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With people spending more and more time at home these days, it stands to reason that they would be looking to decorate the interior of their home in a different and more expressive way. In particular, this has led many people to adopt an interior aesthetic that revolves around bright colors.

In May, Samsung Electronics introduced Bespoke Home, which extended the Bespoke idea from the flagship Bespoke refrigerators to other appliances in the kitchen and then to appliances throughout the house.

The Bespoke AirDresser, the latest addition to the Bespoke line, brought bespoke design and smart functionality to Samsung’s innovative garment care device. The product offers six different panel options in different finishes, ranging from Crystal Mirror to Cotta Charcoal, to allow users to find the perfect fit for their home’s aesthetic.

Samsung Newsroom sat down with AirDresser product designers Jinsook Park and Jaejin Lee, as well as UX designers Haeyoon Park and Seungwoo Choi, to find out how they designed an AirDresser with a bespoke twist.

Taking into account the preferences of users around the world

It is not easy to find a design that suits the tastes of such a wide range of users. The designers of the Bespoke AirDresser, in particular, had to think hard about designing an end product that would captivate users from different cultures with different values ​​and living conditions.

So the designers polled the users, asking them questions such as where they would install the Bespoke AirDresser, how each member of their household would use it, and what types of clothing they would care for. The lessons learned from the surveys were then used to design the AirDresser garment care experience. Samsung has also been able to analyze the experiences of garment management in different countries and generations with a total of 6,000 users worldwide.

“People from different countries have different ways of taking care of their clothes. Global usage data from the first model laid the foundation for the core functionality of the Bespoke AirDresser, ”said Haeyoon Park. “We did mid-term reviews not only on the aesthetics, but also on the convenience of the control panel and whether the names of the options and the different garment care cycles made sense to everyone. . “

The designers also took accessibility into account to make sure they created a product that was easy to use for everyone. “We performed an ergonomic analysis and determined the location of the control panel, based on average user height and viewing angle,” said Seungwoo Choi. “We have also integrated braille into the control panel for visually impaired users and added different default audio tones for each option and step in the process to help hearing impaired consumers. “

Balance usability and aesthetics

But for a solution to truly represent the best of home appliances, its beauty must be complemented by its convenience. “We had to balance aesthetics and functionality when designing the Bespoke AirDresser line of accessories, such as the hangers designed to maintain the shape and fit of clothing,” explained designer Jinsook Park. “When exceptional user-friendliness is guaranteed, the beauty that the designers have established is all the more accentuated. “

It is also important to establish the right UX design. For example, something as minor as the text being the wrong color or the sequence of information slightly shifted can make the product difficult to use. “We have been working with graphical user interface (graphical user interface) and user interface (user interface) designers from the planning stage to ensure that the product provides information in a logical and consistent manner,” said Seungwoo Choi. “While working on the design, we performed usability testing and strove to maintain a balance between usability and aesthetic appeal by studying whether design elements are affected by personal taste, whether they are affect usage patterns, etc.

Allowing the AirDresser to be part of everyday life

With its meticulous and detailed design, the Bespoke AirDresser is sure to adapt to users’ interior spaces. The product door is designed to take up less space, while its replaceable front panel creates a feeling of space.

The panel is available in six different colors1 and materials which include crystal mirror, glam and cotta. “If you need a mirror or are looking for a gorgeous interior aesthetic, go for glam glass,” recommended designer Jaejin Lee. “If you want to create calm tones in your interior, I recommend the cotta.

And the interface of Bespoke AirDresser is also a great addition to the daily life of the users. The interface provides recommended cycles and automatic settings for each user so they don’t have to worry about which cycle option to choose. For example, if the user typically wears shirts on weekdays and outerwear on weekends, the Bespoke AirDresser will show shirt cycle first on weekdays and outerwear cycle first on weekends. . “The Bespoke AirDresser recommends cycles using information such as the season, and also provides AI functionality to allow users’ clothes to be dried in the Bespoke AirDresser once they have finished washing them,” he said. said Haeyoon Park. “The more the Bespoke AirDresser is used, the more personalized it becomes and able to adapt to the user’s unique lifestyle.”

Make home appliances fun

Even after the product launch, designers still strive to make the Bespoke AirDresser captivating for everyone. “Home appliances are convenient, but they can also cause stress because they are related to household chores,” said Haeyoon Park. “We continue to analyze whether users face any drawbacks in our quest for a product that makes consumers’ lives more convenient while making the use of home appliances pleasant. “

“Design trends change all the time, so I study trends in areas such as fashion and home furnishings to better reflect user tastes,” said Jinsook Park. “I focus particularly on furniture design, because it is an excellent reference for structure and design elements. I would like to use this knowledge to come up with a design that is practical and meets user needs.

These designers have strived to deliver both convenience and aesthetic beauty in the Bespoke AirDresser by digging deeper into consumers’ lifestyles and analyzing their usage. In the future, they will continue to go to great lengths to provide users with the best possible experiences.

1 Color and material options may vary by country.


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