It looks like the Nothing(1) phone design is a success, but we remain cautiously optimistic

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  • We asked our readers what they thought of the design of the Nothing (1) phone.
  • Most voters seem to like the design, while some were indifferent to the design. Few didn’t like it.
  • The Nothing(1) phone was recently featured in a hands-on video, detailing the phone’s unique LEDs.

The Nothing(1) phone has been in the spotlight lately since the company started showing off its design. We finally got a full look at the back of the phone, which features a unique LED layout.

Now that we’ve seen the Nothing(1) phone, we wanted to know what our readers think of it. When we asked if our readers liked the design, 54% said they liked it, while 32% were fairly indifferent to the design. Only 13% said they were not a fan of the design of the Nothing phone (1).

Nothing phone (1) design survey responses

(Image credit: Android Central)

A reader on Twitter comments that he likes the design but is concerned that people will compare it to other phones:

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, but I have a feeling people will just look at it and think it’s fake.

Many people in the comments noted that the phone looks like an iPhone 12, likely due to the placement of its dual cameras on the back.

Others note that the back would end up being covered with a case. This was also highlighted in a tweet from Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), who recently posted a hands-on video of the phone and its unique LED setup. However, Nothing CEO Carl Pei has chimed in to suggest users won’t have to worry about that, which could mean the phone will launch with unique cases.

Of course, there’s more to the phone than design, and Nothing hopes to build an ecosystem of devices around Nothing OS. The full launch is scheduled for July 12, where we’ll likely learn more about the Nothing(1) phone and the ecosystem built around it, as well as how it will compete with the most budget-friendly Android phones on the market.

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