New Discovery Lab children’s museum designed to delight, challenge and educate visitors | Assembly area

“We try to inspire curiosity. I think that’s what it all comes down to, ”Childress-Wimp said. “This is our vision. If you can make children curious, they will continue to want to learn; they’re going to keep diving deeper, so everything here is designed to give them that spark.

Although the new museum is much larger and has many more exhibits than the old one, Childress-Wimp said visitors will see a few familiar sites, starting with the strip tunnels.

“I think that’s the most important thing the kids will notice when they walk in the door, it’s just that ‘Oh, my God.’ Standing at the front door you can’t even see whatever you can do, which is different from our last space, ”Childress-Wimp said.

“We’ve tripled our square footage, so now it’s going to take you longer to explore. There is more to find.

All of Discovery Lab’s exhibits have multiple components and all are interactive. They include a HydroLab, where kids can draw pictures that appear in a waterfall, channel water, and explore the science behind water vapors on Fog Island.

Childress-Wimp is a huge fan of the Ballapooloza exhibition. The huge tangle of tubes, ropes, buckets and balls is designed to get visitors to think about how systems work as they work together to move balls from one point to another.

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