Restaurant survey reports post-Covid recovery and success of take-out cocktails

A recent survey of restaurants across the country found that many were doing better after the pandemic than before the pandemic.

Commissioned by Uber Eats and DoorDash, and conducted by Quadrant Strategies, the survey surveyed 300 restaurants across the United States. The results revealed that 85% of restaurants said they are in a better position now than they were before the start of the pandemic. Many of the restaurants surveyed also expressed optimism about their future success, with 90% predicting that they will do very or fairly well financially in a year and 77% being confident in their ability to survive beyond Covid. .

The restaurants surveyed said pre-pandemic measures, particularly the delivery of alcohol and the expansion of outdoor dining, were among the main reasons for their ability to survive. Of the restaurants that offer delivery, 95% say that the delivery of alcohol has increased their income. These statistics come as New York State has chosen not to expand the capacity of restaurants to serve “take out cocktails”.

“Each piece of data shows that restaurants, bars, manufacturers and everyday New Yorkers all agree that the pursuit of take-out cocktails, the delivery and shipping of beverages is welcome and absolutely necessary for the survival of the people. hotel and beverage industries. Small businesses need these lifelines more than ever as they recover from the devastation of this pandemic. Now is the time for state lawmakers to come back to Albany, do their job and pass this important legislation that helps New York families and keeps the lights and doors open for small business, ”said Joe Bonilla , Managing Partner of Relentless, based in Albany. Outreach and former executive director of the Capital Craft Beverage Trail Association.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of the restaurants surveyed built outdoor dining structures during the pandemic, and 79% of them said it had a very big or fairly big impact on increasing income.

Despite the increase in income, restaurants continue to be concerned about the economic landscape caused by the pandemic. 43% of restaurants surveyed were concerned about the rising cost of merchandise, 35% concerned about employee shortages, and 29% feared a drop in demand due to COVID. Other restaurant concerns include confusing COVID rules (23%), the department developed during the pandemic (21%), taxes (20%), delivery application fees (17%) and excessive government regulation (16%).

“This is a season of optimism and renewal for restaurants in the United States. After reorganizing their operations during the pandemic, those who have emerged are extremely optimistic about their survival and prosperity. A staggering 9 in 10 people expect to be well financially in a year, despite concerns about rising procurement costs and employee shortages. Uncertainty about the sustainability of the business gave way to confidence in the future, ”said Afshin Mohamadi, partner at Quadrant Strategies.

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