Beacon Lighting as Membership Director.

The officers appointed are Roving Officers Tom Verellen of Verellen and John Muldoon of Cohab.Space; communications officer Kathy Devereux from Devereux Marketing; Lancaster Events Officer Sharon Savage; Assistant Secretary Christen Wilson of Stancil Creative Group; and Community / Industry Relations Officer Dudley Moore of Otto & Moore. The announcement of a designer relations manager is pending.

The First General Order of the HPxD Board of Directors has established seven working committees as well as a dedicated wow team to demonstrate HPxD’s commitment to sound planning and an element of surprise.

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