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(Clarinda) — The design and replacement of secondary highway bridges is taking shape in Page County.

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, the Page County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a preliminary design contract for the replacement of a bridge on Avenue C with CB&A Consultants and awarded a contract for the replacement of ‘A bridge over 280th Street at Godbersen-Smith Construction. Page County Engineer JD King says the latter is for a bridge over 120 feet long and 22 feet wide just east of Vine Avenue, built in 1938.

“Now it’s not in terrible condition, there’s a weight limit, but it won’t be shut down in a year or two,” King said. “So you might ask why we’re replacing it — we’re replacing it because it’s narrow and probably gets in the way of modern farm traffic. It’s on a farm-to-market road in Buchanan Township.”

While the project had three bidders, King says the recommended bid came from Godbersen-Smith at around $1.45 million, about 10.6% more than the engineer’s estimate.

He adds that the project is intended to help the county get ahead of a potentially large number of bridges that are deteriorating at once due to the county building more than 40 bridges in 15 years nearly 70 years ago.

“Between 1950 and 1965, 15 years, Page County built 45 bridges like this at various locations in the county, or three bridges a year,” King said. “We don’t rebuild three bridges a year, so at some point those 45 bridges are going to deteriorate. So I want to work on those before they all deteriorate at once.”

King says workers will pave a hard surface after the bridge is built. In addition, the board reviewed a preliminary design contract presented at last week’s meeting. After receiving an additional offer from HGM Associate, King says the original offer from CB&A Consultants remained his recommendation as the lowest offer.

“The dollar for Calhoun-Burns and Associates’ proposal is still $20,130 and HGM’s preliminary design proposal, which is out of Council Bluffs, is $21,500,” King said. “It’s not very disparate, but CB&A is a little cheaper.”

Preliminary design work is for the West Tarkio River Bridge on Avenue C—also a farm-to-market route—just south of 290th Street. He adds that CB&A has recently handled numerous bridge replacement and inspection services for the county.

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