Melissa Gilbert sold her million-dollar California home to buy a ‘tiny house’-inspired home

Melissa Gilbert spent part of her childhood on the little house on the prairie together, and that time apparently inspired her when she bought a house with her husband in 2019. Read on to learn more about her dainty little house in the woods of New York and how it’s like the Little house property. Plus, find out how much they paid for their “restorative” home.

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Melissa Gilbert spent her childhood on the set of “Little House on the Prairie”

Gilbert played the role of Laura Ingalls in Little house from 1974 to 1983, and she said she always enjoyed being on set. “I loved being with the horses and the chickens” Gilbert said HEY. “I would come home to our lush rural life at the end of the day for my chores and schoolwork and all that and our beautiful home in the San Fernando Valley.”

She loved being outdoors and in nature and said, “I’ve always wanted to have that in my life.”

Melissa Gilbert bought a ‘Little House’ with an outbuilding for less than $100,000

In 2019, Gilbert and her husband, Timothy Busfield, moved to a one-bathroom, outbuilding home in New York’s Catskill Mountains that she calls “the cabbage,” a cross between a cabin and a cottage.

The home sits on 14 heavily wooded acres, which is a huge score for privacy. But it took a lot of work when they first bought it. The couple seized it for $98,000 and renovated it into a home (per Real estate agent). Outside, they installed flower beds and bought chickens.

Cabbage is very restorative,” Gilbert told ET in 2022. “My life is just a lot sweeter. I no longer have that burning ambition that I had before.

She thinks she has “finally reached a point and a place in [her] life where “she prioritized a ‘peaceful, sedentary, calm existence’.

“A lot of the trauma and drama from my past has gone away and I’ve moved on. I want to have this in so many different ways,” she shared. “…I made a conscious decision to having nothing in my life that isn’t peaceful and calm, especially with the shift to cabbage.”

And by the way, it seems like a great place to exercise at home, which she’s a fan of.

Melissa Gilbert is missed by her family in Los Angeles

Gilbert told ET several things she misses about LA, where she sold a million-dollar house before downsizing. First, she said she misses her adoptive mother and other family members. “…I miss my sister and my nephews, and I miss my kids who live there, and my granddaughter who lives there…” she shared.

He also misses his “girlfriends” and added, “The hardest part is being away from these people.”

But she also noted, “…The rest? I don’t miss.

More specifically, it would be “the pressure, … the race, … [and] competition”, among others. Instead, she chose to live “the last third” of her life in peace at “cabbage”.

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