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Billings will soon be getting a new concert hall in the form of an outdoor pavilion on the east side of downtown. It will be built near 2nd Ave. North and And N. 17th Street.

Some in this area think it will be a great addition east of downtown.

“I’m sure it would add a lot to downtown, everyone likes having something to do. More people downtown and more things to do will probably bring more business as well,” BJ Johnson said, from Auto Resource.

But with its dealership nearby, BJ wonders if the area can accommodate the 3,000 people the new venue will accommodate.

“I don’t know how they’re going to house all of these people in this location, and then obviously parking will be a big thing, so we’re questioning that,” Johnson said.

Johnson says Auto Resource has seen its fair share of vandalism and intruder issues. So he thinks something new might help fix these issues.

“With more new business and all new structures coming in here, I think that will be more of a deterrent,” Johnson said.

The owners of the Pub Station are embarking on the project. Co-owner Sean Lynch has said he wants to occupy a unique niche in the local live music industry.

“It’s a sizable venue that this market just lacks. The pub fills up around 800, the Alberta Bair around 1,300, but there’s nothing between that and the Metra at this point,” Lynch said. .

Lynch says it won’t just be a place for flagship bands and their fans.

“We will encourage people to come here, rent it and use it, and do whatever they want to do and we want it to be a community asset, even though it is a private entity.” , said Lynch.

We are told that construction on the project could begin as early as February 2022.

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