IFA 2022: Schneider Electric tackles rising energy bills with new innovations in home energy management

BERLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sustainable homes should be accessible to all, not just the few. That’s the message Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, is bringing to IFA 2022. Back in person at Europe’s largest consumer tech show, Schneider Electric unveils the latest additions to its smart and sustainable home energy management portfolio: EVlink Home Smart charger, the all-in-one integrated Wiser app and Wiser ready for Matter.

Schneider’s technology is revolutionizing the way homeowners manage and consume their energy loads, in an effort to combat climate change and soaring energy costs. As customers tighten their purse strings and the effects of extreme weather conditions are felt across Europe, the need to understand and take action to reduce energy consumption has never been greater.

The world’s first EV charger to intelligently charge your car

Schneider-Electric The new EVlink Home Smart Charger is the first on the market to integrate seamlessly into the wider home energy ecosystem, allowing users to monitor EV energy consumption in real time, predict expenses and easily set budgets with four different modes: ‘charge now’, ‘green charge*’, ‘economy’ and ‘custom schedule’. This market-leading solution gives homeowners the complete energy control they’ve always wanted.

Furthermore, it can fully integrate with the wider Schneider Electric Wiser ecosystem to ensure that users can charge their electric vehicles with renewable energy and at the cheapest rate at home. Electric vehicle charging adds an extremely heavy energy load to the home, increasing the home’s energy consumption by up to 40%. With the Wiser Home Energy System, homeowners can avoid skyrocketing bills and prepare for a more sustainable future, with just a few taps on the app. By using “profitable” mode, Wiser creates the most efficient schedule based on the cheapest electricity rate, while “green charging” uses only renewable electricity sources. Plus, Wiser stops billing whenever consumption hits the owner’s power limit contract, ensuring bills stay under control, forever.

Wiser’s intelligent energy management system automatically balances loads to provide minimum disruption and maximum efficiency for homeowners. For example, if they start cooking, the system syncs with Wiser to understand real-time power consumption in conjunction with other devices to avoid any interruptions or tripping. It brings ultimate convenience, allowing you to charge your car without interrupting the rest of your lifestyle.

Connect your Wiser system to any Matter ecosystem, for complete home energy management

Schneider Electric is launching a Matter-ready Wiser gateway that will make the Wiser ecosystem Matter-compliant. Homeowners will have three different ways to control their home’s energy usage: through a voice-enabled device such as Amazon’s Alexa, the Wiser smartphone app, or any other Matter system.

The full range of devices planned to be Matter-ready are previewed at IFA. With these devices, we enable customers to connect them to any Matter ecosystem, as well as other devices, regardless of brand.

By giving consumers complete remote control of their smart home devices, such as radiator thermostats, energy monitors, occupancy sensors, light switches and more, customers can enjoy the benefits of connected smart technology and get more valuable insights to understand where they can make efficiencies.

Wiser all-in-one app is the one stop shop for home energy management

The basis of effective home energy management is the Wiser system application, which can monitor the entire home electricity consumption and monitor all appliances, especially the largest energy consumers. .

Understanding how, when and where energy is used is more important than ever as consumers look for ways to save money. With Wiser, consumers get full visibility into the electricity and energy sources they are using, enabling data-driven decisions about device usage. The app provides a live view of energy flow and consumption history to help homeowners make more informed decisions. Likewise, it tracks daily bills and offers AI-powered tips and advice on how to change behaviors and use electricity when rates are at their lowest, as well as prioritize energy efficiency. greenest source of energy. It also compares homeowners’ energy use to similar homes and shows how top performers are managing usage to reduce consumption and costs.

The Wiser app also does the same for heating, eliminating the risk of power cost overruns. With smart heating management control, homeowners can remotely monitor and adjust the temperature in every room in their home and automatically reduce setpoints in unoccupied rooms. Using the Wiser app, homeowners can also adapt the heating to the weather and the home’s insulation, all for energy bill savings of up to €540 a year (£450 as shown). shown in a study in the UK).

To complete the portfolio of sustainable solutions for home energy management, Schneider Electric will also present at IFA the following products: the Wiser Energy Center, Resi9 Connect, PowerTag and its Odace Sustainable and Merten Ocean Plastic sockets and switches made from recycled materials and fishing nets.

Price and availability

The products will be available between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023, depending on each market. Prizes to be shared at local launches.

Visit Schneider Electric at IFA: Booth 123, Hall 5.2 for stand experiences and one-on-one energy consultations on how to reduce your personal carbon footprint.

Notes to editors

*Green charging mode available in 2023 in some countries

Information sessions are available on site with spokespersons. Please contact [email protected] to reserve a timeslot.

High resolution images available upon request

Interviews will be available with executives from the Global Home & Distribution division:

Yan Golaz, SVP Global Innovation Offer, Schneider Electric Home & Distribution

Sitao Ma, VP Connected Systems, Chief Technology Officer, Schneider Electric Home & Distribution

Thomas Petuaud-Letang, SVP Europe, Schneider Electric Home & Distribution

Dirk Kohlerm, Vice President of Strategy, Schneider Electric Germany

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Matter is the unifying industry standard built on market-proven technologies and best practices. It aims to simplify connected experiences and provide greater interoperability in smart homes and buildings.

The new open source unified connectivity protocol, Matter, formerly known as CHIP (Connected Home over IP), will be applicable to many smart home and building solutions including lighting, locks, speakers, HVAC controls , security systems and routers. With Matter, instead of being limited to only products that work with the smart system already in place, individuals and businesses will now have the choice to integrate the new Matter-certified devices that best meet their needs, whatever the brand.

Matter is built using IP and will deliver enhanced cybersecurity, cloud-native connectivity, and device interoperability to consumers, manufacturers, product designers, and developers. Additionally, with standard definitions for device models and lifecycle events such as provisioning/onboarding, removal, error recovery, and software update, developers can also be more confident in the consistency and quality of their users’ experiences across ecosystems.

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