Letter from the Design Editor: I’m the best design editing tech I’ve ever had, and you can’t convince me otherwise | Opinion

As the first and only article written for Technician, I would like to take this opportunity to express all the love I have for this journal before I graduate.

Prior to joining Technician as a design editor, Technician was barely on my radar. Now, after two hectic years — kudos to graphic design classmate Emma Carter for telling me Technician was hiring — I can’t imagine my life without her.

Working with this extremely talented group of students has influenced me in all the right ways. Not only did I gain an immense amount of knowledge that made me a better designer, but I also gained friendships that made me a better person. I will hold them dear to my heart for the rest of my life.

Thanks to Rachael Davis for boosting my confidence after admitting that she and the editorial board were obsessed with me when I first arrived. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I barely knew what I was doing, but what you said meant the world to me and I immediately opened up to the love everyone had to offer.

Thank you Ryan Farischon and Caryl Espinoza Jaen for constantly making me laugh – there was never a dull moment when you were there. Thank you Jaylan Harrington and Tristan Tucker for being so trustworthy – the support you have given me over the past two years has been invaluable.

Thank you all Vol. 101 and 102 for working as hard as you do to make my job easier and create so many memories for me. And a huge round of applause to my graphic illustrators and print designers over the years, I probably would have quit if I didn’t have all of you to help me out in my many times when I needed it.

To brag a bit, I’m so proud of the sweat and tears I put into this article. I was able to organize our article budget, improve the overall design and most importantly – for myself and my colleagues – shorten our print nights from lasting until 3am to lasting until midnight. My experience at Technician has taught me to be an advocate for readers and the newspaper is better for it. However, Technician wouldn’t be what it is without the people who actually produce the content that I place in the templates every week. I look forward to the next issues.

Tuesdays will be boring without you. I love you and miss you already. See you on the terminally ill online timeline.



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