manyone designs minimax 3D printed portable projector

manyone merges open source technology and organic design

Shaped like a small game controller, Manyone’s Minimax is an interactive portable projector wrapped in a 3d printed foam shell. Fusing industrial design and coding, the open source device introduces a human approach to technology to innovate a new language of interaction. With an ergonomic shape ensuring optimal comfort of use, Minimax can be simply tilted by its user to activate and navigate in the direction of its pico projector and create engaging visual experiences.

The prototype was designed as part of a community of collaborative makers exploring the power of open source hardware and innovative design. Through a process of hands-on testing and development, the Danish design studio integrates spatial and object tracking technologies, including object recognition, sensors and mobile user interfaces, enabling innovations to be efficiently realized. high technology at a fast pace and at low cost.

equipped with a front-facing pico projector | all images courtesy of Manyone

an ergonomic projector with innovative interactivity

The Minimax projector was designed as part of the OpenNext initiative — an EU-funded program led by the Danish Design Center to collaboratively explore an open source approach to hardware and commercial development. In response, design studio Manyone is experimenting with technological innovation to create a new interactive projection language with Minimax.

From concept to completion, the team designed the complete experience, including branding, business case, code, and industrial design. Every step of the process has been recorded on the Wikifactory open hardware platform to share progress and get feedback from the global maker community. The final prototype, completed in the local Maker Space near Manyone’s Copenhagen office, bridges the gap between iterative experimentation and polished design, leveraging the power of the collective open technology community to foster ideas, share knowledge and remove the compartmentalized partitions around the classic. hardware development.

projecting the future of open source hardware with the minimax 1
a “friendly” and organic shell with a shape that brings a human approach to technology

“The future of hardware is connected. We are rapidly entering a new era of hardware development. One where global collaboration, rapid prototyping and optimized use of materials can rival the heaviest of industries. This is made possible by the open-tech movement. Also known as ‘the maker’ movement, the open-tech movement is democratizing access to tools for hardware development,’ writes the Manyone team.

projecting the future of open source hardware with the minimax 8
by tilting the projector or pressing a series of buttons, interactions can be controlled

projecting the future of open source hardware with the minimax 7
Minimax presents an innovative new interaction projection language

projecting the future of open source hardware with the minimax 3
explore organic volumes and create prototypes using additive manufacturing

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