Lake Oconee homebuilder Kevin Aycock of Southern Luxury Homes offers a unique full-service custom home building process

Lake Oconee’s premier homebuilder, Kevin Aycock, brings the personalized touch of Southern Luxury Homes to Reynolds Lake Oconee.

LAKE OCONEE, GA /ACCESSWIRE/January 18, 2022/ The creation of a house begins the day you buy the land. Every step of the construction process should be enjoyable for the new owner, and Kevin Aycock of Southern Luxury Homes knows that very well.

As the leading builder of Reynolds Lake Oconee, Kevin Aycock believes in the customization of Southern Luxury Homes service. Whether it’s meeting clients on their newly purchased land, pairing them with the right architect on his team, or welcoming them to their new home, Kevin believes in being with the client every step of the way. stage of the process so that, together, they create a home that truly meets the client’s needs and desires.

Empower customers

Southern Luxury Homes full-service construction expertise not only refers to construction concerns, but creative concerns as well. Matching his clients with the right team of architects and designers at Southern Luxury Homes is important to Kevin so that the client’s vision of their dream home can become a reality. This way, the client is truly part of the creative process, empowered to share design ideas to create a home of their own. The Southern Luxury Homes design team are known for their flexibility and have mastered the art of ensuring the finished home reflects the owner’s personality and taste.

One client, one team

With Southern Luxury Homes, a client is always assured of a design and construction team that is, according to Kevin, “willing to drop everything to get the job done. We have four main architectural firms that we work with full time, three of them work solely on our projects. They are committed to Southern Luxury Homes.” This commitment is reflected in what Southern Luxury Homes clients get: full, comprehensive service resulting in turnkey, custom-built homes. “Once I get to know the client better, I then choose from among my four architects the one that best suits the personality and tastes of the client. I am very involved in every step of the design process – from taking from the initial lot specifications, to sketch out how I think the house should fit in. Our architect will then turn this design into what our client needs.

All the craftsmen – framers, masons, carpenters, interior designers, even landscapers – are also full-time employees of Southern Luxury Homes. Southern Luxury Homes has a full team that will work with you in building your dream home.

No construction delays

Southern Luxury Homes is proud to promise it. Building materials are ordered even before construction begins, devices are ordered as soon as a partnership is concluded, thus enabling projects to be completed on time. “We are always ahead; we don’t sit around waiting” said Kevin. Indeed, with Southern Luxury Homes, clients can expect to move into their new home in Reynolds Lake Oconee on time.

About Southern Luxury Homes

The philosophy of Southern Luxury Homes is simple: create beautiful homes that become homes and homes that are part of the community for life. And Southern Luxury Homes does just that – through the incorporation of the latest trends and innovations combined with the use of the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. Southern Luxury Homes is a dedicated home design company that helps clients identify untapped dreams that can be used to create custom homes. With decades of experience, Kevin Aycock leads his team to greatness and delivers custom home solutions that exceed their clients’ expectations every time. Driven by a love for art and design, this group builds homes that showcase the luxury difference in a way their customers can see and feel. Drawing on many years of experience in the construction and real estate industry, the Southern Luxury Homes team has a keen eye for detail and an impressive level of expertise at every phase of the process – from groundbreaking work at your reception.

Kevin Aycock of Southern Luxury Homes is an esteemed Lake Oconee custom builder who believes homes should be tailored exactly to your wants and needs. Southern Luxury Homes builds custom homes that reflect the personality and tastes of its owners.

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