Mum returns from work trip to find house ‘in ruins’, goes on strike to teach loved ones a lesson

People quickly get used to anything good. It all starts with you just doing someone a favour, then you get asked to do the same thing again, then they forget to thank you…and it all ends with the gesture of goodwill becoming your routine duty. .

Moreover, as soon as you try to “rebel” and refuse to fulfill that particular duty, the same people you once served immediately resent your totally immoral behavior. And in fact, how dare you act so badly?

This happens especially often with various household chores – and even though family life began with complete equality in the performance of chores, over time all household chores gradually become someone else’s responsibility. For example, this happened to user u/geethanks81, whose position in the AITA Reddit community once became very popular, earning over 18.4,000 upvotes and around 1.4,000 comments.

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The author of the post lives with her husband and three teenagers

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Thus, the author of the message has been married for many years and she and her husband have three teenage children. It happened in the family of the OP that initially the children and the husband helped their mother at home, but somehow, imperceptibly, over time, all the cleaning, cooking and other things began to be seen by the whole family as mom’s exclusive duty. It’s not that they didn’t like it – “well, you know, mom always does that…”

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The wife still did all the chores and the rest of her family gradually got used to it.

It should be added that the original poster was not only about home and family – it had its own work, and for many years managed to combine everything. Until the woman needed to go on a business trip for a weekend.

Of course, the OP was well aware that her house wouldn’t do her chores as well as her. Still, she certainly didn’t expect to come back to see her house literally in ruins.

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Returning from a weekend business trip, mum found her house in a complete mess and a disgusting mess

It was a disgusting sight. As the OP herself admits, there were dirty dishes strewn and placed in various corners of her house, trash hadn’t been taken out, laundry was strewn across the top of our hamper, toothpaste lining the sink… you could go on forever. . Previously, she would immediately begin to actively restore order in the house, but this time the woman decided to teach her family a lesson.

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She went to the kitchen (uuuh, how could one live in such a mess?!), poured herself a large glass of whiskey and sat in the garden, sipping her glass with great pleasure. Time passed, then her husband and children arrived…

Mom told them she wouldn’t do anything, even knowing that guests were about to arrive

Seeing his wife sitting quietly in the middle of this ocean of mess and garbage, the husband first asked her if she remembered that her boss was planning to have dinner with them that day. To this, the woman calmly said that she remembered everything perfectly and calmly asked what her beloved man was planning to cook for the visit of his superiors.

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Obviously, there was something special in the woman’s voice, since the husband understood everything and resignedly walked towards the kitchen. But what the man, who had been living with this woman for two decades, realized, his fourteen-year-old daughter did not understand at all. The girl was indignant at the mess in the house, saying that her boyfriend was about to come, and she was ashamed that he saw all this garbage around.

The children tried to clean everything up because the woman’s daughter was also afraid that her boyfriend would see all this mess

The mother also calmly agreed – such a shame, of course, the girl should probably just cancel the meeting with the boy. Then the eldest (perhaps the smartest!) son figured it all out, rushing over to pick it up and scrub it all down, and urging his sister to join him in the endeavor. Maybe they would have time to clean everything up before the guests arrived…

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But they did not succeed. The OP husband’s boss was a gentleman with a lot of composure – he pretended nothing had happened. Her daughter’s boyfriend had no such stamina and the disgust was literally on his face. After the guests left, the girl, in tears, accused her mother of betrayal, saying that she would never forgive her. However, the instructive effect of any life lesson depends to a large extent on its timeliness.

People in the comments sided with the mum almost unanimously

Of course, most people in the comments fully supported the OP, agreeing that cleaning the house after a whole weekend is a very inconvenient business, and you can’t expect a woman to clean up after all her drooling family after returning from a business trip. Probably, commentators say, mom should talk to her husband and children, explaining the absolute inadmissibility of such behavior.

Clear communication would be best, commenters say, but the OP’s actions communicated his point absolutely brilliantly. Either way, as people in the comments think, the husband in the original poster should first help his wife around the house, and second, get their kids used to always cleaning up after them.

As you can see, the more painful a life lesson seems, the more effective it becomes. For example, something similar happened to the heroine of this post of ours, whom her friend once tried to wean from constantly being late. And by the way, as always, we look forward to your comments with your opinions on this incredibly instructive tale.

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