Peace of mind starts with good perimeter security

Have you driven around your suburbs and seen properties with very low walls or no walls at all, the sprawling lawn leading from the road to the front door? It might send shivers down your spine, but it’s more common than you might think that people don’t have proper perimeter protection.

Fidelity ADT warns that this is not a good idea given the crime statistics. Perimeter protection is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your family and property. So says Charnel Hattingh, group leader of marketing and communications at Fidelity ADT.

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“While there are a number of different defenses you can use to keep your family safe, the goal is always the same: to maintain an environment that can be monitored and leaves you in control of who enters or not. One way to take control and have peace of mind is to secure the perimeter of your property,” she said.

She points out that two of the most common access points for criminals are doors left open or improperly secured and open garage doors.

According to Fidelity ADT, a combination of electronic and mechanical security elements and systems is very effective in deterring and detecting intruders. As such, the ideal setup is an integrated perimeter protection solution that integrates other security systems, such as an alarm, electric fence, CCTV and outdoor beams, all linked to a response service. armed.

Hattingh added that since our homes are our sanctuaries, people want to be able to come home after a long day of work and relax.

Proper perimeter security gives you the peace of mind to get up knowing that there is a physical barrier between you and the outside world. Moreover, not only is it essential to keep criminals out, but it is also a clear message for them to move on because “this house is not an easy target!”

Six things that make a house an easy target:

  • No wall or fence.
  • Low walls.
  • Doors left open.
  • Garage doors left open.
  • A clear view of the street in the house.
  • No electric fencing or other form of additional security on the walls.

In conclusion, Hattingh said it’s important to remember that criminals change and change their habits and behavior all the time. Therefore, homeowners also need to keep up with the trends and improve ways to secure their home.

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The first principle of better home security is to make your home less of a target. That means looking at things like upgrading your perimeter, good sensor lighting around the house, and electric fencing, outdoor beams, and an alarm that’s hooked up to a reputable armed response company.

She concluded: “Effective perimeter security allows you to monitor who is entering and also allows you to deny entry to anyone who may have sinister intentions. Just as your skin protects you from the outside environment and invasive germs, your perimeter protects your family and home from unwanted intruders.

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