ONNI Group’s 3-Tower Bellevue Project Receives Design Review Approval

3-Tower Project, Rendering: ONNI Group

The planned mixed-use project for Barnes & Noble’s former location on northeast 106th Avenue recently received approval for its development master plan and design review. The church of Doxa was also previously located on this site which will be demolished.

The plan for 606 106th Avenue Northeast – ONNI includes a single-phase, three-tower mixed-use project. It will include an office tower and two residential towers. There will be a 30-foot-wide section of the Grand Connection and a large public open space of 15,000 square feet. Plans also include an outdoor plaza, landscaping, lighting, and a pedestrian connection through the block.

The project is located at 606 and 620 106th Avenue Northeast. There will be 179,914 square feet in total, with 1,289 residence halls, 317 hotel suites and 896,000 square feet of office space. The facilities will include a nursery, commercial offices and two swimming pools.

According to the City of Bellevue’s SEPA environmental checklist, the project could have more than 4,000 workers in offices, hotels and retail spaces.

ONNI Group, a Canadian developer, purchased the 4-acre development in 2019 from Sterling Realty Organization. It was purchased for $116 million.

In May 2022, Barnes & Noble announced that it would vacate its current location and move to Crossroads Shopping Center in the fall of 2022. Doxa Church moved to Redmond in April 2022 after leasing the downtown Bellevue building for seven year.

ONNI Group - 606 206th Ave NE
Large open public space, Rendering: Groupe ONNI
ONNI Group - 606 206th Ave NE
Grand Connection Looking West, Rendering: Groupe ONNI

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