Landslide-damaged Bellevue House to be demolished this month

The city began preparing for the removal of the house and finalized a contract with a demolition contractor to remove the structure.

BELLEVUE, Wash. Editor’s Note: The above video of the City of Bellevue filing a lawsuit against the owners of a house damaged by a landslide was released on January 31, 2022.

Demolition of a damaged home in Bellevue will begin Feb. 19, more than a month after the house was pushed off its foundation by a landslide and a burst water main.

The city will begin preparing the home for demolition on Thursday, and it has finalized an agreement with a demolition contractor to remove the home and salvage the items if possible, according to a city statement.

The owners were slow to give the city permission to come in and demolish the house, citing concerns about saving what they could of the house. The city of Bellevue threatened legal action against the couple, asking a court to allow the city to enter the property.

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Bellevue reached an agreement with the couple earlier in February to allow the city to demolish the home while salvaging whatever items it could during the demolition process.

People living in five other nearby houses still cannot return to their homes due to the proximity of the damaged house.

The house in the Somerset neighborhood was damaged on January 17 after a landslide caused by a ruptured water main knocked the structure off its foundations.

A report by Pacific Engineering Technologies found that the house is unstable and poses a safety hazard to people, the street and nearby structures.

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