Modus is a modular table design based on children’s building blocks

Norwegian designer students Hannah Gilboe Kirkestuen and Juni Ruud Bunkholdt have developed Modus, a modular table top for offices that can be assembled in different ways to suit different work needs.

The Modus consists of seven pieces that can be assembled in many configurations to form desks, library tables, conference tables and other types of work surfaces.

The Modus is made up of seven modules that can be assembled in different configurations

Modus was designed by Kirkestuen and Bunkholdt, who study at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, in collaboration with Norwegian furniture company Fora Form.

The system uses wooden modules designed in different playful shapes.

Some of them are smooth to provide a writing or laptop surface, while a grooved piece is intended to guide cables in an orderly fashion and make the product stand out as a decorative element in its own right.

Grooves in wood
The grooves are intended to make the product more visually appealing while guiding the cables

Compact modules, which can be used as coasters or as a base for smaller items, fit into the grooved piece.

Other elements include power outlets hidden by a wooden disc and additional padding for the edge of the surface to support the user’s wrists.

Modular wooden worktop
Designers say the design is more environmentally friendly

“This project shows a new, unique and playful way of rethinking table tops, less monotonous, more dynamic,” said Kirkestuen and Bunkholdt.

“It’s a carefully designed table system for office spaces that adapts to various contexts and users. The individual pieces are of different textures, materials and shapes that combine to form unique tables that are unlike any other. “

The design of the Modus is based on construction toys for children, the designers added. Its modularity means that new parts can be added as work needs change and broken parts can be replaced individually.

The designers claim that it reduces the environmental impact of the table compared to traditional office furniture.

Padded desk edge
A padded edge provides wrist support for writing, drawing and typing

Because the Modus is customizable, they claim that it can be assembled to suit any workspace and for people with disabilities or special needs.

The Modus is shortlisted in the workplace design category at the 2021 Dezeen Awards alongside a pen that is a modern take on 1920s design and a compact armchair.

The photograph is by Hannah Kirkestuen.

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