QBW app bridges the communication gap between owners and builders

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, June 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Homeowners are demanding more online solutions to report, track and resolve new home repair requests. Builders are responsible for delivering integrated solutions between contractors and owners without spending tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of software integration work.

To meet these two challenges, Quality Builders Warranty (“QBW”) recently launched its new Online service solution (“SOS”), a communication service that guides repair requests from owners to manufacturers and corresponding subcontractors. The service is designed to work seamlessly with QBW’s warranty registration system so that virtually no onboarding costs or staff time are required. The redesign has further simplified the entry of repair claims for homeowners and, as a result, eliminated “gray areas” for builders and contractors.

“My hope for this concept from day one was to improve the customer experience for both owner and builder,” said Jared olshefski, president of QBW. “Builders want their new owners to be happy after the shutdown, without hindering work in progress and future sales. Our system is designed to minimize the administrative burden of resolving owner repair requests by allowing builders to coordinate with their subs to resolve issues quickly. We also built it so that our builders can be up and running with this integrated service within hours. ”

The SOS portal provides at-a-glance views of contact information and repair categories. Adding a new repair request is as easy as selecting a repair category, answering a few clarifying questions, noting the area of ​​the house that is affected, and including photos showing the repair problem. Builders receive real-time owner quotes and can assign the request to staff or contractors, or activate the automatic assignment feature. The owner receives progress notifications and can monitor “status” updates to stay informed of the progress of the repair resolution.

“We plan to continue improving the system to improve the customer experience for the builder, as the owner is only the first step in the process,” Olshefski continued. “We’ve also made a few changes to the builder’s design to improve flexibility in sorting, filtering, and accessing repair item requests, but we’re really excited about several solutions we’re still working on. the end of 2021! ”

Quality Builders Warranty Corporation was established in 1985 and is the first 10 year warranty program for new homes in the country. Due to its rigorous selection process, QBW has been recognized as the industry’s most selective 10-year warranty program, backed by one of the nation’s largest insurers, Liberty Mutual. QBW combines its guarantee with high-value customer service solutions to accomplish its mission of “impacting the construction industry with better builder-customer relationships, higher quality standards and peaceful dispute resolution to serve our customers. customers and our community by going the extra mile ”.

For more information, please visit our website at www.qbwc.com!

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