Residents want more parks, less growth for the city’s future

Newnan’s roadmap for the next 20 years was discussed at length by Newnan City Council in a working session convened on August 4.

The overall town plan evolved with the participation of a steering committee guiding the plan, as well as input from members of the Newnan community.

Tracy Dunnavant, Director of Planning and Zoning for the City of Newnan, said 1,037 people took part in a survey on what they would like to see in Newnan over the next 20 years.

One factor that got so many responses was the fact that Newnan officials went to different places to solicit responses, rather than asking individuals to come to town hall to give their opinion, a said Hasco Craver, deputy city manager.

During the meeting, board members reviewed every element of the overall plan and called for certain parts to be added, removed or changed, for about an hour and a half on Wednesday evening.

As part of the overall plan updates, people were asked what they like about Newnan and what they would like to see improved.

The most popular features of the city included its downtown, small town charm, restaurants and shops, parks, walkability, Ashley Park shopping center, safety and tranquility, network of LINC trails, its proximity to Atlanta, the sense of community, its history and its schools.

Topping the list of what could be improved in the town of Newnan is traffic and “too much growth” with apartments and housing.

There were also calls for more diversity of businesses, restaurants and retail outlets, more activities for children and families, bike paths, more transit options, more dining options. outdoors, a need to deal with vacant structures and more affordable housing.

A list of what the city would need to develop or redevelop was also included.

Topping the list were more parks and green spaces, followed by the desire to continue expanding the LINC system, as well as more cultural arts venues and programs, redeveloping and reallocating vacant buildings such as the site of Caldwell Tank, an additional grocery store near downtown, and the need to maintain existing communities while addressing gentrification issues.

Incorporated municipalities are required to have a comprehensive plan to maintain their qualified local government status, which enables them to secure a variety of financial resources, according to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

These comprehensive plans allow cities to organize their city and plan for the future.

For example, the plan allows cities to consider how their land is currently being used and how they would like it to be used in the future. For example, a city could designate a certain part of its city for residential purposes, while another part of the city could be used for commercial or mixed-use development.

“Just a plan”

Craver stressed, however, that the plan was just that – a plan.

“It’s not a zoning map, so it’s not going to say ’24 First Ave. will be commercial, ‘” Craver said. “It’s not there, it’s a general plan, it’s not package by package.”

The Global Plan also allows a local government to plan for economic development, which concerns everything from the type of businesses they would like to see in their city, “to how we want to support an entrepreneurial ecosystem through our system. downtown, ”says Craver.

An example of such economic development could be a possible rail connection between Newnan and Senoia, a connection using existing rail lines.

“Maybe you create a cart system. It’s tourism, but it’s economic development, ”Craver said. “You start to think about these things, but in a long term sense.”

When a city makes changes to part of its plan, such as its land use map, it can make similar changes to its economic development plans, to help make the best economic use of that land, land and land. in the same way that a spatial planning map is the vision of the best physical use of the territory.

The hope for the city is to adopt the comprehensive plan by the end of the month and then pass it on to organizations such as the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and the Three Rivers Regional Commission.

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