Man locks girlfriend in house with nailed windows, MPs say

Luis Molina, 44, of Pasco County, was arrested earlier this week. (Photo courtesy of Pasco County Sheriff’s Office)

PASCO COUNTY, Florida (WFLA) – A Florida man accused of locking his girlfriend inside their home with the windows nailed down to prevent her from leaving has been arrested.

Deputies said Luis Molina, 44, of Pasco County, had a verbal argument with his girlfriend on Monday before pushing her, police said. Pasco authorities added that Molina removed his girlfriend’s SIM card from her phone so she could not call for help.

Molina then left the house and locked his girlfriend inside, authorities said. The door was said to require a key on both sides of the door to be locked or unlocked.

The girlfriend allegedly told authorities that Molina, when leaving, allegedly said, “If you don’t come with me, you stay.”

The next day, deputies said, Molina returned home, where he was arrested after another incident with his girlfriend.

He was charged with one count of forcible confinement of an adult and witness tampering, as well as one misdemeanor count of domestic battery. He was being held on $10,000 bond.

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